UNLIMITED substitutions?! 30-MINUTE halves?! Reacting to FIFA's experimental new rules | ESPN FC 

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Luis Garcia, Steve Nicol and Frank Leboeuf all react to the new experimental rules FIFA are using in a youth tournament including two 30-minute halves, unlimited substitutions, five-minute suspensions for yellow cards and more.

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18. juli. 2021





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Nathan Pollard
Nathan Pollard 19 timer siden
30-minute halves: an unnecessary solution because enough time isn't added for timewasting. Unlimited substitutions: an unnecessary solution because the football calendar's too packed. Five-minute suspensions: an unnecessary solution because most referees won't give the yellow card in many situations in which a professional foul has been committed. As for the other two, they're just there to pander to a certain kind of audience. I really doubt either will make the game 'better'. Some people are overreacting, given that these rules are merely being trialled but it's still a contemptible thing for FIFA to do.
Everett Michael Jonathan Dooner
Now to me all of these seem either pointless, unusual, and just down right stupid... I do think substitutions need to get addressed. I've still never understood why the bench consists of like 10 players when you could only make 3 substitutions? Now in most competitions they've raised that to 5 and I believe a 6th if a players comes off due to a concussion? May have gotten the wrong anyways I still believe the amount of substitutions needs to be increased. Do you know how many talented players have waisted the majority of their careers on the bench?? Emi Martinez of arsenal was a bench warmer for a good decade whilst serge Gnabry ALSO of arsenal waisted a good 4 and a half years on that bench too. My point being there are so many players that clubs sign think they would use but end up not really needing them. But with the increased amount of subs that would (hopefully) fix that.
Nathan Pollard
Nathan Pollard 19 timer siden
"Do you know how many talented players have waisted the majority of their careers on the bench??" Isn't this a problem caused by the inequalities within the game?
Eliot Herrera
Eliot Herrera 2 dager siden
No no no no no no no no no no no non
Ivan AK
Ivan AK 2 dager siden
Football doesn't belong to the FIFA
Paul Sanyangore official
is this basketball
Vijay KA19
Vijay KA19 3 dager siden
This is worse than super league
Nikola Stajic
Nikola Stajic 3 dager siden
The stopwatch rule is great, lot of teams kill the game off when they are in the lead..by falling all over the place, and extending the down time.
Nathan Pollard
Nathan Pollard 19 timer siden
I think officials should be made to add the proper amount of time. Problem solved. In fact, I'd punish time wasting (in certain contexts) with an extra minute of play.
Matthew Nelson
Matthew Nelson 3 dager siden
Only rule I think I may be a fan of is the 5 min penalty or maybe just 3 mins for a yellow. Stop the strategic fouls and and add some bite to cards.
SamBeg StHa2
SamBeg StHa2 3 dager siden
I think this is called futsal not football.
Tilak Oli
Tilak Oli 4 dager siden
Are there clowns making jokes as new rules......these are the most stupidest rules ever
Jr 5 dager siden
Game clock stops when the ball goes out bounds. You mean stoppage time?
Stevon Morris
Stevon Morris 5 dager siden
I don't know why Fifa is trying to turn football into the Nba!!!
Layen Gallagher
Layen Gallagher 5 dager siden
The game is already not as good as it was a decade or more back. The quality of players are not very high nowadays and the games are already hard to watch thanks to every team playing the same way. Add this garbage to that and the world's most popular sort would become the biggest joke. These FIFA presidents the lot of them should be put in jail. Corrupt to the bone.
Chase Schwinn
Chase Schwinn 5 dager siden
These rules all suck
Cad Bane
Cad Bane 6 dager siden
I agree with Stevie
Cad Bane
Cad Bane 6 dager siden
Nextraker 6 dager siden
I want the golden goal back.
Gautam Ghamande
Gautam Ghamande 6 dager siden
POV u just make outdoor football into indoor football
hyperrat12 6 dager siden
We've got unlimited subs until a certain skill level/age in the US then it stops
diegowooh96 6 dager siden
You don’t see in the NBA playing with the feet when the ball goes out because the game is played with the hands. I think that makes sense that football is played fully feet
Boston Brum
Boston Brum 6 dager siden
Yet they can't come up with removing 2 players from each team at the end of Normal time to play 9 on 9 in extra time. Then removing 2 more for 7 on 7 at the half of extra time. Then we wouldn't have those idiotic penalties deciding major games. Goals would come, substitutes,tactics would be essential. So instead they concentrate on this 🤔 pathetic
Diego Aguirre
Diego Aguirre 7 dager siden
the yellow card rule is good. Finna be like hockey
Joseph 7 dager siden
I don't have a problem with unlimited subs. ( just my personal opinion ).
Marco Amoroso
Marco Amoroso 7 dager siden
Only reason to make these new rules is to attract different type of "watchers": North America, Asia, etc. How about the real fans? Most of these rules are ridiculous
Daniel Woods
Daniel Woods 7 dager siden
I mean, they're straight up turning it into a different sport entirely. This seems like a Chinese ripoff of football, not the beautiful game.
Daniel Woods
Daniel Woods 7 dager siden
With the state of VAR, that yellow card rule is absolutely abhorrent. Suddenly the ref has more power than he already had. 60 minutes is retarded, the throw ins becoming free kicks is unbelievably bad, and the unlimited substitutions is fine but not necessary.
John Villa
John Villa 7 dager siden
Shut up frank
Kid Poker
Kid Poker 7 dager siden
9 on 9 overtime
Fahad Akhtar
Fahad Akhtar 7 dager siden
Why not add an orange card, keep yellow and red cards, and if a player gets an orange card they get kicked out of the game for 5 minutes, almost like a power play
CrimsonCobalt 8 dager siden
If these rules go through the game is dead
JackHsu 4D
JackHsu 4D 8 dager siden
Now that’s what I called basketball
KevxnsCracked 8 dager siden
This is not the game I love
Adrian 8 dager siden
This was proven to be fake news.
BIGBEN9999999 8 dager siden
Don't be built in concrete. Watch how hockey improved by putting these rules into practice. It improved the game dramatically!
BIGBEN9999999 8 dager siden
Best change is about 30 minutes, ut with game clock stops when the ball goes out of play. Would be best game changer ever in football history. It's BS to say these 30 minutes are to short. In practice, the ball isn't in play for more then 33 to 34 minutes per half time
ISHWAR BEPIN 8 dager siden
What are they trying to do? Making football into basketball? This is ridiculous.
kwaku ba
kwaku ba 8 dager siden
Ha ha ha. They want to turn soccer into basketball.
Don 8 dager siden
I would stop watching if this happens
Seth Tomisin
Seth Tomisin 8 dager siden
Now can someone tell me the different between the Super league and new FIFA rule? These are trash, rubbish, nonsense. Why are they spoiling the spirit of the game? No fun anymore
Nick Cicione
Nick Cicione 8 dager siden
Add NHL rules and the game of football (soccer) will be even a better game.
SaftOchBulle 9 dager siden
The only rule that could maybe make sense in theory is the stopping clock and shortening the halves, but in practice it would only be used by tv companies to throw in extra commercial breaks, and compared to that I’d rather see Italians flop around for the full 90 minutes of the game.
timothy lau
timothy lau 9 dager siden
The only thing im for is stopping the clock when the ball goes out of play.
KFBR392 9 dager siden
Stopping the clock is the perfect way to get rid of the last 15 min of every close international game being just guys lying down wasting time. Stevie’s argument is literally that he likes that part of the game. He likes that everyone stops playing right when the best moments should be happening. That’s all he could come up with. Seriously? This channels a complete joke.
KFBR392 15 timer siden
@Nathan Pollard id agree except its overcomplicating the problem and they don’t do it. Ever. 10 minutes gets wasted and they add 6 minutes. Then 5 minutes of that gets wasted and they add another minute. If the game was invented today they would just stop the clock. It’s so much easier.
Nathan Pollard
Nathan Pollard 19 timer siden
I agree that that's a terrible argument. However, if the officials just added more time for timewasting (much more than they do now), there wouldn't be a problem.
Duerphy Kat
Duerphy Kat 9 dager siden
“Don’t fix what ain’t broken” FIFA: *BREAK BREAK BREAK*
MMA Crossfire
MMA Crossfire 9 dager siden
Fake divers get a red card and the opponent's team an automatic penalty shot.
Getabalew Yemane
Getabalew Yemane 9 dager siden
FIFA and UEFA *If it ain't broke, fix it till it gets broken!*
Brandt Hambrick
Brandt Hambrick 9 dager siden
A normal game is usually 2 hours total time. What exactly needs to be faster? Ask how well it works with 30 min halves and stopping the clock in American Football. 4 hours on a good day
No Energy
No Energy 9 dager siden
Why are they doing this? Really, why?
Cain 9 dager siden
Every throw in would essentially be a free kick.
Luis Martinez
Luis Martinez 9 dager siden
In 3 years, FIFA will accept the use of hands as long as you feel "real bad" about it.
Lucas Dunn
Lucas Dunn 9 dager siden
Makes sense if we have premier league champions league and super league games every week
A Z 9 dager siden
Stop clock would be garbage. Also kick in would do exactly what Stevie said... Have everyone pack the penalty area and toss the ball in for your 6'6" striker
Amy and Carlos
Amy and Carlos 9 dager siden
Whats next coach's being able to sub in or no offsides. Leave the rules how they've always been.
Blah Blah
Blah Blah 9 dager siden
feet throw in would slow the game big time, because everybody would move in penalty box, like with corners, that takes time
Tony C
Tony C 9 dager siden
If its not broken, then don't fix it
Ishola Joshua
Ishola Joshua 10 dager siden
Must football conform to American standards.... Let basketball and baseball be how they are.. And leave football... All this commercial driven interests should stop... The antics of the game are what makes the game interesting... Are we going to start measuring the damages to players when that are fouled, so they don't stay long on the floor... C'om
Cardiak TV
Cardiak TV 10 dager siden
Yeah when we play Street ball we kick throw ins too
Jemazondo 93
Jemazondo 93 10 dager siden
I'm for increasing the substitutes but not unlimited. I also like the yellow card idea. Everything else is trash.
Oliver MD89
Oliver MD89 10 dager siden
Must be an idea of US sport officials, think US specators have a huge problem to understand the game, it is so different of what they are used to. What´s next? Advert time outs?
Georgen Baldomero
Georgen Baldomero 10 dager siden
Stupid rules foolishness....
David Atkinson
David Atkinson 10 dager siden
Unlimited subs is the worst rule. It will just turn into a kick and chase sprinting match
# Alleg0ry
# Alleg0ry 10 dager siden
What a nonsense rule , 💨💨 I need two goal keepers at same time 😡😡. Four keepers in a game 😡
kumz14 10 dager siden
Once again FIFA destroying the game we love. Don’t tinker with something that already works. Just introduce 5 substitute for teams to manage players fitness.
chinwe ezeilo
chinwe ezeilo 10 dager siden
its 90minutes for me and do away with 30mins extra time...
Nobu 10 dager siden
They wanna stop the game clock so they can have more annoying commercial breaks. It’ll become unwatchable.
Austin Martin
Austin Martin 10 dager siden
The only rule change I can get behind is the kick-ins instead of throw-ins. He was complaining about how every kick-in would just be a 70yd bomb into the box, but it absolutely wouldnt. If that were the case, every free kick right now would be that, and we aren't seeing that. Teams are more likely to take short free kicks to keep possession, and I see no reason to believe that it wouldnt be the same way on kick-ins. All of the other proposed changes are just rubbish.
David T
David T 10 dager siden
kick ins? Why? Because we only use our feet? Ok, eliminate the goalie. Every kick in is a corner kick on goal if they do that, keep the goal Unlimited subs? No, This isn't American football, part of the attraction is the focus on initial setup and then the players adjusting. Stopping the clock when the ball goes out or folks fake injuries? That I'd consider.
A̶sCE 10 dager siden
I like some of the changes. It's just annoying when people reject change, every sport needs to evolve with time. Change is scary, but sometimes it's fun and it brings some new aspect to the game.
HonkeyConk 10 dager siden
what is this? AYSO? next they will have the crowd bringing granola bars and Capri sun for the players at half time. what a joke. 😂😂😂🤣🤣 while we are at it let's just get rid of that pesky offsides rule, slows the game down. 🙄🙄
Awakened Masses
Awakened Masses 10 dager siden
If it isn’t broke why try to fix it
Matteo Di Rubbo
Matteo Di Rubbo 10 dager siden
throw-ins played with feet make a lot more sense, can't deny that. I don't think Steve Nicol understands himself what he is talking about
Roy B.
Roy B. 10 dager siden
Frank = GOAT commentator!
Fubaba100 10 dager siden
The idiots that thought of these changes should be fired immediately 😳
josue lopez
josue lopez 10 dager siden
The clock stoppage is amazing cuz time wasting is terrible makes the game boring 5 minute suspension is not bad stops the tactical fouls cuz their is a punishment and makes player play the game and not fouls ppl Unlimited subs keeps the game fresh and fast pace players can go out and take a break and come back in
ava mckay
ava mckay 10 dager siden
The olympics are boring now
More Soccer
More Soccer 10 dager siden
I loved Stevie today
Erick Hernandez
Erick Hernandez 10 dager siden
Fifa said they have nothing to do with those rules stop, and not considered for professional games
Finn W
Finn W 10 dager siden
Nick Delaney
Nick Delaney 10 dager siden
Dan, I love Simeone!
Bixlow 10 dager siden
Fuk it just start playing with a medicine ball
Simon Bohan
Simon Bohan 10 dager siden
A thrown in with your feet is basically just a free kick. Stupid idea.
Simon Bohan
Simon Bohan 9 dager siden
@P Jordan So everytime the ball goes out of play, they're just going to launch it up the pitch. Encourages hoof ball.
P Jordan
P Jordan 10 dager siden
Or a corner... why is that stupid?
Simon Bohan
Simon Bohan 10 dager siden
Clock stop is the only good new rule.
Simon Bohan
Simon Bohan 10 dager siden
Eliminating time wasting is good.
Thomas Buck
Thomas Buck 10 dager siden
Move on from the throw ins already...
Sean Maffucci
Sean Maffucci 10 dager siden
As soon as clock stops happen, advertisement breaks will come next.
David Osorio
David Osorio 10 dager siden
I like the idea of stoping the clock Other ideas are bad
Thanongrit Suriyarungka
@ESPN FC this tournament is your own product is on ESPN NL Promote your own product
howie024m 10 dager siden
I think it's fine for youth leagues with kids who can't throw the ball very far or use the proper form They straight up get confused by the whole concept too and struggle to use the right form. As a youth ref I was taught to whistle bad throws as a 'teaching moment' and the ones that don't get it just don't get it no matter how many times you whistle. It wasted so much time. It just ends up punishing the kid and singling them out too. I don't know about no throws for older leagues though. Throw ins add a nuance and nuance is good for games.
Franco Gamero
Franco Gamero 10 dager siden
I understand why they are testing these rules out. More goals; faster gameplay; more action, less time wasting, etc. Seems like we're taking a page out of Hockey's book. I'm all for stopping the clock when a player is screaming on the ground when he never got touched or when the ball is not in play, but I think this is going to take away the passion behind the goals actually scored. But I'm all for trying something new and seeing how it pans out.
victor torres
victor torres 10 dager siden
so american football shouldnt punt or have a field goal with their feet they should throw the punts and throw the field goal cuz american football is played with your hand not your feet
Jagen 10 dager siden
Why don't we just stop gk using their hands. Are players not fit enough nowadays to play 45 minute halves and unlimited subs.
n 10 dager siden
Is there a rule for how near you get get to the person making the throw-in/kick-in? If there isn't, and still doesn't. For a kick in, I just have to stick 1 guy right infront of the guy kicking in, and he'll never get anything off
O K 10 dager siden
Throw-ins played with feet So, what's the point of Corner??
Tristan Tests
Tristan Tests 10 dager siden
I honestly think the 5 minute suspension for a yellow card is fair. Players don’t even care about yellows at this point.
Emilio Marchi
Emilio Marchi 10 dager siden
Idk if you care but here's what I think: 1- between the 5 major leagues, the effective play time is between 64%(bundesliga) and 59%(la Liga). Picking the Bundesliga one, that means 58 minutes of average playtime. Given that, I strongly support the introduction of this rule. I'm sick of time wasting. I'm sick of it when I watch the game on TV, I'm sick of it when I'm in the stadium, I'm sick of it when I'm on the field for Sunday league games. Imo this rule would be great. 2- unlimited substitutuons: this one is garbage, especially because it widens the gap between top teams and low tier teams. 3- throw-ins: I don't like this because I think it slows the game too much. They become set pieces and set pieces require preparation (bring defenders in the box, etc.) 4- suspensions: I don't like this but I guess it depends on your point of view. Imo yellow cards are part of the strategy of the game and you need to spend them wisely (watch chiellini vs. Saka memes for reference). 5- dribbled free kicks: idk what to think about this one. There's so many variables that go in the preparation and execution of a free kick and I can't visualize how this rule would change the game. Maybe if it's only for the fast ones it'ok, idk.
Odysseus 10 dager siden
Sounds like they're trying to make football more like field hockey for some reason
Uj K
Uj K 10 dager siden
40 seconds shot clock.... that will speed up the game...
Thron 10 dager siden
Might aswell let the fans and the manager play at this point.
Arit J Reboletto
Arit J Reboletto 10 dager siden
I applaud these changes .is about time. football as it is now is very slow and very BORING. Let's have some American English speaking sportscasters the old farts in the panel need subtitles their accents are incomprehensible and cringe inducing!
Mr. M
Mr. M 10 dager siden
Kick ins are good if you can’t kick over head height but also have the option to throw in
Danielobinna Ogugua
Danielobinna Ogugua 10 dager siden
FIFA is drunk
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