Raul Jimenez back in action for Wolves! |  

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Mexico star Raul Jimenez makes his long-awaited return to the pitch for Wolverhampton Wanderers eight months after fracturing his skull in the Premier League.

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17. juli. 2021





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Mike Ox-Smelts
Mike Ox-Smelts 7 dager siden
Mark my words. Gimenez is gonna be back to scoring goals again. I called it here first
Hussein J Makshofi
Hussein J Makshofi 10 dager siden
Great to see!
Ivan l
Ivan l 11 dager siden
Heading the right way, King is back just give him time☝️
Renaldo Matadeen
Renaldo Matadeen 13 dager siden
Dude would have been on a tear
Franco Bernal
Franco Bernal 13 dager siden
Pay more respect to your CONCACAF daddy. Looking forward to meeting you in the Gold Cup final, if you get there. 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽
Leapheng LENG
Leapheng LENG 14 dager siden
He does look thinner before injury.
Sir Switch Crookington
Sir Switch Crookington 14 dager siden
Can he still head the ball?
JESUS VARGAS 14 dager siden
He’s back for the Copa de Oro🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽
анђео 14 dager siden
it's time to retire
Saeed Khan
Saeed Khan 14 dager siden
#9 !
Justin Mordini
Justin Mordini 14 dager siden
Mexicans going CRAZY rn
Jimbo Jimbo
Jimbo Jimbo 14 dager siden
Needs to get rid of that handbands hes had on for 15 years
Juan Munoz
Juan Munoz 14 dager siden
He is a awesome player.
yayo4nasal 14 dager siden
Hes got that petr cech look goin for him huh?
Evelia Tamaronis
Evelia Tamaronis 14 dager siden
Amazing news, he's such a good player and thanks God he's ok now. Congratulations to Wolverhampton for having him back...!
JayCFC 14 dager siden
Hope he has a great season💯👏🏾
K. Impact
K. Impact 14 dager siden
Idk why more clubs aren't after him. He is sooo good.
Harley Arias
Harley Arias 14 dager siden
@K. Impact he’s trash asf stop defending the indefensible things 😂😂
K. Impact
K. Impact 14 dager siden
@Mike G he's back now tho. He just needs a helmet like Pter Check had.
Mike G
Mike G 14 dager siden
Cuz his brain bone is smashed thats why
Jack Leó
Jack Leó 14 dager siden
If he was healthy the USA team wouldn't have stood a chance in that one final
Raul Hernandez
Raul Hernandez 11 dager siden
@Lixam bodied lmao it was 3-2
Jack Leó
Jack Leó 14 dager siden
@リカルド・ロメロ we'll see
EpicGamerGuy36 14 dager siden
@Jack Leó ah alright. My bad
@Jack Leó ok??? 🤡🤪gl in November u will need it
Jack Leó
Jack Leó 14 dager siden
@リカルド・ロメロ Ok?
Darth Vader
Darth Vader 14 dager siden
US men’s national team shaking in their boots
@Darth Vader if that helps u sleep at night feel free to believe that
Darth Vader
Darth Vader 13 dager siden
@Harley Arias He got injured because most of the Caribbean and Central American teams lack fundamentals, that goalie of Trinidad came out terribly
Harley Arias
Harley Arias 13 dager siden
@Darth Vader For some reason he got injured against Trinidad and Tobago because he’s just so desperate and boom he got his head blown off. Jus sayin 🤷🏻‍♂️
Darth Vader
Darth Vader 13 dager siden
@Harley Arias take a look at Belgium vs Mexico and then tell me if he plays like a chicken lol Pulisic is like a knock off of Arjen Robben and both Olympic divers lol
Harley Arias
Harley Arias 13 dager siden
@Darth Vader Pulisic would destroy them on a 1v1 he’s more talented player. Lozano plays and runs like a chicken with out direction. And Raúl is just a tree he’s slow asf.
Dwayne Anderson
Dwayne Anderson 14 dager siden
Welcome back King ❤️🔥👏🏽
Daniel Perez
Daniel Perez 14 dager siden
Maxim125 14 dager siden
Small player for an even smaller club
Troy Polamalu #KingTroy #TrojanLegend #SC
@Harley Arias yes the Mexican league is trash. When their teams have done well in the Copa Libertadores and even made it to the World Club Cup final. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Idiot
FUCK JAKE PAUL 14 dager siden
@Troy Polamalu #KingTroy #TrojanLegend #SC you should also mention the Mexican league
Harley Arias
Harley Arias 14 dager siden
@Troy Polamalu #KingTroy #TrojanLegend #SC You can’t even talk either you play handball🤡🤣. And the mexican league is trash too 🥱
Troy Polamalu #KingTroy #TrojanLegend #SC
Atleast he's playing world class competition and not in a clown league like the American MLS
Maxim125 14 dager siden
@Shawn The Sheep Parodies Shawn he’s not gonna shag you mate
M.I.X FCB 14 dager siden
Trincao and Jimenez partnership will be deadly 🤫
David 13 dager siden
@espben360 trincão never played for benfica, he came from braga
espben360 13 dager siden
That ex benfica connection
Jose Garcia
Jose Garcia 14 dager siden
@งIII #hplfout He upgraded his career I guess
Rodrygo the master
Rodrygo the master 14 dager siden
Don’t forget Neto
David 14 dager siden
and dont forget pedro neto
Footballing Greats
Footballing Greats 14 dager siden
He is a great player hopefully he does great this season! Can’t wait to see him back in action
Majacks Lelo
Majacks Lelo 14 dager siden
Shawn The Sheep Parodies
Do you guys remember when Shaun the Sheep scored that clutch penalty that won him the World Cup?
Shawn The Sheep Parodies
@Juan Munoz FACTS
Sam Zuckerbraun
Sam Zuckerbraun 14 dager siden
Juan Munoz
Juan Munoz 14 dager siden
Shaun the Sheep is way better than Messi and Ronaldo.
Cameron 14 dager siden
omg yes🤩
MasonB 10
MasonB 10 14 dager siden
No he’s the sheep
Amir Vargas
Amir Vargas 14 dager siden
cant wait to see how good he will do
angel gaxiola
angel gaxiola 14 dager siden
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