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Luis Garcia, Steve Nicol and Frank Leboeuf join Dan Thomas to react to another round of fans' questions on .
0:00 Does losing to a lower division team affect Premier League teams' morale?
3:00 Who should Liverpool bring in to replace Georginio Wijnaldum?
6:50 Where will Kylian Mbappe end up in 2022?
9:15 Is it fair for Spain to put players from the Euro 2020 squad on the Olympic team?
12:45 Favorite location in the world to play soccer?

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18. juli. 2021





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Pra Tham
Pra Tham 7 timer siden
Steve Nicol is a clown 🤡. He doesn't have any knowledge outside of English football.
Adrian Sierra
Adrian Sierra 7 dager siden
Madrid less chance to win CL yet they made the Semis and had a million injuries. Pretty sure they have as much chance as anyone
Stephen Ord
Stephen Ord 8 dager siden
Notts County?
atang omphemetse
atang omphemetse 9 dager siden
Just push Trenski into the midfield and see how great the kid can be Hope Ox can get more game time
kunal saha
kunal saha 10 dager siden
He is heading to Madrid
Stephen Diamantas
Stephen Diamantas 10 dager siden
Stevie you have lost the plot mate.. Thiago will be one of the first names on the team sheet week in and week out this season.
Samuel Rancoud
Samuel Rancoud 10 dager siden
Mbappe = Me Me To Selfish for any teams
A A 10 dager siden
did stevie dye his hair
Maribella Ana Armato
Maribella Ana Armato 10 dager siden
Frank needs his own show I literally am crying he is just so great everything he says is gold
Theis Rosenberg
Theis Rosenberg 10 dager siden
I hope Mbappe wants to face bigger challenges & does not stay.
Anthony Barlow
Anthony Barlow 10 dager siden
Dan...old son...you should be trying to impress your self. Nice eateries should be appreciated. No one wants to see your toes mate 😅
Sean James MacLeod
Sean James MacLeod 10 dager siden
For Winaldjum’s place get Renato Saches . Problem solved.
PETER FERNANDES 10 dager siden
Who cares. He should be called Neybappe
Kwabena 10 dager siden
Nirajan Shrestha
Nirajan Shrestha 11 dager siden
He will goto china
Jordan Davis
Jordan Davis 11 dager siden
All I know is if He doesn't leave PSG he can never be considered world class
Yomansprince 11 dager siden
8:41 Didn’t Real Madrid beat Liverpool? How do they have a better chance to win the ucl than Madrid?
Yomansprince 5 dager siden
@Vikram Bhat Do u know that Madrid beat liverpool, Barca, Atletico and Sevilla without those two defenders? (I’m just letting u know that they did pretty well at the back in the big games without Ramos and Varane) Anyways Miliao had a better season than Varane.
Vikram Bhat
Vikram Bhat 5 dager siden
both real madrid centre backs are gone , they going to win nothing this season because last few season they were competitive because of their defense.
KAsh Sres
KAsh Sres 11 dager siden
Frank clearly doesn’t know much about cars, certainly not about Rolls Royce. It’s not a Phantom in the picture at all. It’s a Wraith. Idk, when people refer cars by wrong names it kinda bothers me. 😆 I think he should just stick to his old Bentley. 😂
Zone Time
Zone Time 11 dager siden
mbappe ends up in real madrid 2022 ,hes contact would have expired, madrid sign's him free and just pay his wages and agent fees
Gabi_S Jesus_s
Gabi_S Jesus_s 11 dager siden
Most overrated player, 0 goal in Uefa championchip
SHAHID WILLIE 11 dager siden
mbappe will end up at chelsea
Ryan Boyle
Ryan Boyle 11 dager siden
Aaron Donaghue
Aaron Donaghue 11 dager siden
Yes some Aussie love from Luis
Razaleigh Wiseman
Razaleigh Wiseman 12 dager siden
Is that Luis Garcia fro Liverpool and Athletico Madrid? Dude look really different.
Owais Sheikh
Owais Sheikh 12 dager siden
If psg wanna keep him they should sign ronaldo cos hes his idol
ENR 12 dager siden
Obviously it will be Liverpool 🙄.. Why so hard to guess?
somebodyelseuk 12 dager siden
Real Madrid and Barca are where Man Utd were in 2013. This time next year, THE desirable upwardly mobile places to go may be very different to what they have been over the past ten years. I wouldn't bet against Mbappe renewing for PSG in the end.
Snowman 12 dager siden
TIL Luis Garcia played in Australia!? I'm glad he enjoyed his time here, and that he enjoyed Gosford more than Liverpool 😂😂😂
KXIF 12 dager siden
Again this clown will come and tell it's not possible and they always fail with their foolish opinion
Demoski 12 dager siden
Luis was great in this segment and Frank hilarious as ever….will miss him when he goes on holidays.
Mark DD
Mark DD 12 dager siden
May I ask all you who knows about what channel will coverage Laliga next season? Is still on Bein sports or not? Thank you so much
SHAKIRA MENDOZA 12 dager siden
The gabby barber naturally visit because vase assembly observe underneath a loose disadvantage. needy, thirsty spike
Daniel Krawczyk
Daniel Krawczyk 12 dager siden
He will end up as a dirtbag in 2022
Hamed Al-Serri
Hamed Al-Serri 12 dager siden
Kylian Mbappe needs to leave PSG not to win the champions league only, but to improve his level. The player needs to play in tough leagues such as the primer league or even the Spanish league. Playing in the French league with PSG is like professional footballers playing against mature kids.
Mohammed Umair
Mohammed Umair 12 dager siden
Renato Sanches is the actual same type of player to wijnaldum with some extra attributes aswell
smcliffhanger492 12 dager siden
Nobody cares where he ends up!
Sean Murdock
Sean Murdock 12 dager siden
But isn’t the Olympics one of the biggest sporting events in the world ?
themythuk 12 dager siden
who cares.. these guys are not team players
Historically Accurate Quotes?
Luis is the only likable Liverpool pundit
kola ade
kola ade 12 dager siden
Frank talks a lot of BS!!!
Johnny Peacock
Johnny Peacock 12 dager siden
95% real madrid
a chocolate starfish
a chocolate starfish 12 dager siden
true frank Ronaldo has class no shorts in restaurant
Nicholas Chirchir
Nicholas Chirchir 12 dager siden
Nicol 👑🤌🏾
Signore Santino Burnett
Oliver Marcus
Oliver Marcus 12 dager siden
Those three clubs by their TRICKERIES: Liverpool, Man U and Chelsea In England, Man City will never have him, period
Mohammad Mortoja
Mohammad Mortoja 12 dager siden
Why people spend so much time talking rubbish. First millions of discussion whether Messi gonna stay in Barcelona, only the fools have this doubt. Now whether Mbappe stay at PSG and leave next summer, of course he'll. But there is a small chance he'll decline sharply and no one show interest.
Mt Tolayo
Mt Tolayo 12 dager siden
Real Madrid
y1521t21b5 12 dager siden
Inflated ego will be his downfall...
M B 12 dager siden
Hopefully Mars because I’m sick of this same question every other week !!!!
b smith
b smith 12 dager siden
PSG winning the champions league 😂😂😂 weren’t they supposed to win it last year oh and the year before that ...please people you’re killing me here
Enatale Morris
Enatale Morris 12 dager siden
I love you Frank for be so amazing ❤❤❤ love y'all mi gente
Lang & Short
Lang & Short 12 dager siden
It is forbidden! 🐸
Marco Lam
Marco Lam 12 dager siden
He'll end up joining the Lakers
Geefwee Bodoe
Geefwee Bodoe 12 dager siden
An academy that teaches you how to shoot on target. That should be his aim. Lol
Awaken World
Awaken World 13 dager siden
Where will we ALL end up in 2022!
The Bibliophile
The Bibliophile 13 dager siden
This is getting boring.
A M 13 dager siden
Get rid of every other segment, make Extra Time twice as long
Jove 13 dager siden
Is it just me or would mbappe be a better fit at Barca?
Seth Chishimba
Seth Chishimba 13 dager siden
Mbape will end up at Man United
Renaldo Matadeen
Renaldo Matadeen 13 dager siden
BR OT 13 dager siden
lol feel like they have this same discussion every other day and come to the conclusion its real madrid
Leslie Jim
Leslie Jim 13 dager siden
The question is misleading. U mean the 2021-2022 season or 2022 in general. Well he will definitely join real madrid either this summer or next summer so technically both r within 2022
Prinxe Lion
Prinxe Lion 13 dager siden
Kylian Mbappe to win Ballon Dor this year, is gonna be the Joke of this Year, probably, Joke of the Decade!!! Haha.... No Doubt, He is incredibly Talented, and can win in coming years, but this year, no way Man!!!
Martin McGuire Acoustic
@Prinxe Lion I just think that to be a stater for a club and won the champions league and a starter for his country and won the euros and also taken the stylish no fear penalty that got them to the final deserves recognition. I am not a fan boy of his as he knocked my team out of the champions league final amd my country out of euro glory but thats who I'd go with basdd on success and silverware not performance.
Prinxe Lion
Prinxe Lion 11 dager siden
@Martin McGuire Acoustic I appreciate it But the most important thing is that he was not the most important player for Chelsea and Italy also, In Chelsea, Kante and other Defenders contributed more tham him, and in Italy, their both CBs, LB and Chiesa were more important than him! While on the other hand, MESSI contributed alot more than him for Club and Country this season, I know its about more trophies but Amazing Performance that lead to Trophies, so MESSI Deserves more than him... But its Your Opinion and thats all Right as well!
Martin McGuire Acoustic
My pick would have to be Jorginho and that's painful to admit as an english man city fan who he beat in the champs league final and england in the euros final. Gotta give him credit for winning the Champions League and European Championships in the same year with his Club and then Country. I hated typing every word of that and wish i was capable of bullshitting myself but i am reluctantly humble enough to force the truth out of myself unfortunately!
Tiny Hunter
Tiny Hunter 13 dager siden
Liverpool need to evolve . Klopp can't play the same system for 3 years . It becomes predictable , so bringing in Jota and Thiago shows evolution in the system .
Nitesh D
Nitesh D 13 dager siden
Completely agree with Frank. Can't wear shorts to a good restaurant with flip-flops.
Mandulo Ykts
Mandulo Ykts 13 dager siden
It’s the rolls Royce ghost not phantom
M2K NBA 13 dager siden
kylian mbappe come to real madrid🥰come home my babyboy
Luckylouk 13 dager siden
funny how these guys think that real Madrid doesn't have the money hahaha
im a worm before i am man
If Liverpool have the money, im sure Bappe wouldn't think twice to join the reds
im a worm before i am man
@Adidas BOY bigger than PSG and City that for sure 😂
Adidas BOY
Adidas BOY 12 dager siden
Nope small club
Guru 13 dager siden
can we please make Frank being a fashion critique a thing? 😂
Mahendra Dhoni fan
Mahendra Dhoni fan 13 dager siden
luis also played in india
Tauqeer Ahmad
Tauqeer Ahmad 13 dager siden
Why Messi deserve ballon D’Or 2021 1- Messi’s monstrous run helped to win Argentina their first major international trophy after 1993 an it came against Brazil in Brazil . 2- Brazil lost their first major final in home soil in 100 years history. 3- Copa America best player Golden ball, 4- Copa America top scorer 5- Copa America most assists 6- Copa America golden shoe award 7- 30+ goals and for Barcelona most in laliga 8- League Golden boot 9- Above all, in just half of 2021 Messi has already 25 MOTM award from 36 games. These numbers are insane
Jeffrey Tsam
Jeffrey Tsam 13 dager siden
Great show with Steve,Frank! Don't like childish Shaka,annoying Moreno!!
Bijaya Garbuja
Bijaya Garbuja 13 dager siden
Kylian mbappe😂😂😂😂😂🤦‍♂️
Krishnakant Tiwari
Krishnakant Tiwari 13 dager siden
Why does Garcia not like barca in general he's a la masia graduate isn't he?😂
Aidtom 13 dager siden
I seen a fella called Terry Evanston give Steve Nicol the runaround in a pre season friendly for Liverpool v Dundalk, July 1991.I think that was the beginning of his decline.
Pranav Marwaha
Pranav Marwaha 13 dager siden
Where ever he ends up he ain’t going to Man Utd 😂😂😂
Jai 12 dager siden
Dead joke mate…
Glorious Trump
Glorious Trump 13 dager siden
Who cares
okocha 13 dager siden
Kylian mbappe for this year ballon dor? What its that guy smoking?
@CFCMoi11 13 dager siden
Maybe VARdrid. Don't know
samson svondo
samson svondo 13 dager siden
Haven't heard about man utd in a while lol
T Mall
T Mall 13 dager siden
We are humble people. 😂 As a Frenchie. 🇫🇷😂
MrPaling12345 13 dager siden
Dan just gets better and better. What a presenter
Lil sheriff
Lil sheriff 13 dager siden
Extra time the best sports show bruh
Ritesh jaiswal
Ritesh jaiswal 13 dager siden
Messi win it ballon d'or
Steven Neutron
Steven Neutron 13 dager siden
He should stay with PSG. Their teams now look unstoppable after all the purchases
Pritam Biswas
Pritam Biswas 13 dager siden
*Luis Garcia* also played for my hometown club *Atletico De Kolkata* in ISL (Indian Super League) for a couple of seasons and he was pretty good and won the ISL trophy.
Kas 13 dager siden
I'd safely say not in the Premier league, that'd be too much of a challenge.
Bánlum7 13 dager siden
Well we all know where he's gonna play next season.... Up front!!!
Andrew Hylton
Andrew Hylton 13 dager siden
PSG winning the UCL? Who you kidding Frank ...PSG are the biggest bottlers in football
mChannel 13 dager siden
Frank was anti psg before till last season Guess now his mouth was stuffed with money by psg people .. He will be now in their side
A A 13 dager siden
Does it matter? He’s just an overrated spoilt kid
Jihn Gind
Jihn Gind 13 dager siden
Liverpool should sign renato sanches
YASAR INAMDAR 13 dager siden
Kane~city haland~chelsea mbappe~liverpool
Arnav Mishra
Arnav Mishra 13 dager siden
Frankly speaking, Real Madrid's financial condition isn't as bad as these people say. Most of their debts are long term ones and the stadium work(which took a lot of money) is practically over. Plus expensive contracts of a lot of players ended or will end next season. So yeah, they can still get him this season.
Aakash Sigdel
Aakash Sigdel 13 dager siden
everyone is saying Real Madrid is broke. But, not spending on transfer doesn't mean that the club is broke. Actually, Real Madrid is one of the very few clubs that have managed to make net profit in this difficult situation. And we must give credit to old man perez for this.
Fatih K
Fatih K 13 dager siden
Real has a transferbudget of 122 mil and with the sale of varane our transferbudget wil be 172 mil. My opinion is if mbappé doesn’t extend in the next two weeks they are gonna put him on the market and then real are gonna buy him
Papiya Ghosh
Papiya Ghosh 13 dager siden
The team PSG have already build, I can not see anyone favourites other than them atm. Although summer transfer window is not closed yet. But.... Donnarumma, Marquinhos, Ramos,..., Gini, paredes, Verrati, Ney, Mbappe.... Scary. But yet they can bottle again.
Akhil Sadasivam
Akhil Sadasivam 12 dager siden
@I Don't Know My Name Hmm
I Don't Know My Name
I Don't Know My Name 12 dager siden
@Akhil Sadasivam I Know that But unfortunately as I mentioned that there are still four better teams than PSG
Akhil Sadasivam
Akhil Sadasivam 12 dager siden
@I Don't Know My Name PSG knows how to play UCL And they are much better rn. Didn't PSG make the 2019 final ? Unlucky they lost in the final, but can't blame it but fact was Bayern were the strongest at that point, I mean they are such a good team just tell me what PSG lacks that other teams don't. Cos barely any one hates them now because they have played UCL much better and some of their players are nearly worldclass like Marquinhos Kimpembe and now boosting with new signings
I Don't Know My Name
I Don't Know My Name 12 dager siden
@Akhil Sadasivam I still stick with my predictions that either bayer,city, liverpool or chelsea will win and PSG will bottle
I Don't Know My Name
I Don't Know My Name 12 dager siden
@Akhil Sadasivam Chelsea are current ucl winners Liverpool have a great team and manager They won ucl just two years ago They know how to win the ucl
Papiya Ghosh
Papiya Ghosh 13 dager siden
Luis played in India as well in ISL for ATK whom I support. 💪
Trang Nguyen
Trang Nguyen 13 dager siden
Highly recommend Tea Sport Live, my favorite app to stream football show
chad Bernard
chad Bernard 13 dager siden
frank is pure gold
Adraingates123 13 dager siden
Pedri to Liverpool 🙌
Beat 13 dager siden
I appreciate Frank’s optimism about the future of transfer finances but oh boy is he in for a surprise
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