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Dan Thomas, Craig Burley, Shaka Hislop and Jan Aage Fjortoft answer another round of fans' questions on .
0:00 Any tensions between players on the same team who defeated each other at Euro 2020/Copa America?
5:25 Thoughts on seeing players transferred to another team?
7:35 Lionel Messi opened his home in Miami to chat with fans.
9:00 Reacting to the reports of Gabriel Heinze's coaching tactics with Atlanta United.
15:15 Did Craig ever play against Ole Gunnar Solskjær?
17:45 Where does Jorginho rank in the Ballon d'Or rankings?
19:00 Is Jamaica the dark horse in the Gold Cup?

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19. juli. 2021





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Oliver Read
Oliver Read 2 dager siden
Remember when Craig predicted the PSG united CL tie all them years back? If he was on a major network (which would never happen as he had an immensely average playing career) he would have been exposed and owned
Dortumor Anthony
Dortumor Anthony 2 dager siden
15:08 I understand now that Craig f****ing hates Ole for no reason! 😂
Diego Funes
Diego Funes 4 dager siden
Heinze: Journalistsssssss 😡😡😡😡😡😡
Linda Linda
Linda Linda 5 dager siden
The plucky skin frustratingly save because top totally strip on a tranquil newsprint. bored, difficult trip
Joel Ohene
Joel Ohene 8 dager siden
Boy, what's the title of that background music; love it
verman banhan
verman banhan 8 dager siden
#2 please! #2, is S**t!!! Go Burley!!🤣🤣🤣
Epace12 9 dager siden
Craig casually said 'a beef' lol 😆😂
Craig Millington
Craig Millington 10 dager siden
Boring topics that make these pundits looks and sounds dumb
Spencer Seitz
Spencer Seitz 10 dager siden
Atlanta is ruined because of Carlos. Dude cleaned house entirely when he didn’t need to. What a joke
David ambrozic
David ambrozic 10 dager siden
Turn off the background music pleaseeeee
Anonymous TV
Anonymous TV 10 dager siden
Jan is a good looking guy
dodivol 10 dager siden
dodivol 10 dager siden
Craig Burley was one of my favorite players and as a commentator is just as STRAIGHT FORWARD. WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET.
Frank Ford
Frank Ford 10 dager siden
Love ESPN coverage. So awful it is utterly watchable. Bitter Burley, Hislop just clueless. Rarely any insight. Just nothing in large dollops.
david makanga
david makanga 10 dager siden
Please don't make fun of someone making minimum wage. Not cool.
Broodje Feta
Broodje Feta 11 dager siden
"what does the game really need to do to avoid players rolling around on the field" Simple: the rule that the clock is stopped when there is a free kick or when the ball is out of play. Rolling around is mostly time wasting which has no effect if you stop the clock
Sudano 10 dager siden
If you stop the clock you can't waste time......Wow In other words the movement of the clock IS the wasting of time.
Chris Bardsley
Chris Bardsley 11 dager siden
I live north of north pole, Alaska. Mount McKinley is still the biggest mountain I've ever seen
javier book shadows contributor du
143rd comment
Shubham Prabhakar
Shubham Prabhakar 11 dager siden
Craig is brilliant 😂
Fredy Mendez
Fredy Mendez 11 dager siden
If was Kepa I would just stay and keep that salary until it runs out ! He’s probably never gona get paid like that ever again. Maybe leave your last year of contract.
nick restrepo
nick restrepo 11 dager siden
Way Craig sh*ts on Gold Cup cracks me up🤣 and also gets my blood boiling 🤬 relentless hahahahahahahahahahahah !!!!!
AdamNetherton 11 dager siden
Gabriel Heinze can do all the extreme nonsense in training with his team that he wants. He isn't getting anything out of this team and he isn't saving this season. Atlanta United is just a wash this season. And as an Atlanta United fan MLS is a wash this season because of it. Especially since the most exciting thing going on in MLS as a whole is Chicharito. And he's not exciting at all too me. lol. No Zlatan. No Rooney. No David Villa. No Kaka. No Clint Dempsey. No Almiron. Is Vela still playing? Josef Martinez hasn't been playing... Just nothing and no one to be excited about. lol. I feel like the league went back in time to the days before Beckham. lol.
Junior Reus
Junior Reus 11 dager siden
Craig Burley the Messi of the Show
Kingsley Okeke
Kingsley Okeke 11 dager siden
Craig Burley always right lol
smithryansmith 11 dager siden
Craig is a fun lad.
doug 11 dager siden
older players never make good of their big contract
Derp Herp
Derp Herp 11 dager siden
The place Jan says he went and played football (Svalbard) is basically the northernmost town on the planet. 78°N, so far north that during summer it's sunlit at midnight, and during winter, it's dark in the middle of the day.
Mark Tabone
Mark Tabone 11 dager siden
regarding Jan's comment about jorginho and ballon Dor - this is the same opinion most average football people say about him then again few experts at chelsea and italy say he is not visible but fundamental - in any case the ballon Dor is now a joke
Lucas Montes
Lucas Montes 11 dager siden
It’s crazy there’s still managers restricting salt in players diets. Salt is one of the most important nutrients specially when you’re running and sweating that much.
Mark Tabone
Mark Tabone 11 dager siden
im an itlalian fan uk born but i just adore Graig he is just an amazing pundit !!
Patrick G
Patrick G 11 dager siden
Jack McGinn, Stephen Robinson
Lue Thious
Lue Thious 11 dager siden
Keane Mark
Keane Mark 11 dager siden
It seems that Twitter user Frank LeBuff gets on Extra TIme every single day.
Adélékè Afọlayàn
Adélékè Afọlayàn 11 dager siden
Your hair's lovely 🤣🤣
Adélékè Afọlayàn
Adélékè Afọlayàn 12 dager siden
Excellent first question 🤣
Abyss 12 dager siden
Craig's right. They're just waffling on mindlessly. And why is extra time being shot before the regular show? The producers of this show absolutely suck and have no concept of quality control.
Abyss 11 dager siden
@zola1282 hey he said it himself. This isn't high quality content and it's needlessly long. Maybe it's because I've seen one too many of these shows.
zola1282 11 dager siden
Dumb comment
Daunte Redway
Daunte Redway 12 dager siden
🇯🇲 get away craig
Abdulmumini Hayatudeen
Abdulmumini Hayatudeen 12 dager siden
The Jack Grealish story was so funny 😂
Jimmy Johnson
Jimmy Johnson 12 dager siden
19:01😂😂😂 craig
Ryan Elliott
Ryan Elliott 12 dager siden
wow that story at 4:00 is hilarious
JordanKnowsWell 12 dager siden
I don't know about you guys but I personally don't believe that Shaka doesn't have any good dressing room stories off that back of his time at Pompey. The dressing room antics and banter must have been top level back than 😂 imagine Harry Redknap ,Tim Sherwood, Shaka ,Benjani Mwaruwari, Kanu ,Sulley Muntari ,Kevin Prince Boateng ,Lauren, Peter Crouch ,Aliou Cisse , LuaLua and Yakubu 😂🤣🤣 I'm not sure if they were all there specifically during Shaka's time at Pompey however they were all apart of that club around that time. Must have been 24/7 Banter 💀💀
Big brawl fav
Big brawl fav 12 dager siden
“Players we’re mentally exhausted” “Players went to Association because they didn’t had days off as agreed and should be available to training at the disposal of the coach” 😂😂😂 in Europe or Latin America is what clubs expect from players, mentally though and train hard under the authority of the coach. Say he’s bad in tactics, say about Josef, but saying what was said it’s kind of bad for the club direction standing by players asking for days off because mentally stressed.
Big brawl fav
Big brawl fav 11 dager siden
@Marty I do, and do you know how many sacrifices top players must go through to become top or world champions? different cultures, not criticizing any, just point out the difference from Argentinian conception or professionalism vs MLS one. They have won 2 times wcup, produced many top players, top coaches...MLS?
Marty 11 dager siden
You know players are human to right? With lives outside of the pitch.
Leomari Robinson
Leomari Robinson 12 dager siden
If Jamaica dont win the gold cup they shouldn't represent in another gold cup
Leechin 11 dager siden
We have a good team to beat some mediocre concacaf teams but we really have to dig deep to beat the US and Mexico at the Gold cup everytime. So it's not a given, either way after tonight we'll know if we will play Canada or US in QF so let's see.
Leechin 11 dager siden
@Leomari Robinson I'm struggling to see who Mexico are missing because I can only see Chicharito injured in the squad list. As for the US they still are quality while not having a few first teamers who are now at preseason or on holiday.
Leomari Robinson
Leomari Robinson 11 dager siden
@Leechin both Mexico and USA are not at full strength and Jamaica are close or very close to full strength
Leechin 11 dager siden
Martavious Tarver
Martavious Tarver 12 dager siden
Shaka saying “Who’s coming to my house to see me ” was the best part of the show 🤣
Keston Sylvester-Carrington
full trini accent too lol
Not 2 busy
Not 2 busy 12 dager siden
No, it's not hard to stay humble at all.
ian askew
ian askew 12 dager siden
Craig oh dear. It was Stephen O’Donnel and it isn’t jack mcginn 😂
Sean Cairns
Sean Cairns 10 dager siden
@Mitch Rudolph 3:36
Mitch Rudolph
Mitch Rudolph 10 dager siden
@Sean Cairns no it doesn’t imply that it means what I said, it means he said John, which he did
Sean Cairns
Sean Cairns 10 dager siden
@Mitch Rudolph mate I don’t care what he said. I’m just pointing it out. You said in your first comment “he said John” which implies he never said Jack, that’s all I’m saying
Mitch Rudolph
Mitch Rudolph 10 dager siden
@Sean Cairns and I’m saying he also said john so it doesn’t matter, it also doesn’t matter if he accidentally said jack
Sean Cairns
Sean Cairns 10 dager siden
@Mitch Rudolph did I say he didn’t misspeak? I’m just saying he did say Jack
sleepy 70
sleepy 70 12 dager siden
So many lovely anecdotes
Cully X
Cully X 12 dager siden
Great craic
Matthew Cowell
Matthew Cowell 12 dager siden
Why do they even have background music for this show it's so annoying 🤣
Gaming with Emmanuel
Gaming with Emmanuel 12 dager siden
Way too many balon dor questions these days
Calvin H.
Calvin H. 12 dager siden
Kepa will have a lot more matches to participate in because Mendy will be away on Africa Cup of Nations duties for all of January and maybe the first week of February too.
Hen Of mayhem
Hen Of mayhem 12 dager siden
Giorgino, was lewandowski, then it was kante, but it’ll be Messi for ballon d’or
Chunder Tunt
Chunder Tunt 12 dager siden
David D'Arcy
David D'Arcy 12 dager siden
the NHL fine and suspend players for embellishment... not even the rolling around bollocks that goes on in football - it has been a massive success
TheMasterpiecePD 11 dager siden
No reason why FIFA shouldn't be fining divers and floppers, what a joke
Renaldo Matadeen
Renaldo Matadeen 12 dager siden
Time for Gab to go France
Nando V1
Nando V1 12 dager siden
18:53 Had me rolling
Mitch Rudolph
Mitch Rudolph 11 dager siden
@nick restrepo I think he just likes to get people upset and some people make it really easy
nick restrepo
nick restrepo 11 dager siden
@Trevor Xing-Xie he stay bashing concacaf/gold cup nonstop!!!! It's so funny, I don't think he means it 100% but he knows it's funny
Trevor Xing-Xie
Trevor Xing-Xie 12 dager siden
i don’t get it
Lawrence Mason
Lawrence Mason 12 dager siden
Craig need to stop pooh pooh the gold cup I agree it is not high on the totem pole where world football is concern but this is our competition what is he suggesting we dont play football in this region
Max Fernandez
Max Fernandez 6 dager siden
He's spot on.
Shegeloaf 12 dager siden
No they rather al the American teams join Copa America.
Sakumzi Mbatha
Sakumzi Mbatha 12 dager siden
Chelsea ❤️🇿🇦
voodoochile333 12 dager siden
Go away plastic
Ritchie Mullins
Ritchie Mullins 12 dager siden
Can heinze even speak English???
Drew Hopp
Drew Hopp 6 dager siden
Pretty sure he speaks Spanish, German, Italian, English and Welsh. Played in France too so likely more.
Ignacio Keil
Ignacio Keil 12 dager siden
@Petya Klipo actually heinze is descendent of volga germans. Volga germans are germans who settled and lived in russia a long time ago. Eventually they were kicked out of russia because the russians thought the volgans were working with germany during the german invasion of the soviet union. For this reason a lot of volga germans went to the Americas, argentina included. I know this because I am from Argentina and also a descendent of volga germans :)
Prasad Jore
Prasad Jore 12 dager siden
He played for man utd, so probably yes
Petya Klipo
Petya Klipo 12 dager siden
With that last name AND from Argentina, I suspect his grandparents arrived there around 1945-46?
in case
in case 12 dager siden
Raj 12 dager siden
Craig stop hating on the Gold Cup!😂
MrBrokeBoy 6000
MrBrokeBoy 6000 10 dager siden
@Argentiskyblau 15 well it’s not garbage as much as you are… better do your chores little kid
MrBrokeBoy 6000
MrBrokeBoy 6000 10 dager siden
@J Cardenas bruh
Mitch Rudolph
Mitch Rudolph 11 dager siden
Argentiskyblau 15
Argentiskyblau 15 11 dager siden
Its a trash cup
J Cardenas
J Cardenas 12 dager siden
Haland: why nat?
Karl Moore
Karl Moore 12 dager siden
This show is better when stevie nicol is on it.
Matthew Alexander
Matthew Alexander 12 dager siden
why do they always play this insufferable, repetitive background music...would be great with just the conversation
Lucas Philly Fan
Lucas Philly Fan 12 dager siden
My proposals for changes in football: VAR by challenge. Each team would be entitled with two challenges in each half. If they got both right, they would win a third. 70 minute game. Time-clock stops when: VAR checking, player gets hurt, substitutions, goal celebration, corner-kick and goalkeeper reentrance kicking. Keep the five substitutions in three change windows. No draws. Any game that ends in a draw will go to the penalty shootout. Three for each team, then, in the event of a tie, one on one until there is a winner. If the game remains tied even after eleven kicks for each team, the series is restarted, one on one, with the ball positioned on the big area line. The regular time winner gets three points; the winner in the penalty shootout gets two points; and the loser none.
Steveypoos 12 dager siden
Those proposals may suit MLS, but Europe would loathe most of them. The VAR challenge might work though, like in tennis.
Treyton Weavers
Treyton Weavers 12 dager siden
They all looked at him when he said about Roy Keane
nick restrepo
nick restrepo 11 dager siden
Chunder Tunt
Chunder Tunt 12 dager siden
That's their job.
Mike G
Mike G 12 dager siden
Roy Gotti
Amit 12 dager siden
Messi 7th ballon d 'or 🔒 penaldo trolls keep crying just rubbing it in 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Andy key
Andy key 12 dager siden
Cods Wallop from Craig regarding Grealish .Just trying to Big Scotland up but Grealish was heard to say ' Wheres your skirt man ?
stuart penman
stuart penman 12 dager siden
nope its real, goggle it, typical of McGinn and O'Donnell would do anything to fit in , he was getting dogs after the 1st game
The Goat
The Goat 12 dager siden
I love when they tell stories of their time playing more footballer interviews like that please espn 😩
wassim remlawi
wassim remlawi 6 dager siden
Lane Cashdollar
Lane Cashdollar 11 dager siden
I understand the frustration but at the end of the day it’s called extra time for a reason. I hated Dan and the lot years ago but I feel they’ve found their stride just like Barkley Shaq Kenny and Ernie have for basketball. Sports in the here and now is entertainment and pundits are only a reflection of the spectacle. Still the most beautiful game. Cashdollar out 🙏🤑💵💰
Add it
Add it 12 dager siden
Yeaa true. It's nice to hear about these things that we don't usually hear
stuart penman
stuart penman 12 dager siden
the Scottish player was Stephen O’Donnell and he does indeed play for Motherwell
Tshilidzi Magada
Tshilidzi Magada 12 dager siden
Always here for the banter and for laughs. Top tier content.
Devil In The Details
Devil In The Details 10 dager siden
Did you peep the subliminal Dan Thomas sent to Craig Burley? “You was at Chelsea when they started bringing in proper quality”
LAH Sport
LAH Sport 12 dager siden
Atlanta United is a mess and a finished team! They need to stop getting managers who can't work under the regulations of an MLS roster, they need a Bruce Arena or a proper sporting director that understands MLS to make them elite again.
Sir Switch Crookington
Sir Switch Crookington 10 dager siden
@jayjay0640 What MLS team isn't finished?
Sir Switch Crookington
Sir Switch Crookington 10 dager siden
@Mark Ray That's a cool story bro. Have fun
jayjay0640 10 dager siden
We're finished? Didn't realize you can predict the future. Good on ya
Mark Ray
Mark Ray 11 dager siden
@Sir Switch Crookington nah you just made a dumb one
Sir Switch Crookington
Sir Switch Crookington 11 dager siden
@Mark Ray Yikes. You completely missed the point
Most Honest Bundeshita fan :)
As an Honest Bundesliga fan we're worse than the MLS and the MLS is below terrible
MrBrokeBoy 6000
MrBrokeBoy 6000 10 dager siden
Imagine saying that the MLS is below terrible, it even the most idiotic person on this planet wouldn’t say that
MrBrokeBoy 6000
MrBrokeBoy 6000 10 dager siden
@King 🤴 are you brainwashed, oh right you’re a 12 year old
HONEST VARDRID FAN 12 dager siden
As an honest pl fan we're worse than mls
King 🤴
King 🤴 12 dager siden
Pessi for mls
King 🤴
King 🤴 12 dager siden
Bundesliga > BarkaDogLona
HONEST VARDRID FAN 12 dager siden
Atlanta idc > vardrid
MrBrokeBoy 6000
MrBrokeBoy 6000 10 dager siden
@King 🤴 shouldn’t you be doing your chores, do them before mom takes her phone away from you
MrBrokeBoy 6000
MrBrokeBoy 6000 10 dager siden
@Norwegian pe teacher out vardester shitnited, hey I suggest you to go outside before you miss the bus
Norwegian pe teacher out
Bayern > varcelona
Mealdo 12 dager siden
@King 🤴 W
King 🤴
King 🤴 12 dager siden
Atalanta > BarkaDogLona
Mealdo 12 dager siden
Atlanta goatnited 👍
Mealdo 12 dager siden
@King 🤴 W
Mealdo 12 dager siden
King 🤴
King 🤴 12 dager siden
@HONEST VARDRID FAN he mean Atlanta is bigger club than BarkaDogLona
HONEST VARDRID FAN 12 dager siden
Atlanta ?
Chris Conway
Chris Conway 12 dager siden
That Grealish story was fantastic lmao
voodoochile333 12 dager siden
HONEST VARDRID FAN 12 dager siden
Grim Affiliations
Grim Affiliations 12 dager siden
Don’t know what Atalanta United is but we need Maddison to arsenal news
vladimir panic
vladimir panic 12 dager siden
@HONEST VARDRID FAN that’s not a nice thing to say about arsenal 🤣🤣
HONEST VARDRID FAN 12 dager siden
a finished team from mls
Juan Munoz
Juan Munoz 12 dager siden
This gives Atlanta United FC a chance to be awesome again.
MrBrokeBoy 6000
MrBrokeBoy 6000 10 dager siden
@Harley Arias VARdrid 🤫🤫
Harley Arias
Harley Arias 10 dager siden
@MrBrokeBoy 6000 VARcelona 🤫🤫
MrBrokeBoy 6000
MrBrokeBoy 6000 10 dager siden
@Harley Arias VARdrid 🥶🥶🥶✌🏻
Harley Arias
Harley Arias 10 dager siden
@MrBrokeBoy 6000 VARcelona 🥶🥶🥶✌🏻
MrBrokeBoy 6000
MrBrokeBoy 6000 10 dager siden
@Harley Arias but not Vardrid
King 🤴
King 🤴 12 dager siden
Atlanta United is bigger club than BarkaDogLona
MrBrokeBoy 6000
MrBrokeBoy 6000 10 dager siden
@King 🤴 hey 12 year old, I think you have some chores to do
King 🤴
King 🤴 12 dager siden
@HONEST VARDRID FAN cry hahahahaha. Malaga > BarkaDogLona Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry
HONEST VARDRID FAN 12 dager siden
Bigger than fake vardrid
Peterle Ki
Peterle Ki 12 dager siden
Who? Dont care
MrBrokeBoy 6000
MrBrokeBoy 6000 10 dager siden
@Peterle Ki so tell me any trophies yet? 🤡
Mr Worldwide Genghis Khan
You don't know who Gabriel Henize is? The guy was a starter for Man Utd, Real Madrid and Argentina
The Lone Gunman
The Lone Gunman 12 dager siden
Yidy boiz
Mealdo 12 dager siden
@Controller Player Sorry my bad
Mealdo 12 dager siden
@Peterle Ki You guys would bottle top 4 again fytb😂🤣