Is Philippe Coutinho Barcelona’s WORST-EVER signing? | ESPN FC Extra Time 

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Sid Lowe, Alejandro Moreno and Steve Nicol join Kay Murray on ESPN FC Extra Time to answer all your questions.

0:00 What did Sid have for dinner?
2:00 Stevie’s excitement talking about chocolate and sweets.
4:00 Why were Copa America matches so physical?
5:10 Bryan Gil to Tottenham?
7:19 Is Philippe Coutinho the worst signing for Barcelona?
9:22 Which former teammates of the FC guys had the worst fashion sense?
14:20 During Sid’s time in Spain, who has been the best player in La Liga not named Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo?
Is Philippe Coutinho Barcelona’s WORST-EVER signing? | ESPN FC Extra Time

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20. juli. 2021





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Exit 2 dager siden
Could be as he was yet another who seems to get the credit of the hardworking teammates around him
joseph chavez
joseph chavez 3 dager siden
Griezman, dembele, couhntino and panic are the worst signings ever. All the money they were paid and their on field result don't match with what they are getting paid. They are all worth at least half or 1/4 of what their getting now. Thats why no one is dumb enough to buy them. Cause they are old news and not needed
SkskNotFound 3 dager siden
The worst transfer had to be Thiago at least couthinhio had goals and assists Thiago really hadn’t done anything at all at liverpool and I don’t even think he has 2 goals
Ovidiu Alexandru
Ovidiu Alexandru 6 dager siden
Dembele is worse!! Dembele the most overhyped player ever, my finishing is better than his.
sld1776 6 dager siden
Cesc Fabregas, because he completely disrupted the 2010-2011 juggernaut. Useless entitled ****.
Hope Banda
Hope Banda 6 dager siden
4 minutes and you're still talking about biscuits.
One_Thunder_Gamer 6 dager siden
Flyest Kyxng
Flyest Kyxng 7 dager siden
But out of all the Barca new signings he’s the only one to have won the champions league😂😂
Messi10best karma
Messi10best karma 7 dager siden
SpiceBoy7UK23 7 dager siden
Barcelona's WORST EVER IS CHRISTOPHE DUGARRY. That,s the biggest clown that ever signed for Barcelona. The guy was a transvestite
PES City
PES City 8 dager siden
Coutinho was one of the best transfers in history of football, Not for Barca For LIverpool!
DaZinho 8 dager siden
Dembele is probably the worst barca signing. he doesn’t get defended by the fact that he didn’t play in a weak position either. Always So casual, persistent injury issues, off field discipline issues, wasteful dribbling. I could go on, but I guess I’ve made my point
Christopher Badree
Christopher Badree 8 dager siden
No barcelona just has to utilize him to his best potential Brazilian players Express their best potential give them the freedom to play Barcelona style is a equation, play this way I like to see Barcelona play with more freedom of movements
Ed Hartman
Ed Hartman 8 dager siden
Thanks for wasting 20 seconds of my life talking about this random dudes chocolate.
SHAHID WILLIE 8 dager siden
don't think he is the worst
EpicLedger LLC
EpicLedger LLC 8 dager siden
Lesson learn.... never count your chickens before they hatch.....
Young Legend
Young Legend 8 dager siden
Nothing to talk about - let’s talk about chocolate
Javonnie Frazer
Javonnie Frazer 8 dager siden
Coutinho is still great and he always plays good once he has confidence... in his first half season he was arguably the second best player in the team
Darren4652 8 dager siden
The presenter is really good! Really professional and got good banter! Well done!
Joshua Ewulo
Joshua Ewulo 8 dager siden
Is Arsenal the place for Philippe Coutinho?
Ben Houston
Ben Houston 9 dager siden
I wanted him signed sooo bad. The drama was daily. Too much pressure.
Siba Das
Siba Das 9 dager siden
Worst signing = Bartomeu
Amazing Heartbreak
Amazing Heartbreak 9 dager siden
Alex Hleb Alex Song
david Berrios
david Berrios 9 dager siden
did he won triple with byren last year
Trap Boss
Trap Boss 9 dager siden
To get to the point fast forward to or click 7:17
Shock G
Shock G 9 dager siden
He is trash and i kinda liked him and rooted for him he trash
tibor malits
tibor malits 9 dager siden
No... It's Dembelé...
Maximec j
Maximec j 9 dager siden
Barca should be ashamed lol the same Coutinho will trash them someday when anther club like bayern can value him
Dave Robertson
Dave Robertson 9 dager siden
Starts at 7:20. Before that is BS
King of the Bridge
King of the Bridge 9 dager siden
Did well at Bayern last season.
J_Rab101 9 dager siden
Even a few years ago they would just cut off the best part. The banter, the story telling, and just good laughs.
Mullerz27 9 dager siden
Nothing beats bueno and Ferrero rocher
04061985 9 dager siden
absolutely waste of time video where they spend the first 5 minutes talking nothing about football but about stupid chocolate bars 🙄
J Clouseau
J Clouseau 9 dager siden
Coutinho got only himself to blame. He received way too many opportunities and did nothing with it. Simply not good enough.
Bankai Training
Bankai Training 9 dager siden
No dembele is 💯
Aaden 9 dager siden
Coutinho was not important for bayern lol. They just swapped him in bc they already won against barca at that point
AY AYE 9 dager siden
Dairy milk rules the world 😁😁😁
Shaheryar Mallick
Shaheryar Mallick 9 dager siden
Sid Low is so good. Always the best to listen to on this show.
Hyde Hill
Hyde Hill 9 dager siden
Arda Turan, 35 million and mostly used a sub for 2 and a half seasons. Half a season lost because of a transfer ban they couldn't use him for the first half. Then out on loan till a free transfer as he had a long contract. While out on loan got into a fight with a singer and chased him to the hospital and SHOT A GUN in the hospital. Almost earning him a prison sentence and making him even more unsalable as he had to remain in Turkey as part of the verdict.
oj vic
oj vic 9 dager siden
Most epl players don’t succeed in la liga!!!😂 It might not be the most competitive league but the football is 1000times more technical than the epl...
Owethu Gulubela
Owethu Gulubela 10 dager siden
Without a doubt our biggest mistake
iv 10 dager siden
Malcom, Coutinho has recieved unfair criticism - his first two seasons were better that Griezmann
mos_1924 10 dager siden
RastaSaint7 10 dager siden
To be fair they bought a player who scored twice and set one up in the Champions league final. Im sure that they would have signed ul for that beforehand.
David D'Arcy
David D'Arcy 10 dager siden
my aunt worked in the Cadburys factory in Dublin and used to get full shopping bags of chocolate that 'didn't make the cut'... oh the memories, nice one Sid
Stefan Kazimirovic
Stefan Kazimirovic 10 dager siden
He was never a fit with Messi same as Griezmann
Alex Jimenez
Alex Jimenez 10 dager siden
Sid Lowe 🐐
Layla 10 dager siden
Coutinho is the worst considering they used that money to buy a new defence and knock them out the UCL semi
Jimbo Jimbo
Jimbo Jimbo 10 dager siden
Dembele is worse
Jojo Dawide
Jojo Dawide 10 dager siden
How people dare to say messi can’t do it in premier league it’s to physical for him when he can do it in copa cuz that’s next Level of physicality
Matin Ghafoory
Matin Ghafoory 10 dager siden
Dembele by far is worse
Capo Giovanna
Capo Giovanna 10 dager siden
Reason he scored two was because he was playing against roberto and lenglet 😂
MM02 10 dager siden
He was actually amazing for the first 6 months after he joined. Then the next season everything just went downhill but he was good at the start of this season too but got injured
Roz Sa
Roz Sa 10 dager siden
They spent 4 minutes talking about chocolate 🤦🏻‍♂️
Horyekhunley 10 dager siden
Kay's got such enchanting eyes
F J 10 dager siden
As a Liverpool supporter I think it was their greatest achievement! OK getting beat by us 4 - 0 at Anfield was just as good ;)
ibrahim ahmed
ibrahim ahmed 10 dager siden
Dembele is the worst
Rex Marfa
Rex Marfa 10 dager siden
sid so excited talking about chocolateshahaha
Robbery Robot
Robbery Robot 10 dager siden
And this is why la liga is on a different level
Akakyan 10 dager siden
no one talking about griezmann
Terry Ace
Terry Ace 10 dager siden
Love how Sid is always composed on matters football but we see his goofy side on anything else but😂😂😂
Olutade Tolufase
Olutade Tolufase 10 dager siden
what a good looking lass anchoring
Shay Gonzales
Shay Gonzales 10 dager siden
It was a nice touch to see Sid Lowe reminiscing and happy
made bymonkeys
made bymonkeys 10 dager siden
If you buy a Ferrari don't use it to pull a caravan.... That's not what it's designed for. Philip was played out of position and asked to change his game, that's all down to the club.
Renaldo Matadeen
Renaldo Matadeen 10 dager siden
zaedlo 10 dager siden
I'm sure it is Coutinho's biggest regret, he was so desperate to leave Liverpool FC, He's not as good as he thought he was.
Reuben Fernandes
Reuben Fernandes 10 dager siden
No one worse than these pundits here
Zebadon Looney X
Zebadon Looney X 10 dager siden
Marius Galan
Marius Galan 10 dager siden
Barcelona lose 8-2 with bayern 😂😂😂
Dinesh Rijal
Dinesh Rijal 10 dager siden
whenever Sid is on the show with his mates Kay or Dan Thomas,it is just too much fun.
Big Poppa
Big Poppa 10 dager siden
Hongam Skelly
Hongam Skelly 10 dager siden
If he plays in others team he is one of the best but in barca the style of play is unique and different than the other clubs
Steve Nicol
Steve Nicol 10 dager siden
As a liverpool fan I think he's been a great signing 👍
steven cooke
steven cooke 10 dager siden
Why is so much time given to inane questions about food and clothing? Can't you have a separate segment for people who aren't interested in the sport but just want the guests to talk for minutes about nothing of interest. Thankfully, Frank Lebuff, though his name reminds me of how much fun it was to have his namesake on the panel, asks good questions. I would have rather heard more about why the Copa, despite fielding so much quality, is filled with horror tackles. I don't love Neymar's play acting but he gets chopped down so much (Messi too to a lesser extent).
Andre Otshudi
Andre Otshudi 10 dager siden
Stay in Liverpool there’s a chance to build your status one day go to Barcelona you will just be another player coutinho and hazard transfer should serve as a lesson to young players
G -13
G -13 8 dager siden
Anurag sharma
Anurag sharma 10 dager siden
Dembele ! He missed that chance against liverpool which could have potentially sealed another champions league trophy and he always stays injured !
Junaid Zaman
Junaid Zaman 10 dager siden
Dairy milk best kla
Mohammed Umair
Mohammed Umair 10 dager siden
4:00 f**k off every 1 except Messi are massive divers
Dániel Vas
Dániel Vas 10 dager siden
First 5 minutes can be skipped if you don't care about chocolates.
Muhammad Mansur
Muhammad Mansur 10 dager siden
Yes he isssssssssss
Voet Football
Voet Football 10 dager siden
He’s played well last season. 3 goals and 2 assists in first 6 games. Then Fati got injured and Coutinho was forced to play on the left again. That’s when he played his next 6 games with no goal involvements. Then he got injured. It’s not his fault it’s the management
Deez Nhutz
Deez Nhutz 10 dager siden
Coutinho and Dembele the 2 of em
Rashad Siddiqui
Rashad Siddiqui 10 dager siden
He may be a bad signing, but think twice before you call him a "bad" player. Always remember, he scored 2 and assisted 1 in 15 minutes in the 8-2 game against Barca. Barca took their biggest L that day. Goes to show, what Coutinho can do if you play him in his position.
Juan Louis
Juan Louis 10 dager siden
No coutinho has had a good run. He even already scored a hatrick
Truthful Bayernliga fan
No it's Pessi
kaushal yadav
kaushal yadav 10 dager siden
So happy for Kay...she was so nervous before now she is so good in presenting the show
sorunke2002 10 dager siden
Dairy milk everyday!
hellion131 10 dager siden
Andre Gómez
seyned89 10 dager siden
He should go to inter
Brandon Jones
Brandon Jones 10 dager siden
All Barcelona has to to is let Couthino play his normal position as the play maker and the will see his true potential He's a very good player who creates alot of chances and also scores alot of goals once he's able to play the football that he is used to playing
mickeyhynes 10 dager siden
Can't beat a Club and a cup of tea.
Wylie Coyote
Wylie Coyote 10 dager siden
Countinho should move to Atletico Madrid; he'll flourish there.
Wylie Coyote
Wylie Coyote 8 dager siden
@Petar Zijic They also play 4-4-1-1.
Petar Zijic
Petar Zijic 8 dager siden
They dont use a formation that suits any of his positions. They play 442
whatudoin1 10 dager siden
Weird how all creative players fail when playing next to Messi... And no I don't blame him
Tharcisse 11 dager siden
The problem is Countinho was that he was too slow. With Messi dropping in, you need the opposite winger to add width and pace. Coutinho's best performances were without Messi. Barça should've signed Mbappé.
BABALO LANGA 11 dager siden
J 11 dager siden
They took him back from Bayern to punish him for humiliating them in the 8-2 loss.
Haha 99
Haha 99 11 dager siden
Debatable with Dembele, Pjanic, KPB, Umtiti and Lenglet
M M 11 dager siden
Considering his best performance while a barcelona player is when he played against them with bayern and scored 2 i would say yes
Shervin Seil Sepour
Shervin Seil Sepour 11 dager siden
They never once mention Bartomeu and him causing all the problems at Barca.
TCM City
TCM City 11 dager siden
I like Sid Lowe
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