What would you have done differently if you were coaching France at  

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Kay Murray, Steve Nicol, Frank Leboeuf and Julien Laurens all stop by to answer fans' questions on another round of .
0:00 Juls spending vacation on Extra Time.
4:40 Have you ever been motivated by opposing fans' antics?
8:30 If Manchester City signs Harry Kane and Chelsea signs Erling Haaland, who will have a better season?
11:30 What would you have done differently if you were coaching France at ?
13:15 Is Florentino Perez under enough pressure to resign?

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16. juli. 2021





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Hunter Tettleton
Steve doing anything he can to talk negative about man city
Trillavision network
Trillavision network 5 dager siden
I would never have left Theo Hernandez out 1st off
King of the Bridge
King of the Bridge 9 dager siden
Played Laporte with Varane.
lcass1986 11 dager siden
80 thousand Scots booing their own national anthem he should have said!
ESPN is still entertaining because of Frank 🤣
azapro911 12 dager siden
Remind them that no superstar ego is bigger than the team. They won a World Cup by being a tight unit, since then there's been gradually increasing stories about players bickering over who is the star of the show.
wamkelwe mcwabeni
wamkelwe mcwabeni 12 dager siden
Honestly I want to watch this. But the accents are just a turn off honestly.
James Robertson
James Robertson 13 dager siden
Frank, Lenglet can't defend in a back 4 let alone in a back 3. So what if he plays for Barcelona. Did you watch Barcelona and Lenglet last year?
AdemolaVictorTv 14 dager siden
That ending 😂😂
Pierre sylvain MANDA
Pierre sylvain MANDA 14 dager siden
Pasquale Caliendo
Pasquale Caliendo 14 dager siden
Nothing they will be losing in the final against🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹 Campioni d'Europa🔝🔝
Jideobi Odobulu
Jideobi Odobulu 14 dager siden
Out of all the great defenders and midfielders that have France has deschamps called up the wrong ones and that’s what lost him the games.
7even 11leven
7even 11leven 14 dager siden
I know that i dont know more than deschamps, so if i was coaching id probably have got smacked by hungary 5-0 🥸
scenczyk1429 14 dager siden
Played Giroud over Benzema
H Man
H Man 6 dager siden
Is this a joke or what?
Farhan Hasan
Farhan Hasan 14 dager siden
Love how Frank refers to Chels as “we”
Brian Conlow
Brian Conlow 14 dager siden
I would give benzema a slap in the face and say leave. Then France would be champions.
H Man
H Man 6 dager siden
LOL! Benzema scored most of the France goals. Do that if you want to draw or lose most matches
Sazzad Sazu
Sazzad Sazu 14 dager siden
Frank is absolutely great to listen to, please, bring him back, ESPN.
Chicofearless 14 dager siden
Rabiot on the bench with lenglet and mbappe should have been subbed off so many games around the 60min and why was mbappe taking free kicks in a team with pogba and greizmann terrible. The french coach with the spanish coach were bad
Shahriar Khan
Shahriar Khan 14 dager siden
Presenter smiling look is better than usual
Devon Senn
Devon Senn 14 dager siden
any opportunity to speak about PSG..... and get paid for it..... Why not.
matteo ceccotti
matteo ceccotti 14 dager siden
Kay is awesome 👏
gary byrne
gary byrne 14 dager siden
Close up shop when your winning 3-1 . Idiot , deserved to be knocked out ..
Galaxy Milchstraße
Galaxy Milchstraße 14 dager siden
Dechamps should be sacked!!!! One of the worst managers.
Exit 14 dager siden
The plain answer is that some of the so called England fans are nothing but vile scum The despicable ones
Ashani Edmondson
Ashani Edmondson 14 dager siden
Curtis Patr
Curtis Patr 14 dager siden
What British pundit arrogance? This is a myth! Rio Ferdinand was one, one pundit lol
Kevin Lujan
Kevin Lujan 14 dager siden
Play high press with that talent
Ab Agha
Ab Agha 14 dager siden
They had an amazing arguments about Atlantic coast of France some months back.That was simply awesome Xtratime.
Q S 14 dager siden
You’re wrong about Southgate Yes it’s up to the players And once it wasn’t working It’s Southgates responsibility to make changes. He didn’t
Brian Lam
Brian Lam 14 dager siden
Not a fan of France but when Switzerland knocked them out that left me stunned. Since the return of Benzema it made France more interesting to watch.
fyufiy 14 dager siden
Apples Oranges
Apples Oranges 14 dager siden
Kate is such a charming host 👏✅💯 ..
Kevin Short
Kevin Short 14 dager siden
You only dress up for a proper restaurant. Shorts are fine in a chain or fast food "restaurant".
Kern Jeremiah
Kern Jeremiah 14 dager siden
PLAY PLAYERS IN THEIR ACTUAL POSITIONS!!! New manager needed for France.
SHAHID WILLIE 14 dager siden
they need to change their style of play
Jacques Putnam
Jacques Putnam 14 dager siden
I’m going to l’île de ré in two weeks lol
V Man
V Man 14 dager siden
Rip _MONSTER KODY 14 dager siden
Told my wife Leave me alone
Yong Goh
Yong Goh 14 dager siden
i would've brought in Theo Hernandez for left back
Kern Jeremiah
Kern Jeremiah 14 dager siden
And Mukiele should've been there to back up Pavard instead of Kounde playing as a right back🙄.
D M 14 dager siden
Frank is hilarious. I’m with him on shorts! France won the WC with Giroud but crashed out of the quarter finals of the Euros with Benzema. Coincidence?
H Man
H Man 6 dager siden
Yes it was a coincidence. Benzema did his job, the defence did not.
Mohamed Mo
Mohamed Mo 14 dager siden
@el84oro How did Benzema cause the defenders to let 2 goals in at last 10 minutes of the match?
el84oro 14 dager siden
no coincidence . they should have kept the same squad. they went to a euro final without him and won a world cup without him....they didnt need him. people will say he scored the most goals for them, but its about chemistry....too many cooks.
Mohamed Mo
Mohamed Mo 14 dager siden
Benzema is not a defender. They were 2 goals ahead of Switzerland when their defenders fell asleep for 15 minutes.
Gary 14 dager siden
Benzema was on fire nothing to do with him they lost lol he scored twice against the Swiss giroud didn't score a single goal at the wc
Mango 4ttwo
Mango 4ttwo 14 dager siden
There is no English national anthem. The English use the British
Jonathan Logan
Jonathan Logan 14 dager siden
Dude they just straight up got beat by Switzerland. No clickbait revalations here
Luigi's TheBetterPlumber
What would I have done differently?... Well I'm no football manager, just a fan.... But France had so much attacking talent with a rock solid defence so why be so cautious. I seen Mbappe nearly playing left back in one game as they sat in.
Ya Da Plays Badminton
Ya Da Plays Badminton 14 dager siden
I can’t believe deschamps has all that talent to choose from and he brought sissoko to the euros
Eric Escander
Eric Escander 13 dager siden
@Gaucho how can one take you seriously when you say something like this? Rabiot was one of the better French players this tournament. His inclusion has had a positive impact on the team. Come on man. You sound like an amateur.
Gaucho 14 dager siden
What makes him an idiot is calling Rabiot
Jon Pool
Jon Pool 14 dager siden
Ever thought that most of those 'talents' may be overhyped?
angel 14 dager siden
southgate is an idiot, he left awb on the couch
Kern Jeremiah
Kern Jeremiah 14 dager siden
Exactly!!! He's an idiot and I can't see why they don't just say it.
Kibaboo-BB 14 dager siden
I don't understand why mendy and theo hernandez weren't brought
sid 15 dager siden
France played diamond they should have played 4231
Al Hu
Al Hu 15 dager siden
19NJS71 15 dager siden
Bring Theo Hernandez
Peter C
Peter C 15 dager siden
How would Haaland react to scoring 50% less goals in EPL compared to the Bundesliga.
Man Over The Top
Man Over The Top 15 dager siden
Minor mistake Deschamps made imo is playing Benzema instead of Giroud. Because the hold up play and distribution of Giroud is key to feed Mbappe and Griezmann with Goals just like he did during the World Cup. Instead he opted for Benzema who scored somewhat everything didn't do much else than being a goalscorer. The biggest mistake was getting to comfortable with the opposition and getting caught sleeping on the field. Idk if it was the players that neglected Deschamps message to stay awake and lost focus or he didn't make a big enough difference to make the players play without getting complacent. Or maybe a bit of both. France was dissapointing the quality of players and their manager should never have lost focus. But it happens to the best.
H Man
H Man 6 dager siden
Mbappe and Griezmann are wing forwards and playmakers...
Younes m16
Younes m16 14 dager siden
@Man Over The Top he cant make space because mbappe Griezmann dont want to play with Giroud when Benzema are here and in the World cup he do nothing 0 goal
Man Over The Top
Man Over The Top 14 dager siden
You guys are literally blind Didn't you guys watch the WC His hold up play and making space for Mbappe and Griezmann was vital.
Gary 14 dager siden
Dumbest thing I've ever heard benzemas hold up play was great plus he scored 4 goals giroud shouldn't be on the bench he should be at home picking his big nose
Younes m16
Younes m16 15 dager siden
Lol whitout Benzema france will be out before he score 4 goal Giroud never score in big game
aditya kushwaha
aditya kushwaha 15 dager siden
Which island is he going to in France 🇫🇷?
Mr xeenom
Mr xeenom 15 dager siden
Y'all keep on sleeping on Manchester United.. Hope we make y'all look ridiculously stupid
Evan L
Evan L 15 dager siden
if i was the France manager, i would have called up Theo Hernandez, Ferland Mendy, Fofana, Konate, Aouar, and Camavinga instead of Digne, Lenglet, Zouma, Sissoko, Tolisso, and Thuram. my starting lineup probably would have been the same except maybe Theo Hernandez at left-back instead of Lucas so we could have him push up when France has possession and Kimpembe, Varane, and Pavard could form a back 3. this way there's more cover for each position in defense because Theo & Ferland are both natural left-backs and Lucas can play there if needed. would also have better options off the bench for midfield because i don't rate Tolisso or Sissoko and Aouar and Camavinga could be future stars for this team.
Evan L
Evan L 13 dager siden
@Chap 567 i do like Rabiot. i think he works hard defensively and he can dribble past people. obviously he's still the weakest of the 3 compared to Pogba and Kante but you can't expect all 3 midfielders to be Ballon d'Or caliber players.
Chap 567
Chap 567 13 dager siden
@Evan L 😂lmao yeah but tbh aouar or ndombele could be starting over rabiot but yeah other than that and theo it’s pretty much just who’s making the bench
Evan L
Evan L 13 dager siden
@Chap 567 Theo Hernandez is the best left-back in the world so i'd call him up over Digne easily. Camavinga could be a future star so i'd prefer he get experience if possible. i don't rate Tolisso. he's been a bust at Bayern. Fofana was a star for Leicester this season. anyways, aside from Theo, we're arguing over who's going to sit on the bench so it doesn't really matter lol
Chap 567
Chap 567 14 dager siden
Digne was quality he deserved a call up plus mendy was hurt and upamacano is better than fofana and konate and camavinga doesn’t deserve a call up over a more experienced tolisso but aouar prolly deserved a call up and i though mukiele should have been called up
Evan L
Evan L 15 dager siden
@Diavolo Da i don't think Upamecano is better than Konate. i didn't know Mendy was injured. Aouar and Camavinga both want to leave their clubs, so i don't consider their inconsistency an issue. i would go Mukiele over Dubois, but i would still start Pavard.
Rajeev Paul
Rajeev Paul 15 dager siden
not played Pogba at all
Rajeev Paul
Rajeev Paul 15 dager siden
@Diavolo Da lucky me
Diavolo Da
Diavolo Da 15 dager siden
Good thing you are not a coach
@CFCMoi11 15 dager siden
Securing Zidane will be the best appointment ever
J. S.
J. S. 15 dager siden
Stevie makes terrible bets 😂🤣
Majin Merrk
Majin Merrk 15 dager siden
Steve said he'd stop drinking if England WON and then Shaka asked him "would he quit drinking if it meant England would definitely lose" and Steve said no. Stop lying to the man and let him enjoy his beer.
LA POPE 15 dager siden
Haaland is going to have that Drogba-esque impact once he comes to the PL, probably the last explosive power forward to go crazy.
Robert 15 dager siden
Chelsea with halaand will give city a run for their money. But honestly the team that has me interested is Man U. Especially if they get Varane.
Madhav Sreekumar
Madhav Sreekumar 15 dager siden
If you were the coach, you would have died of just the pressure of being the coach of such a talented side with so many stars and with people's huge expectations
Armchair Racer
Armchair Racer 15 dager siden
F1 has been back at Le Castellet (Paul Ricard) for the French Grand Prix since 2018! (Minus 2020 of course)
Nikhil Amin
Nikhil Amin 15 dager siden
Hearing stevie imitate an F1 car is the highlight of my week 😅
Henry Leonardo
Henry Leonardo 14 dager siden
That was hilarious
Dan Brno
Dan Brno 15 dager siden
Kay is so beautiful :)
Daddy Cool
Daddy Cool 15 dager siden
Picked French players
Flying solo
Flying solo 15 dager siden
That’s easy; played on the front foot more. France, Portugal and England all stunk the place out as far as I’m concerned with their dull, negative, cautious football. Seeing them all being knocked out were amongst my highlights of the entire tournament
Gary 14 dager siden
Biggleswhite 15 dager siden
Steve was a great player back in the day, he’s great as a pundit and way more watchable than people like Roy Keane and Rio Ferdinand
Biggleswhite 15 dager siden
Depends what kind of entertainment you want from football. Watching clips of stevie and Paul mariner, wished I watched espn football earlier
Alastair Brewster
Alastair Brewster 15 dager siden
@chigo000 _ I was waiting for some insights..... which never came
chigo000 _
chigo000 _ 15 dager siden
@Alastair Brewster yet you're here watching
Alastair Brewster
Alastair Brewster 15 dager siden
That’s a joke absolute terrible comment. Roy especially actually talks about the football. Stevie was a great player but he rambles constantly - yawn
Rajeep Thapa
Rajeep Thapa 15 dager siden
Espn pundits are more lighthearted and funny
M Abdullah Ashraf
M Abdullah Ashraf 15 dager siden
Not let Rabiot’s mum anywhere near the stadium
Khulekan KinCaid
Khulekan KinCaid 15 dager siden
Leave Rabbiot out play Camavinga or Tolliso..dont play Lenglet...shift to a back four..
Khulekan KinCaid
Khulekan KinCaid 15 dager siden
"He is going to talk about PSG"😂😂😂
iv 15 dager siden
England or other nations that Boo national team anthem have absolutely no class. If they all did that id still say we have to have respect for other nations.
iv 15 dager siden
Bring Aouar - leave Sissoko. Bring Camavinga to ballster that midfield it was too light with Kante, Pogba and Rabiot only. Bring Konate/Upemachano and leave lLenglet who cant head the ball. Leave the likes of Ben Yedder and Thuram who weren't used to lesson need for instruction for players you won't need
I Don't Make Videos
I Don't Make Videos 14 dager siden
other than that I agree
I Don't Make Videos
I Don't Make Videos 14 dager siden
rabiot needs to be dropped and ndombele needs to be in the squad
Very very honest penaldo fan
no, rabiot needs to be dropped from the squad
Edo Mujezinovic OFTHECUFF
Jules all the love
Jobandeep Singh
Jobandeep Singh 15 dager siden
I was waiting for steve to say liverpool 😂as soon as the ques about who will win epl came up
Luis 15 dager siden
People booing national anthems is actually pretty classless in my opinion. those symbols deserve respect.
Nyx The Fool
Nyx The Fool 15 dager siden
Id go 2-3-5.
Rupak Misra
Rupak Misra 15 dager siden
I will say it again : Kay is hot. 😪
Mert Ergene
Mert Ergene 14 dager siden
Not when she is baby booming every other year..
ASMR Accents
ASMR Accents 15 dager siden
@mChannel Not every thing is about looks. She's smart, witty, knows her football and is well-spoken. Plus, she's beautiful and has a very attractive accent.
Rupak Misra
Rupak Misra 15 dager siden
@mChannel eyes, smile.
mChannel 15 dager siden
What is hot as per you .. White skin girl in a 7 layer makeup ?
Aly A
Aly A 15 dager siden
Enough with the shorts🤦🏾‍♂️
Stiven Mikhail
Stiven Mikhail 15 dager siden
France didn't lose because of the coach or formation. Deschamps is a decent enough coach. France is an amazing squad. They lost because Pogba. He won and lost the match in the same game. He played beautifully but he pissed off the Swiss with his long celebration. He did every tiktok dance in history and he forgot he was playing along side pros who are repping their country. The worst team to play is an inspired team.
Stiven Mikhail
Stiven Mikhail 5 dager siden
@H Man thank u for ur analysis. I have completely changed my opinion. U are a genius !!! Caught napping ...brilliant ! Well done 👍
H Man
H Man 6 dager siden
@Stiven Mikhail Switzerland wasn't a bear. Switzerland did not play like a bear. Switzerland caught the French defence napping, and they took their chance
Stiven Mikhail
Stiven Mikhail 14 dager siden
@Diavolo Da I think u don't read well. In my initial statement u can clearly see what I said. He is a fantastic player. But if u ever been on a pitch u would understand that u don't poke the bear. But thank u for ur meaningless comment .
Diavolo Da
Diavolo Da 14 dager siden
@Stiven Mikhail you understand nothing about football. Blaming pogba ?! He was the best player in the french team alongside Benzema.
Stiven Mikhail
Stiven Mikhail 14 dager siden
@iv I'm sorry I hurt ur feelers. Be sure to like Pogbas last video on Instagram ! Also make sure to follow his new tiktok. By the way .... The very next day after his loss , he was in Miami with Dybala partying. U haven't played the game to understand what happened. Have a nice day
Ganesh Gans
Ganesh Gans 15 dager siden
Started Giroud in the knockout game
eb speedz gamer
eb speedz gamer 14 dager siden
Benzema scored double the goals than whole france squad combined in euros
Younes m16
Younes m16 15 dager siden
In France people are saying Giroud will never comback for the World cup and you think hes henry 🤣
Younes m16
Younes m16 15 dager siden
He never score in knouckout game 🤣 Benzema score 2 in the euro ko game + 2 against Portugal
Rajpreet Dhaliwal
Rajpreet Dhaliwal 15 dager siden
Naughty Jules openly hitting on Kay 🔥
HdFreekicker23 6 dager siden
@Chunder Tunt 🤣🤣🤣
Ali Babar
Ali Babar 13 dager siden
rajpreet you didn't reply!Why?
Chunder Tunt
Chunder Tunt 14 dager siden
@Ali Babar Rumour has it he gave her a French salad dressing.
Ali Babar
Ali Babar 14 dager siden
Rajpreet can you tell me where in this video does Jules hit on Kay?Tell me the minute of this video where he flirts with her?
Chunder Tunt
Chunder Tunt 15 dager siden
She loves that BFC.
Israel Flores
Israel Flores 15 dager siden
Humble the squad
Ted Folke
Ted Folke 15 dager siden
Frank is honest, at least - and knows what he is talking about!!:)
Burns Tennis
Burns Tennis 14 dager siden
Ted Folke
Ted Folke 15 dager siden
Frrank is more honest than Jules!!!:)
Ted Folke
Ted Folke 15 dager siden
Stevie can’t admit he goes to Bulgaria on vacation!:)
Tony Haven
Tony Haven 15 dager siden
Beautiful weather and nature and capital so that's a good shout, and way cheaper
Lee Maïtuerø
Lee Maïtuerø 15 dager siden
They should defend when they need to defend. As a French fan,it was frustrating to see the defence playing like some championship players. Only in Germany game,they did well. Other games,They flopped. Only varane looked decent especially in the last 2 games
Diavolo Da
Diavolo Da 14 dager siden
@Yeetus Meme I think he was injured at that time but I might be wrong
Yeetus Meme
Yeetus Meme 15 dager siden
Upamecano should have been in over Lenglet
Aziz B
Aziz B 15 dager siden
bench the overrated mbashit
whatudoin1 15 dager siden
Agree with Frank. World champions have to figure it out as a unit with or despite the coach. They had all the right cards
om prasai
om prasai 15 dager siden
Stevie the most biased pundit in the history of punditry
Sofa king Your nan
Sofa king Your nan 15 dager siden
Rio Fartinand is much worse
enimeno frankson
enimeno frankson 15 dager siden
This was inevitable,it happens to every team,Barcelona,Germany,Brazil just name it.its football...
Gary 14 dager siden
@Burns Tennis Spain dominated them but it did go to pens
Abyss 14 dager siden
@Burns Tennis yeah that's fair. I loved watching them play. But I do feel the teams op is talking about got taken down by better opposition from their winning streaks.
Burns Tennis
Burns Tennis 14 dager siden
@Abyss To be fair, Switzerland almost beat Spain as well.
Abyss 14 dager siden
Sure but to Switzerland..? That's not a good look.
in case
in case 15 dager siden
Anthony Uccello
Anthony Uccello 15 dager siden
If I coached France I would copy England dive dive and have the striker play goalie and defend
Alastair Brewster
Alastair Brewster 15 dager siden
Clown comment
MRV 15 dager siden
Who cares Italy would have knocked them out no matter what they would do.
HermSezPlayToWin 15 dager siden
Frank forgot that Lenglet was subbed off at halftime so you can’t blame the three center back formation for blowing the 3-1 lead. Regardless of formation, France lost because they thought they had won already with 20 minutes plus stoppage time to go and too many of their players switched off.
cjewelz 11 dager siden
The game was ninety minutes. France did not perform for the entire game. They were poor throughout the tournament. They were quite poor during the World Cup. They did just enough and got favourable decisions from the officials to win against an exhausted Croatia who lacked a player like The Turtle (aka Mbappe). Also, a lot of the French players were not as big before winning the World Cup. This time, they were established stars and their attitudes were poor. The Turtle was one of the main culprits and he has escaped criticism. He did not do any closing down or pressing.
Kaan Tekuzman
Kaan Tekuzman 14 dager siden
@Utsav Basu cuz he got substituted in half time lol
Utsav Basu
Utsav Basu 14 dager siden
@Kaan Tekuzman but aint for the last two
Kaan Tekuzman
Kaan Tekuzman 14 dager siden
Lenglet is the one who is responsible of 1st swiss goal
T Davis7
T Davis7 15 dager siden
I wouldn’t have made Benzema the starting striker right from the start. This team won the World Cup together with Giroud up front and built a chemistry. Im not against Benzema back in the team but he should have had to earn his starting spot instead of having it handed it to him. IMO this created tension/animosity in the French team and spoiled the team chemistry
H Man
H Man 6 dager siden
@Diavolo Da yep
Diavolo Da
Diavolo Da 15 dager siden
Im sorry but giroud is finished even in the national team
amari ebbin
amari ebbin 15 dager siden
The guy who scored the most goals on the team if anything him not changing the team to match current form cost them. They insisted on varane lenglet despite them being bad. If he choose the best defenders last season they probably would have been aifht
Wesomeda 15 dager siden
Beat Switzerland lol
G-Dub 15 dager siden
If Scotland hate England so much, why are they still in UK?
Alexandre Nabais
Alexandre Nabais 15 dager siden
i woudnt have brought Benzema. That simple. Killed team chem.
Gary 14 dager siden
@Alexandre Nabais his first goal against the Swiss was a world class goal lol anything but a tapin
Diavolo Da
Diavolo Da 14 dager siden
@Alexandre Nabais you are the most delude person in the comments. France could have won the world cup with Benzema. However we would have not been past the group stages of the euro with giroud.
Lelethu Mnisi
Lelethu Mnisi 15 dager siden
@Alexandre Nabais His 2nd goal against Portugal and the one he scored against switzerland were not tap ins, stop lying
Alexandre Nabais
Alexandre Nabais 15 dager siden
@Jadon Sanshow that was literally what he did at the euros...
Jadon Sanshow
Jadon Sanshow 15 dager siden
@Alexandre Nabais plus Benzema scores only tapins and pens? Bet you don't watch him play
Sam Allardyce
Sam Allardyce 15 dager siden
if my grandmother had wheels she would be a bike.
Sofa king Your nan
Sofa king Your nan 15 dager siden
If a bull had udders,it would be a cow
Whodini 15 dager siden
I would've simply just won cuz I'm built different. 🏆
angel 14 dager siden
wallahi merchant
Mr. E
Mr. E 15 dager siden
Okay pep
Sofa king Your nan
Sofa king Your nan 15 dager siden
Who is dis?
sean burke
sean burke 15 dager siden
Deschamps has made too many mistakes , Zidane must come in for WC22 , Deschamps left Benzema out for 6 yrs before recalling him , That would be like Southgate leaving Kane out for that long , He just gave Spain a world class centre half in Aymeric Laporte , He still has'nt called up Theo Hernandez , Lloris needs to be dropped for Illan Meslier in goal , Coman should be getting more game time and Sissoko , Zouma and Mandanda should NOT be in the sqaud , Konate should be centre back with Lucas H or Varane and Lacroix from Wolfsburg should be called up , Cant see Deschamps making these changes so im not very confident they'll win the next WC
Graeme Kinslow
Graeme Kinslow 3 dager siden
Tho I have to say Kane is a pretty good club player but he's not world class
angel 5 dager siden
@H Man top 5 worst
H Man
H Man 6 dager siden
@angel Benzema is top 5 strikers rn. No debate
Galaxy Milchstraße
Galaxy Milchstraße 14 dager siden
@el84oro sorry sorry i did not read it well. But you are right ! Benzema is bad for teamchemistry
el84oro 14 dager siden
@Galaxy Milchstraße thats what i said. excluding euro 2016, the last euro finals they made was euro 2000. the last world cup final they made was world cup 2006. they made euro 2016 final and then won the last world cup without benzema. i'd have left him out for this tournamentto maintain balance and chemistry....like spain did with raul
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