Ballon d’Or winner: How should you select the world’s best?! | Extra Time | ESPN FC 

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Shaka Hislop and Nedum Onuoha join Kay Murray in ESPN FC Extra Time to answer all of your pressing questions.

0:00 Which Manchester City defender impressed Nedum the most at Euro 2020?
1:18 Combining the Gold Cup and Copa America.
Have they ever seen a player fouled as often as Jack Grealish?
4:30 Do players work on their weaknesses during vacation?
7:00 Is Nedum cooler in person?
8:30 Can Mikel Arteta carry Arsenal to the next level?
10:30 What’s the best way to select the Ballon d’Or winner?
Ballon d’Or winner: How should you select the world’s best?! | Extra Time | ESPN FC

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17. juli. 2021





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Neo Ren Jie
Neo Ren Jie 2 dager siden
If Ballon d'Or is based on winning UCL and trophy at national level, then Pulisic should definitely be a contender.
abin.k.r abin reji
abin.k.r abin reji 7 dager siden
Messi .7th "ballon dor"the world best player fifteen years
Kenshin Himura
Kenshin Himura 7 dager siden
Messi should win it every year in my opinion
Perfect Champions
Perfect Champions 8 dager siden
Petition for two balon dor to be given one to lewa whatever people say about messi you can’t deny Lewa deserves one he was phenomenal in 2021 and 2020 he really deserves one.
Albert Henriette
Albert Henriette 8 dager siden
One big reason why ballon is the biggest fraud of sport. Ballon d'or is not for defenders and goal keepers. Ballon d'or should be rename as golden boot award for attacking players.
Albert Henriette
Albert Henriette 9 dager siden
The ballon is the biggest fraud of sport history. If its consistently base on how many goals (like in Messi or CR7 case), then Thierry Henry was robbed in broad daylight.
Mezba Rahman
Mezba Rahman 9 dager siden
An ordinary idiot Shaka comments on Messi (the greatest), how funny !
Akhil Maitreya
Akhil Maitreya 9 dager siden
Messi has not won laliga best player and not even Barca best player this season and they expect him to win Ballon dor. He got carried by Di Maria. He was worst in the final when it mattered the most. Lewandowski deserved it the most.
Vini M
Vini M 10 dager siden
Saka looser
VIKASH KUMAR 10 dager siden
Both are just European racist 🚫
Jeferson Roca
Jeferson Roca 10 dager siden
Ronaldo :in euro team of the tournament because he’s top scorer Also Ronaldo: scoring 3 penalties in euros
Electronic s Arts Sport's
Ngolo kante
Fabian Jakob
Fabian Jakob 10 dager siden
If he would have lost the Copa, everybody would be like "Neymar should win it". How can one game decide over the complete award of a whole season?
Percy Cesar
Percy Cesar 10 dager siden
The last South American team to win the world cup is Brazil in 2002. Quality in SA has been knowing a setback. Romario, Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Ronaldhino of Brazil were a class apart. Thus, Lewanoski deserves the golden ball in 2020-21 as football quality is currently of higher quality in Europe if we are taking it from a nation perspective. See the 2021 Soccer European cup of nations.
Joshua Timmerbäck
Joshua Timmerbäck 10 dager siden
Jack Grealish is the GOAT of getting fouls lol⚽️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿❤️🇬🇧
Alx Cat
Alx Cat 10 dager siden
1messi 2 lewandoski 3 kante
joshua acosta
joshua acosta 10 dager siden
Messi is just too good, this man is 99 everything in real life. This guy is basically a hack, u just cant be this good.
praveensekarc 10 dager siden
seeing shaka. i feel i can apply for football pundit job ....
Karma Ghising
Karma Ghising 11 dager siden
Only Messi 🤴
Genius football S710
Genius football S710 11 dager siden
FIFA should give two ballond'ors 2020- lewa 2021-leo
VDJ WES 11 dager siden
The way people are arguing here about Messi makes me confirm that after Messi's retirement, he will still be given Ballon 'D Or every year.... People need to accept the fact that Messi's and Ronaldo's eras are over, unless people are obsessed with these world class players...
VDJ WES 11 dager siden
If Jorghino win Supercup and Club World Cup it's done.... 4 highest trophies in 6-9 months.......If Messi won all these it would not be a discussion, but because it's not Messi, we bring biased ideas to force Messi's Ballon 'D or.....
THE GOAT 6 timer siden
yeah since trophies are essential ,lets give 2014 ballon dor to Khedira and 2018 to Varane😂Delusional
Brandon Ali
Brandon Ali 11 dager siden
La Liga and Copa are both made for stat padding 😂 the best player does damage in the UCL period
Megh Singh T
Megh Singh T 11 dager siden
The problem with Messi is that He has set the bar of standard so high that If Messi doesn't perform even with a hamstring injury it's considered very low Keeping in mind that he is also a human He also feels pain Vamosss leo He will win the 7th There is no doubt 😍 And we also saw in recent days Ramos left real madrid for asking to take a 10% paycut Where as Messi gave up half of his salary for his club THERE IS A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A CAPTAIN AND LEADER
Have Trust Issue
Have Trust Issue 11 dager siden
One thing is sure - Shaka isn't suitable for a judge. He always gives contradictory opinions.
Savage Cabbage 13
Savage Cabbage 13 11 dager siden
just give lewandowski his rightful balloon door
Rob 11 dager siden
Messi wins copa america and everyone thinks Jorginho is on the same level for playing ok with Italy. The only other player in the convo is Robert. He was the best individual all season long and Messi had a decent season with a magical summer. There’s no one else to talk about. I would choose Messi simply because of how good he was in a major tournament
zeyzey 11 dager siden
7 Ballon d'Or for Messi
Bishnu Vip
Bishnu Vip 12 dager siden
Messi always
Atta Rehman
Atta Rehman 12 dager siden
shaka is the best comedian ever. he always make me laugh. thank you shaka : )
Jafar Sajeeb
Jafar Sajeeb 12 dager siden
I think ESPN pundits always hate Messi Just like Nidum- big fan of Cr7 Saka - Always hate Messi
Onur Bakici
Onur Bakici 12 dager siden
Why would you put Ronaldo on your team of the tournament. He is joint top with schick with a couple pens , one tap in and one goal that was offside. I would of given it to schick because he scored much more quality goals and he went further in the tournament
Vishal Kumar
Vishal Kumar 12 dager siden
Even you know.....thumbnail
Ravishankar Chandrasekar
Shaka would say anything to stop Messi from winning anything (in his mind) ! :-D
Kevin Benny
Kevin Benny 12 dager siden
Messi deserves it this year . But lewa should get one for 2020
Ankit Chouhan
Ankit Chouhan 12 dager siden
Shaka: what r u doin? Ronaldo fans : oppose messi Shaka : yo MF I'm in!!!!
Kiing_TChalla 12 dager siden
The worst person to ask that question is shaq. It's an individual award. They play clips of them scoring amazing goals and winning matches. Dribbling etc. Not all matches of the season are trophy matches. Wake up
Dion Pace
Dion Pace 12 dager siden
So you praise grealish for drawing fouls but criticized neymar for doing the same?? This show never cease to amaze me
Dave 12 dager siden
There is no question messi is the absolute fav to win... 7TH BALLON DO'R INCOMING
Casa Eagle
Casa Eagle 12 dager siden
Messi goat 🐐🇦🇷
Benfica Eusebio
Benfica Eusebio 12 dager siden
In my opinion the top three for ballon d'Or is Harry Kane, Ruben Dias, and chiesa.
LEGEND 12 dager siden
Messi 7th ballon dor coming 😍
MJ RON 12 dager siden
barking dog Shaka is famous, because of MESSI, or else no one would know him.
Light 12 dager siden
This shaka guy is kinda dumb
Teekay Kus
Teekay Kus 12 dager siden
Its only becomes a topic whenessi is in line to win his 7th. The narrative was set years ago,win a big trophy win Ballon. Messi has been missing out with all the best individual stats without the big trophy....Time to pay back
Jad Jaouhari
Jad Jaouhari 12 dager siden
Shaka, the original African expert
Anuj Mehta
Anuj Mehta 12 dager siden
Saka and his theories are worst 😂😂 trophies are due to team work but messi does not have a world Cup so he is not a goat 🤡
Earnest Nathan
Earnest Nathan 12 dager siden
With all do respect ESPN needs to kick out this shaka guy out of their broadcast team.
Messi God of football
Messi God of football 12 dager siden
Who is this guy Shaka?? Did he played football before omg plz god.. he seems like some kind of idiot who thinks World Cup… plz remove him from this channel
ToP sPoT
ToP sPoT 12 dager siden
I think No one this year is a clear winner, some have trophies some have great individual performances , Some have both , So The votes will get divided between Lewandowski, Jorginho and kante, That will help messi ,Also has the advantage of his absolutely amazing career And many gernalist are his fans also, I personally think messi deserves it , but Jorginho with Two biggest trophies this year, Lewy with outstanding goals per game ratio + Bundesliga , Kante's exceptional performance in UCL and ucl trophy And messi not winning the league . Are going to be big factors this year.
Dammit I'm mad
Dammit I'm mad 12 dager siden
Suddenly Copa America becomes important for the Ballon d'Or. If Messi wins only la Copa del Rey, they'll make it a major trophy. This is a joke. Individually he's miles behind Lewandowsky for example.
THE BENCHWARMER 12 dager siden
Shaka is perfect for espn 😂😂
BRYAN BELSHAW 12 dager siden
Messi should be NOWHERE near it and don't give me the fanboy drivel about his stats. Copa America??? Copa del Rey.???.... don't make me laugh.
FAROOSLY .J 12 dager siden
So shaka , how did Luka Modric win ballon dor without put any individual performance or individual performance leads to trophies 😏
Arnaud Nirin
Arnaud Nirin 12 dager siden
The BO is not for the best but the one who performed the best (not just stats but visually too how impactful u were) if it was for the best Messi would have a lot at least 8. They didn't do it properly in 2013 and 2018 it should be Ribéry and probably Mbappé.
Rosn Subedi
Rosn Subedi 13 dager siden
Shaka be like: Except Messi anyone, even himself
Renaldo Matadeen
Renaldo Matadeen 13 dager siden
Letting Bendtner decide
LordMichaelRahl 13 dager siden
By the BEST INDIVIDUAL PERFORMANCE of the player ACROSS THE CALENDAR YEAR. Team trophies are BEYOND IRRELEVANT. Clowns. Messi has the most G/A, most MOTMs, and tops every single other attacking stat LMFAO.
Lewa had the best individual performance.He deserves it
Tom James
Tom James 13 dager siden
Messi wins anyway.. He is the most deserving one this season
THE GOAT 6 timer siden
@Ramin Aslami This isnt 2020.
Bottleman Pessi(Honest Pessi tard)
i Pessi in 2020/21: 0 goals and assists against Real Madrid. 0 goals and assists against athletico Madrid. only 1 goal and 0 assist after playing 3 matches against sevilla. Ghost in 2 matches vs Real. Ghost in 2 games vs Athletico. Ghost in 2 games vs sevilla. Ghost in 3-2 against athletic bilbao in the final. Ghost in 4-1 against psg in the 1st leg. Ghost in 3-0 against juventus. Ghost against Brazil (Carried buy Di maria) Ghost against Bulgaria. Complete Ghost in big games. Scored goals against bottom teams in laliga (Only 1 goal and 0 assist against top 4 teams of laliga after playing 7 matches.) 0 MOTM awards against big teams all MOTM awards against vegetable growing farmers. Scored most of the goals and gave assists against 81th rank Bolivia and 57th rank Equador. Once again disappeared in big games specially in the final. Scored against vegetable growing farmers But according to pepsi fan girls Pessi deserves the ballon dor 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. Pepsi bottler fan girls are so delusional 😂😂😂😂
Ramin Aslami
Ramin Aslami 11 dager siden
Chiranjeevi Mohanty
Chiranjeevi Mohanty 13 dager siden
A CR7 fan here... But there's no point discussing who is gonna get the ballondor... Give it to MESSI already... Lewandowski was fabulous throughout the year but Copa is a greater achievement then Bundesliga anyday... Moreover messi has been individually brilliant with 25odd motm performance out of some 38-39 games... He deserves it.
Pranab Sarma
Pranab Sarma 13 dager siden
Espn fc critics : Messi shouldn’t win Ballon d’Or. But gives Messi’s pic in the video to attract viewers.
Nang Sherpa
Nang Sherpa 13 dager siden
Messi for sure👏🏻👏🏻
nonso uzoma
nonso uzoma 13 dager siden
All this talk about great individual performance leading to a trophy, yet you guys sat here and said David moyes should win Pl coach of the season over pep 🌚🌚🌚
Shambhu Shrestha
Shambhu Shrestha 13 dager siden
Shaka how was your journey to the cave??? Again its coming soon you will visit cave againa when Messi wins his 7th Ballon d'or
PhiStol TV
PhiStol TV 13 dager siden
vinodjacob abraham
vinodjacob abraham 13 dager siden
1st Messi 2nd Lewandowski (should have won in 2020) 3rd Kante 4th jorginho(only because he won a lot) 5th Ronaldo
Zoya 12 dager siden
Haily Rizzo
Haily Rizzo 12 dager siden
Ronaldo???? He did fux this season. Haaland or KDB have a better case
Eye Bees
Eye Bees 13 dager siden
Both the panelist want CR7 to win the balon d'or but the fact is its going to the greatest player on this planet....the goat..LM7...come on just say it!! What's stopping these guys from saying it!? Get over your biases!! Lmao 🤣🤣!! Sorry to say.. Not a very great analysis!!.. Even normal people with basic footballing knowledge will tell who the clear cut winner is for this year!! Not a rocket science!! Everyone knows how beautifully Messi led his team to glory after 28 years against all odds...not expected such biased, beating around the bush opinion from such elite panelists!!
V-Power TV
V-Power TV 13 dager siden
Messi is already the G.O.A.T regardless not winning de world cup
Joseph Ogbanje
Joseph Ogbanje 13 dager siden
Greelish is not a footballer he’s a type of tea. 🍵 ☕️ 🫖
Demetrius Kiwomya
Demetrius Kiwomya 13 dager siden
Give it to lewa for 2020 then do the 2021 and give it to Messi I think everyone knows he’s a massive favourite. Jorginho won the euros and cl yes but Messi won the one trophy that was missing from his illustrious career he also starred for Argentina at copa was the standout player and he had a great individual season at Barca despite the calibre of players Barca had last season
Bra Ciyee
Bra Ciyee 13 dager siden
Is it me or it seems to be a Messi Agenda? 🤔..
vladimir putin :
vladimir putin : 13 dager siden
Hypocrite fc
Fernando Fidalgo
Fernando Fidalgo 13 dager siden
Gold Cup is LAME. Combine all the Americas so we can see some USA, Mexico v Brazil, Argentina etc..
al ferrari
al ferrari 13 dager siden
Beautiful voice is bk
Mike 13 dager siden
Nedum and Shaka have absolutely stolen careers in punditry
Mr Shine
Mr Shine 13 dager siden
I would give ballon Dior who destroyed Eibar Elche Bolivia Venezuela
Anirudh Puli
Anirudh Puli 13 dager siden
So this question is being asked in one of the most one-sided balon-d-ors in history?
Rahul Dahiya
Rahul Dahiya 13 dager siden
You can make whatever criterias you want to..There will be one name that will come out on the top..Lionel Messi
H B 13 dager siden
On pure talent, and that's Messi.
Spiny Babbler Movies Pvt. Ltd
shaka is anti messi
HCTR SNCHZ 13 dager siden
What an Oreo of an episode.
Jordan Daley
Jordan Daley 13 dager siden
Lewandowski is ballon dor winner
Ujjawal Singh
Ujjawal Singh 13 dager siden
Shaka is the stupidest guy on planet or what ?!
Homo Sapien
Homo Sapien 13 dager siden
I think Ballondor winner must be chosen based on Player Ratings, that's correct way to find the Best Player.
Rip _MONSTER KODY 13 dager siden
Football owned by messi All teams suck him How u gonne vote for him Whe others did more ??? Achieved more Fan boys everywhere
kaarvendhan k.s
kaarvendhan k.s 13 dager siden
In 2018 messi scored 50 goals and won golden boot copa del Rey and la liga. But in world cup he didn't perform. At ballon dor still he came 5th. But this time u guys want Lewandowski who won only the league and golden shoe to win the ballon dor while Messi won something great with his national team. But my man messi doesn't need to prove to u guys. He will win his 7th ballon dor
H2O COBRA 13 dager siden
Shaka 😂
kamang techie
kamang techie 13 dager siden
If Messi was an european player! All those debate will be finalized already!
John Fernandes
John Fernandes 13 dager siden
So you say it should be Messi. Thank you.
Roni Mondal
Roni Mondal 13 dager siden
Now everybody is getting where messi uses his 4000+ salary 😂😴
Roni Mondal
Roni Mondal 13 dager siden
If in 2018 modric can won balon'dr over ronaldo and grizman than why messi this season?
Lazy Oh Lazy : Futuristic Impromptu Problemshedder
Lewandowski should be the undisputed winner on 2 years performance, just 1 copaamerica wont give u ballandor
Dominic Kimani
Dominic Kimani 13 dager siden
Well this year Messi has been better statwise. With one goal less than Lewa and better in every other individual stat
Lazy Oh Lazy : Futuristic Impromptu Problemshedder
Lewandowski should be the undisputed winner on 2 years performance, just 1 copaamerica wont give u ballandor
warrenwolfe 13 dager siden
How are any of these panelists qualified to comment on the achievements of Ballon D'Or contenders? Every year it is pretty obvious who deserves the award. They should give Lewa his 2019-20 honor as part of the crowning ceremony for Messi this year.
Bagla Bats
Bagla Bats 13 dager siden
Everyone saying Messi
rafanyu92 13 dager siden
Lewandoski will be robbed if he doesn't get the balon d'or
rafanyu92 13 dager siden
@David Bale the more reason why they need to give it to him
David Bale
David Bale 13 dager siden
he was robbed in 2020 yes, but now its for 2021 and there can be only the winner Messi, but i would find it fair if they give at the ceromony this year a ballon d Or for 2020 retrospectively to Lewy
Mr. Aron official
Mr. Aron official 13 dager siden
It proves how disgraceful Messi fans are just because someone said good about Cristiano Ronaldo...they threatened him on Twitter.
Perceptionist /
Perceptionist / 13 dager siden
Messi will win it. Nobody can change that.
Sudip Bhaumik
Sudip Bhaumik 13 dager siden
How to send my qualifications.pls inform
Hoje Tive Cá
Hoje Tive Cá 13 dager siden
Remove dribbling value from the rankings: use the EXACT SAME algorithm MINUS the dribbling part. I'd LOVE to see HOW DIFFERENT the rankings would become by doing this because i firmly believe they are placing WAY TOO MUCH IMPORTANCE in dribbling when compared to the rest of the stats. There are FOUR main categories on the pitch: goal keepers, defenders, midfielders and strikers. Give a Ballon d'Or for EACH category: a smaller one if need be (cost issues).
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