Craig Burley calls FIFA's new experimental rules 'garbage' | ESPN FC 

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Craig Burley explains his dislike of the new experimental rules being considered by FIFA.

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19. juli. 2021





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Lesiba Lehutjo
Lesiba Lehutjo 7 dager siden
I agree
Zac Adam Morrison
Zac Adam Morrison 7 dager siden
First, it was girls in commentary.. Then female referees. Then Black lifes matter. Then this. I watch football because i want to see great talent perform. Not this.
Generic Anime Lover
Generic Anime Lover 7 dager siden
I think this is a cool idea. Football should not be changed, but perhaps these new changes can be made to create a new game of football. There could be two leagues: one with football as we know it and one with football with the changes being experimented. I think it would be cool to watch or to play that. Or maybe it could be like a new type of minor league with professional football being the major league. All in all I would say keep the current rules the same but create a new game where these rules can be implemented.
brian ramirez
brian ramirez 8 dager siden
I strongly suspect that these outrageous, ridiculous suggestions came from Americans, as they have been suggesting exactly this in the past, although it was not mentioned that whoever is responsible for this rubbish is influenced by American wishes.
Finbarr McGrath
Finbarr McGrath 8 dager siden
It’s a joke…somebody punking FIFA…. But Craig Burley, Scottish Football Journalist’s player of the year 1997 was completely taken in…like the fake expert he really is.
Erik Berg
Erik Berg 8 dager siden
Fine don’t change this crazy but they need to pause the clock for play stoppages or extend stoppage time. They are playing at least 5-10 minutes less than the expected amount. I’m fine with throw ins staying as they are. Also there needs to be less games played.
Danny Carlino
Danny Carlino 8 dager siden
The handball and offside bastardization that's been implemented the last decade or two have ruined this game. These others are change just for change's sake.
Alimamul Ma3sum
Alimamul Ma3sum 8 dager siden
0:20 this garbage only comes from idiots who never played football in their lives!
Steelflex 8 dager siden
I’m a hardcore fan and I love the ideas... gotta do something. Clock is huge, I actually like all these rules accept unlimited substitutions and play in with feet.
H Man
H Man 7 dager siden
Yeah ok. It'll be fun playing with 1 defender for 5 minutes because tackling is not allowed anymore
goerge john
goerge john 8 dager siden
I like the dribbling freekicks, would make tactical foulings done by Guardiola and Spanish coached teams less of an issue.
Sachin Frankenstein
Sachin Frankenstein 8 dager siden
trying everything to make football American first big club owners now fifa everyone is ruining football
kbab3333 8 dager siden
I like those changes. The only two things I would add are to play the game with hands instead of feet and introduce baskets instead of goals.
The one that was here before you :P
That's a bunch of bs rules...what in this world. The only rule that it should approved and kept is 5 sub changes
Christopher Mpundu
Christopher Mpundu 9 dager siden
If those garbage rules are true. Then perez should go ahead with the super league formation.
Vincent Video
Vincent Video 9 dager siden
The only new rule that should exist is: Give quick yellow card to divers and faults fakers like the brazilian team
Ultra Trump
Ultra Trump 9 dager siden
FIFA don't have no sense it's better they just have Barbarian ⚽ football for just 90min no rules
grospipo20 9 dager siden
I like the 5 mins yellow card one…like hockey, make players pay for professional fouls.
Hyde Hill
Hyde Hill 9 dager siden
I really like real playtime and very maybe the 5 mins for a yellow. The rest no. Pretty weird they paid the least attention to the first one.
Joe West
Joe West 9 dager siden
I can't decide which of those rules is the worst one
John Smith
John Smith 9 dager siden
Everything that makes football now is football , the moment you start implementing new rules like 4 quarters and throw ins with your feet or unlimited substitutes it’s not football any more might as well name it something else bc when I’m older I will remember football how it is
anthonyk photos
anthonyk photos 9 dager siden
NCAA Soccer goes global
Philipp Moura Srivastava
This is a joke right?
Tenzin Lee
Tenzin Lee 9 dager siden
- Two 30-minute halves w/ game clock stopped .... I would be interested to know how much time the ball is actually in play during our current 45-minute halves. Is it more or less than 30 minutes? If it is less, then I would be in support of that change. If they could also stop the clock when goalies are holding the ball that'd be great. - Unlimited substitutions ......................................... This just slows the game down too much even if it makes the coach and tactics more important. - Throw-ins played with feet .................................... I think if we weren't used to normal throw-ins and the game were being invented today, this would be the natural way of inbounding the ball. Not sure how throw-ins were invented. But this would really slow things down a lot because a lot more plays would essentially be like corner kicks. Perhaps a better rule would be to award a corner kick when the defense hits the ball out of bounds within 18 yards of the corner flag. - 5-minute suspensions ........................................... If they can also give 5-minute suspensions based on VAR evidence of diving then sure why not. - Free kicks can be dribbled immediately ............... I can imagine a lot of exciting 2-touch free kick highlights and this would make tactical fouling slightly riskier. Also if it's a "free" kick then it kind of makes sense to remove the limits on it. But I don't think this really does too much.
Diego Pons
Diego Pons 9 dager siden
These rules aren't garbage. These rules are 💩. Let me clarify: these rules are bottom of the toilet 💩 at Chipotle restaurants. Well done, FIFA.
JD Onthemic
JD Onthemic 9 dager siden
Wht is this hockey?
Cordell Hadeed
Cordell Hadeed 9 dager siden
Football ⚽️ has a lot to learn from other sports and the other way round but no it should not have a lot of stoppages like American Football. Ever how all the stoppages they will try and do small adverts to make more money 💰. I'm not much of a Football fan but I believe it's 1 of the most enduring sports and should keep a lot of the normal rules.
Grim Affiliations
Grim Affiliations 9 dager siden
More rule suggestions. Which ever fan gets hit by the ball when a shot goes over can be subbed in Goalkeepers are allowed to handle the ball outside the box if they hold their breath Coaches are allowed to impede apposing players on the touch line Four 15 minute quarters Goal keepers are allowed to not only come off their line for penalties but charge the penalty taker If someone is ruled to be diving they have to change places with the keeper
Kirkwood B Harris
Kirkwood B Harris 10 dager siden
The game needs rules to combat diving theatrics, time wasting, and low scoring games. The game needs post-match yellow cards for diving, 30 sec time rule to make a sub, and more points awarded if you win by 2 or more goals.
Zafirul Rahi
Zafirul Rahi 10 dager siden
I will stop watching football now.
Zafirul Rahi
Zafirul Rahi 10 dager siden
garbage rules
Noe Horowitz
Noe Horowitz 10 dager siden
FIFA: We unequivocally deny that these rules are ours and they will not happen, it's fake rumours. The media: "FIFA'S NEW RULES TO BE TRIALED SOON!"
Dawitsco 10 dager siden
Those rules are funny😂😂😂😂
Adrian Patterson
Adrian Patterson 10 dager siden
I hope this don't happen when am alive. Cause i dont watch basketball
Amazing Heartbreak
Amazing Heartbreak 10 dager siden
That is what happens when u get overpaid for doing nothing. They just chipping and chopping rules cause the feel like they’re steeling for a living
midwest traveler
midwest traveler 10 dager siden
We dont want to ruin the game . This format is hood and exciting. Dont ruin the pure game.
Tymko C
Tymko C 10 dager siden
I like the 5 min suspension for yellow cards. I'd add 20 min for a red (if it's a 60 min match) and if not sufficient time left in game for serving the full suspension time, then the player serves it in next game before being able to enter the match. Game clock idea is good. However, unlimited substitutions? That's not possible unless using whole lines (all players except goalkeeper, like in hockey), it would slow the game down to a crawl. There has to be a subs limit per game, 5 sound good. Also, count additional assists - if applicable. A portion of goals are scored by direct passes between 2 or more players before the goal is scored. Counting only 1 assist if there's for example 3 of them leading to a (team) goal is not right.
James Milne
James Milne 10 dager siden
Match day tickets will be a third cheaper?
Ismail Ismail
Ismail Ismail 10 dager siden
We need the game clock to stop when the ball goes out of play. The better team wins if there's no time wasted.
Ismail Ismail
Ismail Ismail 10 dager siden
The sports needs some changes. If a team scores a goal they shouldn't allowed to hold on to the ball just to waste time. If a team has the ball longer than 1-2 minutes the other team should have equal opportunity to even try to score and equalize the game.
Krishna Teja
Krishna Teja 10 dager siden
Fix the VAR first, you idiots! (FIFA)
Gnarwhals For Sale
Gnarwhals For Sale 10 dager siden
I like the new rules. Current rules are boring af. Would make the games more entertaining that's for sure.
Televin V
Televin V 10 dager siden
I think penalty kicks in regular time should be, you get one shot, if it's saved, missed or hits post/crossbar, that's it. Goalie kick. No rushing for the rebound etc. That's garbage.
Sr BeetleVase
Sr BeetleVase 10 dager siden
The 5 minute suspensions and game clock stopping when ball is out play actually seem like good ideas, everything else is garbage 🤮
Celticsfan 155
Celticsfan 155 10 dager siden
The only good one is clock stopping
B C 10 dager siden
It's already a game it's called futsal ..
Ahmad Alkhalaf
Ahmad Alkhalaf 10 dager siden
They are following ice hokey
Daniel Sugar
Daniel Sugar 10 dager siden
They’d better not implement any of these changes. Football is meant to be played over 90 minutes, unlimited substitutions would kill game flow, etc.
Stanley Nelson
Stanley Nelson 10 dager siden
They made the correct adjustments already with VAR. They just need to freaking use it.
Drew Peacock
Drew Peacock 10 dager siden
I think a sin bin makes perfect sense to give yellows more weight. But I'd increase the time in the bin to 10 or 15 minutes. Unlimited substitutions also make sense so all squad players can get match time and so managers can experiment with different combinations of players and formations. As for the other proposals I don't see the point of them, although I'm not saying they're necessarily bad ideas. Stopping the clock though makes sense to me since it would mean everyone would know how much time is actually left to play instead of it being at the ref's discretion. I'd like to see all cynical fouls where the player has no intention to get the ball (or can't even reach the ball) get a red. And all dives get a yellow. At the moment refereeing is very inconsistent. I'd also like to see the off-side rule relaxed a little so that there has to be clear space between players before a player is ruled off-side. Being a millimetre off-side and having play stopped ruins promising attacks.
luis funes
luis funes 10 dager siden
the worst change would be the 30 min halfs
Al Electric
Al Electric 10 dager siden
FIFA is garbage. So that explains that. Garbage in garbage out.
Ad Kads
Ad Kads 10 dager siden
A stopped clock for fouls cleans up diving and time wasting and I’m all for it
elterrible67 10 dager siden
Sin bin for cynical fouls isn't a bad idea
Fianna 10 dager siden
Yeah, because they are.
BIG BAD BRUVA BARRY 10 dager siden
There turning it into basketball
Erick Hernandez
Erick Hernandez 10 dager siden
Why Is anyone even arguing this, the statement said fifa does not plan on even having a trial for these rules, so no need to even discuss it
Kibaboo-BB 10 dager siden
I hope they do change it someway, Its been unbearably boring these last few years
On Time Perfectionist
On Time Perfectionist 11 dager siden
You should add cheerleaders as well
Have Trust Issue
Have Trust Issue 11 dager siden
The wants to make Football like soap-opera.
Have Trust Issue
Have Trust Issue 11 dager siden
Except unlimited substitutions all the others rules will totally create a new game. It'll not be Football anymore we know.
Dinesh Loitongbam
Dinesh Loitongbam 11 dager siden
i like hockey rules to be in hockey. But bring the changes to VAR like how they do in hockey
Al Hbsy
Al Hbsy 11 dager siden
This is briliant ideaa
Manchester Is Blue
Manchester Is Blue 11 dager siden
craig and nedum are BY FAR the best pundits on espn
Nicholas Chirchir
Nicholas Chirchir 11 dager siden
Those changes are a joke.
D Ghatt
D Ghatt 11 dager siden
Those rules were written by an American Sunday rec league ref. 😁🤣
Mark Power
Mark Power 11 dager siden
Total garbage.
Dirk Diggler
Dirk Diggler 11 dager siden
Must be democrats in charge of fifa
Brenda Tswiige
Brenda Tswiige 11 dager siden
All bullcrap
The Fireblaster
The Fireblaster 11 dager siden
Yep, absolute, 100%, garbage.
Julez Just Chillin
Julez Just Chillin 11 dager siden
Vilakati Mduduzi
Vilakati Mduduzi 11 dager siden
It's really Garbage. I agree Craig
Vincent Vega
Vincent Vega 11 dager siden
Stopping the clock I think makes sense I don't really understand why they just don't stop the clock instead of adding stoppage time. The rest of it was complete garbage though
Cesar Dothe
Cesar Dothe 11 dager siden
The stopping of the clock when it goes out of bounds is a great rule. Eliminates time wasting and puts more pressure on the defending team.
machin 11 dager siden
the pirates commenting ,probably trying to steal something
A.K.A Kan
A.K.A Kan 11 dager siden
it will make the game fun...football is pretty boring compared to other sports
nomoreserfs 11 dager siden
The one thing I agree with is playing throw-ins with the feet. I think that would offer a cool dynamic to the game.
WonvsDumb !
WonvsDumb ! 11 dager siden
MY NIGGA 11 dager siden
Is bartomeu and florentino behind this?!?!
Julker Taou
Julker Taou 11 dager siden
I am with Mr negative! Well said 👏
Lucas Weiss
Lucas Weiss 11 dager siden
yea, these rules are garbage. why try to fix things that aren't broken. fix the handball confusion, restore the advantage to the attacker when level on offside.
Vamsi K.
Vamsi K. 11 dager siden
Terrible rules.
Shashank Shekhar
Shashank Shekhar 11 dager siden
Isn't this called Field Hockey 🏑?
Siddhant Samarth
Siddhant Samarth 11 dager siden
I'm ok with the game clock stopping when the ball is out of play. But the rest is pure trash. There is a reason I watch football and not basketball. Football is already more popular than basketball, we dont need to change.
steven cooke
steven cooke 11 dager siden
I like the idea of a yellow also carrying a timed penalty. Near the end of the game a yellow card is meaningless. At least force them to play a man short for five minutes. It might be a deterrent for the tactical fouls. Or at least make them more costly.
Drew Peacock
Drew Peacock 10 dager siden
Even a red at the end of a game could be meaningless since a side could just hold the ball and time-waste until the whistle is blown. In the case of serious cynical fouls, how about a red card AND a penalty regardless of where the foul is committed on the pitch?
Rakeshgouda K Patil
Rakeshgouda K Patil 11 dager siden
They want to make it short and highly enetertaining . Like tik tok 🤳
john matrix
john matrix 11 dager siden
Theres ALWAYS gonna be IDIOTS wanting credit to making rule changes!!!
TheNew012 11 dager siden
If u love football pls dont watch espn. Because its all bs !! Its about IFAB the youth organization of fifa. Espn never gives background info simple saying espn is just clickbait
javier book shadows contributor du
490th comment
Tharun Jain
Tharun Jain 11 dager siden
Jr Beina
Jr Beina 11 dager siden
No way why would they even entertain the idea? Omg bro
Manuel Garcia
Manuel Garcia 11 dager siden
I love the yellow card -power play rule and also the unlimited substitutions, it would increase goals and then play on the pitch. The rest are terrible. -note: the unlimited substitutions would have to be in pairs for each team and cant discrupt the play so the team taking players out would have to take the player in play out first as play continues. Also it would be only 22 players per team per match. Who are able to play.
Tom Lai
Tom Lai 11 dager siden
Yup, it is garbage
Jim Caldwell
Jim Caldwell 11 dager siden
It’s contemporary marketing trying to fit the game to an ever-changing, fickle millennial market that will go on to the next cool thing in a year or so.
ebrima jadama
ebrima jadama 11 dager siden
We should talk about increasing the time to 60minutes each half.
Hyde Hill
Hyde Hill 9 dager siden
That wouldn't do anything about addressing time wasting and the variance of real time played per match. 30-35 minutes with a stopped clock is much better.
Ahmed Said
Ahmed Said 11 dager siden
Idk what the last guy was talkin bout
Prince Lenny
Prince Lenny 11 dager siden
Craig got my vote.....
Badman Hezo
Badman Hezo 11 dager siden
Krishan Attanayaka
Krishan Attanayaka 11 dager siden
Stopping the clock is a very good suggestion, the most positive one out of all. Surprised the "experts" didn't like that one. Five minutes for yellow cards could be a good idea but not for every yellow card.
Steve D
Steve D 11 dager siden
People are acting like these rules are at pro level. If clearly says youth level which will make the game more adapted to their level. I’ve coached youth soccer and they already have unlimited subs in league. And kick ins instead of throw ins let them get that many more touches on the ball with their feet per game. Also at youth level depending how far down you go, younger kicks can’t take proper free kicks, yet again allowing dribble ins allowing more touches on the ball. I think it’s cool.
Nw izg
Nw izg 11 dager siden
Shouldn't ask this kind of questions to old heads
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my dream came true.
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Shark vs. GoPro
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my dream came true.
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