Should Copa America and Gold Cup tournaments combine? | ESPN FC 

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Herculez Gomez joins the ESPN FC show to talk all things CONCACAF, CONMEBOL and their respective competitions, the Gold Cup and Copa America.

0:00 What teams actually get out of the Gold Cup.
0:53 Viewership records set by the Copa America Centenario.
2:30 Steve Nicol thinks the combined competition is a no-brainer.
3:10 Julien Laurens outlines the pros and cons.
5:10 The money involved with TV rights.
Should Copa America and Gold Cup tournaments combine? | ESPN FC

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16. juli. 2021





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Trey-Heru 12 timer siden
That would be sick!!
MrNothingButAir 17 timer siden
CONCACAF have the Gold Cup every two years. Instead why not play a Gold Cup every four years and participate on the Copa America two years after the gold cup? They can do both . Leave the Gold Cup for the younger/domestic players and put the A team in the Copa America
Eric Barnes
Eric Barnes 18 timer siden
Herc is right
Cesar E
Cesar E 22 timer siden
I think Concacaf and Conmebol should combine. Let the best teams from all America represent in the world cup.
iland Dag siden
Yeah if USA and Mexico only expect to make it to the quarterfinals
A J Dag siden
Sure it brings a lot of people but usa and Mexico really wont even get chance to win anything
Luke Taylor
Luke Taylor Dag siden
I loved it when the tournaments combined in 2016. Amazing to watch messi
Jose Hernandez
Jose Hernandez 2 dager siden
Argentina Brazil Uruguay Mexico USA Colombia Chile Costa Rica Venezuela Jamiaca Bolivia Peru Paraguay Panama Canada Trinidad
JayB 2 dager siden
It's a cool concept. But would need some serious thought. Like there could even be qualifiers for the group stage.
David Jordan
David Jordan 2 dager siden
I've long thought that the US and Mexico should move from CONCACAF to CONMEBOL. Although a full merging of the two federations could also work. We and the Mexicans would get more experience playing quality teams, both at the national and club level, and the South Americans would get two quality teams to join their way-too-small group. A full merging of the federations would still have fewer teams than UEFA. I think it would be a good move all around.
A J Dag siden
The thing is Mexico and usa will have to play in south America if the want to participate
USA Ball
USA Ball Dag siden
Ikr, even if it might be hard at the start for us. It will improve our soccer team in the coming years through higher competition and will definitely improve our soccer culture and many new talents will rise. CONCACAF is a joke only US and Mexico are competitive, a merge with CONMEBOL will be a good move overall.
El Mogos
El Mogos 2 dager siden
No. Copa America is too competitive for the Gold Cup. If the levels were similar then maybe, but they're just not. I know a lot of people don't like to admit it, but the Copa is equal in competitiveness and skill or even greater than the Euros...
Sulley R
Sulley R 3 dager siden
Yes! Please.
Ramiro Garcia
Ramiro Garcia 3 dager siden
My dream format would be to have 16 teams in the copa America and the teams in both the 3rd and 4th Place in the group stage get relegated to the gold cup which will be and immediate knockout round after all teams relegated from the copa America have a chance to win something else, afterwards the copa America will begin to play on as the regular copa America and from the way I see it nations from both continents have a chance to win something.
AML15 3 dager siden
Have a combined Copa America and keep the Golf Cup. The U.S with a C roster made the semis. Even with back up squad U.S and Mexico are still competitive. The Gold Cup is necessary for the smaller nations.
A J Dag siden
USA is a smaller nation Mexico is a competitive team too but they would never win a copa America in south America
BongoseroPersa 4 dager siden
More competitive for who? Copa America is fine the way it is, it doesnt need 3rd rate teams in it.
Hsiang Lee
Hsiang Lee 4 dager siden
Just like the Euro they should have a Americas
Shenir Hosten
Shenir Hosten 4 dager siden
What will happen to the smaller teams 🤔?
Rob Thomas
Rob Thomas 4 dager siden
Sorry everybody, I want our own continental championship. Why should CONCACAF be the only confederation that doesn't have one? I'd be fine with an occasional combined Copa America, but we need to maintain our own confederation tournament.
Gamerbubba1987 4 dager siden
Be boring watching them smoke USA and the other crappy teams! Copa America is a great watch without them!
Diego Miranda
Diego Miranda 4 dager siden
YES PLEASE. Gold Cup is worthless trophy
David N
David N 5 dager siden
How about using the Gold Cup as a qualifier for Copa America? Have the tournament in between Copa Americas . You get to win a cup and the top 4 get to go to Copa America in two years after ward? The top 2 from Concacaf in Copa America then qualify for the World Cup. Something like that, I may not thought of it all out, but just some idea.
Don Nadie
Don Nadie 5 dager siden
Copa America is way above golden cup and fact golden cup is the lowest level it be a shame for copa America to join with golden cup
madridtillidie 5 dager siden
Instead of a gold cup or Copa America every two years, have a combined tournament every 4 years and keep the respective gold cup & Copa America tournament the adjacent 4 years. So eg. 2023 have a combined tournament, 2025 have a separate tournament, then 2027 have a combined tournament and so forth.
Central and North America are not at the level of South America. Mexico and the U.S would get mauled by Colombia, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Brazil, and even Peru from time to time.
Debarshi Roy
Debarshi Roy 6 dager siden
USA & Canada would get obliterated in the 1st game only. BUT not Mexico.
A J Dag siden
@Nomads Seven it has been proven many of times lol even Mexico got destroyed in California basically Mexico second home
Nomads Seven
Nomads Seven 6 dager siden
You know nothing!!
Matías Junco
Matías Junco 6 dager siden
Both Mexico and the US have been invited and participated in previous editions of Copa América, not just the Centenario edition (if i remember well even Japan has participated once), and that's cool but i guess a big problem is what do you do with the many other uncompetitive countries in the Concacaf. It doens't make sense for MOST South American teams to play more matches of a lesser quality. If not properly sorted out, such a competition would dilute the Copa América quality in turn. The Euros also played a lot of group stage matches only to eliminate a few teams, on the other side the group stage of the Copa was quite competitive (check the scores). I would gladly invite any European team to have a try.
Steeve Cantave
Steeve Cantave 6 dager siden
How can they have such a conversation and not have one person from South America? The Euro is not the best continental tournament; the World Cup is. As for combining the Copa America and the Gold Cup, it will do nothing for South American teams. It might only be beneficial when it comes to finances, and I'd argue the novelty would fade. Mexico and the U.S. aren't good enough to add that much value to the Copa America.
A J Dag siden
Exactly they just have a bunch of usa supporters trying to speak for fifa 😂
-stGz_ i
-stGz_ i 6 dager siden
Jude Ake
Jude Ake 6 dager siden
Lars Saint Morning Glory
Yes. Yes they should combine
Daniel Krawczyk
Daniel Krawczyk 7 dager siden
Anybody who doesn’t think so is ignorant
The Phenomenal One
The Phenomenal One 7 dager siden
Gold Cup > World Cup
Vini M
Vini M 7 dager siden
GaleofDusk 7 dager siden
What's the name if this reporter?
JC Ottavianelli jr
JC Ottavianelli jr 8 dager siden
for money its a no brainer but besides US and Mex and barely... no way i want to see any team from CONCACAF play ... though those teams would benefit from playing COMNEBOL teams and i won't even bring up World Cup qualifying
GaleofDusk 8 dager siden
Carribian countries will never get to play or qualify then.. but it will definitely separate the better once from bad once
Lat Damon
Lat Damon 8 dager siden
No - this would permanently cool down the US vs Mexico rivalry, one of the greatest in all sports (don't care who disagrees, it just is), and would screw over Central American and Caribbean teams. They would struggle to qualify just for the continental tournament and if the federations actually ended up merging, basically have zero chance of appearing in a World Cup.
B 8 dager siden
Same for San Marino and Andorra. Maybe they should join Oceana, it's awful
Johnny R
Johnny R 9 dager siden
Yes.. case rested, no further comments.
Idrisativities 9 dager siden
6 automatic qualifications for CONMEBOL teams, 4 for CONCACAF. The remaining spots should be fought in a playoff mode.
Primal P
Primal P 9 dager siden
It’s a win for the big teams but L for the small teams they should move the big teams to commebol and keep con academy with the small teams
Corbin Otis
Corbin Otis 9 dager siden
ok so Concacaf has 41 nations and Conmebol as 10... all you would need to do is seperate them into qualifying 10 groups of 5 (6 for the remaining 1 nation) hold how ever many qualifying windows it would need. Each team would probably play once due to scheduling take the top 3 teams and place them into another grouping and boom you have a 30 teams. then you have 6 groups of 5 teams to make the tournement and boom you basically have a beefed up gold cup and copa. top 2 teams advance so you are left with 12 teams for knockout rounds just like the euros. I feel like its clearly a money thing. but if those two federations really wanna make a stand set themselves apart this would be the way you do it. Personally I would rather have this than gold cup and you could still have your regional tourney with nations league. Gold Cup is not that great, lets be real.
Joseantonio Garcia
Joseantonio Garcia 9 dager siden
I don’t think it would be a good idea, people assume that Concacaf is only the US and Mexico but they completely neglect the fact that other nations like Jamaica and El Salvador are getting better.
Remorselesscuckslayer 2
Barbaros Hayreddin Pasha
CONCACAF & CONMEBOL should merge to become one confederation which would make a Copa America more competitive to rival the the Euros!
dotunn 9 dager siden
Yessss this, it will boost us football quality
Alex1jag 10 dager siden
Copa America is usually 12 teams (10 CONMEBOL) and 2 guest nations, played in 3 groups of 4 with the top 2 of every group and the 2 best 3rd places moving forward, this year was just different because of CV. While it would be good to expand Copa America to 16 teams it would both be unfair for most Caribbean teams as the gold cup is pretty much their World Cup.
jorgscz 10 dager siden
lmao no country from north and central america would ever win
President Joe Biden
President Joe Biden 10 dager siden
copa continentals
Steph Ewing
Steph Ewing 10 dager siden
As a fan of USA , Jamaica, Mexico & Costa Rica we have to grow football in our region these pundits only want to sell ads sheesh. Gold cup has to be separate , also before Concacaf and Conmebol split that’s how it use it be. The reason why Gold cup isn’t up there right is due to Covid lol . This is Literally propaganda at its finest.If they do this the Caribbean Cup has to come back then. As they say it’s money and obviously Conmebol would gain more because they have much more of the stars.
sed life
sed life 10 dager siden
Lmaoo baby obama
Mauro Pedrosa
Mauro Pedrosa 10 dager siden
Yes, 100%
Shelton Parker JR
Shelton Parker JR 11 dager siden
Mexico Brazil Canada Ecudaro USA Argentina Venezuela Costa Rica Columbia Jamaica Uruguay Chile Bolivia Peru Honduras Panama This makes perfect sense, that means they won't do it. I don't understand these soccer federations they don't make very good decisions. Navas, Pulisic, Messi, Neymar, sounds like cash, exposure, full stadiums, and better product
Giordano Virgile
Giordano Virgile 11 dager siden
I actually cannot believe he used “Mickey Mouse Tournament” on air
J Alex
J Alex 11 dager siden
I always wondered if people in Europe or over seas would watch the copa America or copa oro. As people in the states and stuff watch the euros
Jonathan Alvarez
Jonathan Alvarez 11 dager siden
It would kinda be unfair in my opinion because at the end there will be 4 South American countries at the semis and a South American championship
Jose Ramirez
Jose Ramirez 11 dager siden
They should have a combined tournament, the 10 Conmebol teams and 6 concacaf teams (mexico, USA, Costa Rica, and you can fill in the next three with a knockout draw of the concacaf teams)
juan villalobos
juan villalobos 11 dager siden
Yes!!! It would make Mexico wake tf up and stop slacking on doing what they have to do to be the best.
Drew the RN
Drew the RN 11 dager siden
Yes anything that will force Ecuador to do better
Randy Angel
Randy Angel 11 dager siden
Could we just leave things alone?
Randy Angel
Randy Angel 11 dager siden
Um no
MGCINI NDEBELE 11 dager siden
Yes combine. Plus only 5 teams from this combination should qualify for world cup. Africa should have at least 10 countries qualifying for world cup.
Salvador Estrada
Salvador Estrada 11 dager siden
Cesar Dothe
Cesar Dothe 11 dager siden
Yes. Mexico and the USA became better in the 00s because they had to play the likes of Brazil/Argentina and other strong squads.
010mercurials 11 dager siden
Good. Sounds like the Super League
Alex Vodka
Alex Vodka 11 dager siden
Idk why it hasn’t already it’s called copa America for a reason
das rasel william
das rasel william 11 dager siden
Should euro & africa cup combine?
Hector Villalba
Hector Villalba 11 dager siden
just let the best of concacaf join the copa america
Mejia 11 dager siden
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Skull FC
Skull FC 11 dager siden
If someone in concacaf cares more about improvement of the middle of the pack teams, meaning Honduras, Panama, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Trinidad, el Salvador, Guatemala, etc, rather than the money coming from Mexico playing a final, they should advicate for it a 100%. For conmebol it has to be more appealing money wise playing against Mexico and the US, so the problem for them will be more of a sense of losing or diminishing the value of the cup in competition terms.
Dgital Hometech
Dgital Hometech 11 dager siden
shane shane
shane shane 12 dager siden
Yes 100% South America only has 10 teams so if u added 14 CONCACAF teams to the mix, split into 6 groups like the Euros then I believe u have a much more exciting tournament. Obviously Brazil and Argentina would still be favourites but having the likes of Mexico and USA etc in the mix certainly would give more variety.
Bornean Dayak
Bornean Dayak 12 dager siden
Why not. I'm from Asia, and I love to see the American version of "Euro".
Jim C
Jim C 12 dager siden
US, Canada and Mexico used to play in Copa America
1dering 12 dager siden
Its a cultural thing. South americans dont care about concacaf
Mr. Bondhus2You
Mr. Bondhus2You 12 dager siden
Not like any of the teams, aside from Mexico at times, would even be competitive with the best teams in South America anyways
Ancil Prabhoo
Ancil Prabhoo 12 dager siden
They should definately do it improve the strength of concacaf gets to test against stronger nations
KEVIN McDaniel
KEVIN McDaniel 12 dager siden
I’ve been saying for Years Now America doesn’t belong in Concacaf!! Sorry, they should be in Copa it is Called Copa America’s so why is USA in Concacaf!! Easy Because 🇺🇸USA would Never Smell a World Cup if they had to play South American teams 😂😂 Think about you have 200 million people in USA and their team is playing islands with 3million people ! I never consider the USA a powerhouse They should be playing in Copa
EL MAESTRO 12 dager siden
gold cup is like Africa splitting into West African cup, East African cup, North African cup, etc. Even the West African cup would still be way more competitive than the gold cup. The gold cup is just a practice competition.
MrPitsteelers4life 12 dager siden
Please yes!
n siegert
n siegert 12 dager siden
Yesssss it would be very cool and great experience for US players to cut their teeth against bigger teams than in Concacaf
Gabriel Baller
Gabriel Baller 12 dager siden
CONACACAF Cannot be a 2 team region, if Jamaicas made that many finals and semi finals. Canada even won it alot in da past, and have a great team now and have been far recently. and Costa Rica they lack offensive players apart from joel campbell but at the world cup Keylor Navas is hard to play against for Any team there. USA is not even CONCACAFs 2nd best team either , their worse then people think. each gold cups at home at USA for a start so their wins are fraudulent in that way And on top of that, Jamaica beat them before in the gold cup semi. Jamaica with english born players more so are alot better then USA at football. and Canada [with alphonso davies and jonathan david in it] is BILLIONS better then USA at football. Jamaica drew vs brazil in 1998.
Gabriel Baller
Gabriel Baller 12 dager siden
North American region CONCACAF Will do well at the next world cup, CONCACAF is better then what most think it is.
Gabriel Baller
Gabriel Baller 12 dager siden
chinglee100 12 dager siden
No they should have a Copa America and a Gold Cup but Copa America should be all Spanish and Portuguese speaking nations in the continent and Gold Cup should be the rest 🇪🇸 🇵🇹
Gaston Garraza
Gaston Garraza 12 dager siden
To be short, Conmebol has something really good, Concacaf can improve it a little and sell it better, but neither will agree how to share it
Lämp 12 dager siden
The only way i see this working is: the Gold Cup is used as north/central American Qualifiers for the Copa America, the best 6 teams of the Gold Cup get to play Copa America, that could spice things up a bit in the Gold Cup, while making Copa America available for north/central Americans, CONMEBOL gets a % of money from what the Gold Cup generates, everyone's happy.
Nick Collins
Nick Collins 12 dager siden
I’m for it
DRE 12 dager siden
No thanks copa America is fine how it is. We don’t need to add scrubs to the tournament
Dave 12 dager siden
WHAT THE TITLE SAYS: Should copa america and gold cup merge WHAT I AM HEARING : Should apple and lava merge😂😂
Spartan706 NT
Spartan706 NT 12 dager siden
ovogio YT
ovogio YT 12 dager siden
Did he really say the euros is better than the wc 🤡🤡
Jack Marshall
Jack Marshall 12 dager siden
They should make a competition where the talk team in Europe versus the top team in South America play against each other kind a like the super cup at the end of the champions league and Europa league
Paul Athienides
Paul Athienides 12 dager siden
Sorry, World Cup is superior to Euro mate 🤣
Fernando Alvarez
Fernando Alvarez 12 dager siden
The real question is why aren’t Suriname and Guyana in CONMEBOL? And T&T is right of the coast of South America, they can be in CONMEBOL too why is CONCACAF forced to carry their dead weight.
Anthony Chu
Anthony Chu 13 dager siden
Gold cup is a joke only 2 countries actually compete
Fyre 13 dager siden
We all want it but CONCACAF ain't gonna let that happen🤦‍♂️
M Mc
M Mc 13 dager siden
Compromise: combine them every 4 years (in other words, every other gold cup/copa) for a copa de Americas
Jordan Reynolds
Jordan Reynolds 12 dager siden
I like this idea
Anik Basu
Anik Basu 13 dager siden
David Sarters
David Sarters 13 dager siden
Wouldn't be much of a contest. South America > North America when it comes to football.
my dream came true.
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my dream came true.
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