Lionel Messi SWARMED by fans in Miami |  

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Lionel Messi is surrounded by fans as he leaves a restaurant while on vacation in Miami.

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16. juli. 2021





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Malcolm Curve
Malcolm Curve 8 dager siden
Ronaldo is losing sleep with jealousy, 🤣
Bob Miller
Bob Miller 9 dager siden
Good thing he took the jab....crazy Delta in FL
Anonymous 10 dager siden
Do these Americans know who messi is?? They probably heard a famous footballer was coming to Miami. So obviously they drove here to get a pic
xNow 10 dager siden
leave the guy alone! a**holes
ZEO 10 dager siden
Jesus Christ. It's at least good that they aren't radically rude and just really want a picture but it's still not cool to swarm people like that. Specially introverts like Messi , Zlatan probably wouldn't mind or he will hit 1 or 2 people on the head to give him space but i know i wouldn't want that if i was in Messis place.
Slurpii 11 dager siden
I feel bad for him
breeze 11 dager siden
Ronaldo may have the instagram followers but he will never have the streets like Messi does
Damodar Avadhani
Damodar Avadhani 11 dager siden
Give him a football and he will dribble past all of them.
Mr. തക്കുടു
Uncivilised people
6rey6kie6 12 dager siden
Jesus, let the dude BREATHE, lol.
FRUITY 12 dager siden
BORMON 12 dager siden
That's why I don't want to be a celebrity 😂😂
Flaco Fausto
Flaco Fausto 12 dager siden
He used to like to visit the United States because almost nobody knew about him ...now is different!!
RiverplateLV1 12 dager siden
Only Argentinian can understand this feeling
Mauricio Chávez
Mauricio Chávez 12 dager siden
Noob Gaming
Noob Gaming 12 dager siden
🐐 of ⚽
jason parkinson
jason parkinson 12 dager siden
This is horrible. The man can't go about without been swarmed. I guess it's the price of fame.😳
Чарли М
Чарли М 12 dager siden
Give him ball he'll go through the whole crowd 🤣🤣
Musa Koroma
Musa Koroma 12 dager siden
This is worrisome, give the GOAT space and peace, how can you Adore some one until you disturb his or her peace
CS 13 dager siden
There is such a thing as "Too much love"
adil Cummings
adil Cummings 13 dager siden
Messi would've have on his mask this probably a old video
Irwin Vasquez
Irwin Vasquez 13 dager siden
Wow. Fall back.
abin.k.r abin reji
abin.k.r abin reji 13 dager siden
Like the world..... One wonderful birth... Leo 10
Camille Hill
Camille Hill 13 dager siden
Messi definitely needs more and better security...that situation could be dangerous, especially today..
Shrouded Blue
Shrouded Blue 13 dager siden
Dale campeón
cr 7
cr 7 13 dager siden
lol thought let's go to America no one will know me there... wrong idea leo
Shishi Q
Shishi Q 13 dager siden
What's going there amidst COVID pandemic? 🙄
TM MAGICIAN 13 dager siden
Can anyone tell me which song were the fans singing?
Dean Austin
Dean Austin 13 dager siden
I hope they didn't hurt his left foot
Gus Martins
Gus Martins 13 dager siden
Looks very dangerous. I’m not liking crowds that tightly packed. He’s got to be protected.
Slick Sloth
Slick Sloth 13 dager siden
He staying at Barca so it’s not happening no more
Mo AlZaben
Mo AlZaben 13 dager siden
And I thought the majority of Americans didn’t know Messi, come on guys give the man some space!
Mory Sylla
Mory Sylla 12 dager siden
@Mo AlZaben yes.
Mo AlZaben
Mo AlZaben 13 dager siden
@Mory Sylla yeah it totally makes sense, but imagine if actual Americans did this, many of them wouldn’t know who Messi is 😅, but only a few Americans know European football
Mory Sylla
Mory Sylla 13 dager siden
@Mo AlZaben 😊
Mo AlZaben
Mo AlZaben 13 dager siden
@Mory Sylla wait so they are Argentinians living in the US? Ok that makes sense
Mory Sylla
Mory Sylla 13 dager siden
Those are his countrymen in America. He is not known at all.
Q & A Football
Q & A Football 13 dager siden
give him a ball and he'll find a way through 🤣
Isak Shaanika
Isak Shaanika 13 dager siden
Football scientist
G Paul
G Paul 13 dager siden
I thought Messi would say: Baila ahora!
Carlos Graft
Carlos Graft 13 dager siden
The price of being popular…
Musa Chy
Musa Chy 14 dager siden
Harit Gupta
Harit Gupta 14 dager siden
Messi finally visited the holy Shrine of Area 51. To where he belongs!👑👽
Ashutosh Sharma
Ashutosh Sharma 14 dager siden
Disadvantages of being Champion at something.
Kartikeya Joshi
Kartikeya Joshi 14 dager siden
This is probably why mass shootings were invented. I'm sorry
NoRestForTheWeary 14 dager siden
Miami is a microcosm of Latin America. And as a Miami local AND Latin American, I can say that we generally don’t know how to act right 🤷‍♂️
mYu uym
mYu uym 14 dager siden
That would be a reason not to go
From 0 2 100
From 0 2 100 14 dager siden
No people here, just bunch of weird zombies.
Tamding Tamding
Tamding Tamding 14 dager siden
To all American if u don't know how much he meant to football fans s immeasurable..he s more than Jordan.. Kobe
Nikhil gujjar
Nikhil gujjar 14 dager siden
This is very bad he is human let him live his life
tiberio135 14 dager siden
Que KGADA ser famoso.....just give me the $$$$-
Daniel Martinez
Daniel Martinez 14 dager siden
Lol. It would suck to be Messi or Cr7 wherever they moved to. I'd say most people in the USA would at least partially recognize them both
sangam singh
sangam singh 14 dager siden
Unruly behavior by fans :/
Cristian Rosas
Cristian Rosas 14 dager siden
After this he'll never play for MLS. Nor y would he want too.Goats don't retire. Lol
Richard Gordon
Richard Gordon 14 dager siden
when mexicans pretend to be argentinian
Tommy IsApred
Tommy IsApred 14 dager siden
Messi would never ruin his name and play for MLS. Jokes for even suggesting such a thing!
Kash N Klay
Kash N Klay 14 dager siden
Man is security really didn’t show up to work
Fernando Silva
Fernando Silva 14 dager siden
Poor guy.... that's not life
JM Negroni
JM Negroni 14 dager siden
Go to america for vacation they said, nobody watches soccer and won’t recognize you
Muhammed Sinan tm
Muhammed Sinan tm 14 dager siden
Well Messi can't dribble past them, Ha ha-Cristiano arrongantaldo..
king pro
king pro 14 dager siden
it is good to be loved messi the goat
Alexander Paul
Alexander Paul 14 dager siden
Needs Bigger Bodyguards!
Henri Achrieza
Henri Achrieza 14 dager siden
Just.. Pass him a ball.. He will definitely find space..
Michiko Boris
Michiko Boris 14 dager siden
Even at His holidays He Ain't having a holiday
Philip Onen
Philip Onen 14 dager siden
Camera generation, clearly Messi's uncomfortable with that kind of vibe
Will Stuart
Will Stuart 14 dager siden
Should've given him a ball, that way you know he'd create enough space for his group to move forward. 😏
Becoming Dauntless
Becoming Dauntless 14 dager siden
Just a bunch of humans worshipping another human in modern day, colourised and with phones.
Zudarzahn Show
Zudarzahn Show 14 dager siden
Never knew the USA had big fans for Messi imagine what would happen for Ronaldo or Neymar oh, wait... he will dive all the way back to Paris
Zudarzahn Show
Zudarzahn Show 13 dager siden
@RSJ where?
RSJ 13 dager siden
@Zudarzahn Show there’s videos on yt
Zudarzahn Show
Zudarzahn Show 13 dager siden
@RSJ Really?
RSJ 13 dager siden
Cr7 went to LA with his GF already
Roma İbrahimov
Roma İbrahimov 14 dager siden
Messi king leqend.💔❣💟💕💞💓🧡💗
FM 13on’Smoke
FM 13on’Smoke 14 dager siden
Let my man enjoy his day pls 😄
Jude Olunwa
Jude Olunwa 14 dager siden
Small body guards are not useful
Jude Olunwa
Jude Olunwa 14 dager siden
Why does he have body guard like him
Bob Ross’s Dad
Bob Ross’s Dad 14 dager siden
I’ve lost respect for human beings, congratulations you got a picture whilst Messi was being strangled
Eugenio Rodriguez
Eugenio Rodriguez 14 dager siden
This is scary!!! Hands out of the crowd everywhere trying to touch him!!!!!!! Hello people!!!
ericktwelve11 14 dager siden
Give the guy a break, he wants enjoy his vacation just like the rest of you suckers
Hank Storm
Hank Storm 14 dager siden
bruh not cool people. let the man have his vacation..
Jeremias Lawson
Jeremias Lawson 14 dager siden
What I saw was a human being swarmed by other human beings with camera phones… and it is just scary.
Anonymous 14 dager siden
Ahh why is miami famous for?
Asin Francis
Asin Francis 14 dager siden
Pls maintain social distance
Shardul Andhare
Shardul Andhare 14 dager siden
That's my dream just want to meet him.
Radha K. Ugo
Radha K. Ugo 14 dager siden
Fans: We love Messi! Also Fans:
handello 14 dager siden
"Go finish your career in the US where no one will recognize you and you'll be able to live a normal life."
Matias Medina de Oliveira
Well this is Miami. It’s loaded with hispanics, like myself.
Rosie `
Rosie ` 14 dager siden
@Daniel Plaza They recognize Cr7, maybe more of them, but they don't love him like this.
Daniel Plaza
Daniel Plaza 14 dager siden
messi and cristiano can't do that ,95% player can tho
Matthew Velez
Matthew Velez 14 dager siden
Where in miami is this
Debarghya Mitra
Debarghya Mitra 14 dager siden
He has come to vacation , right ?
Singh Ranjeet
Singh Ranjeet 14 dager siden
Its so hard to be a celebrity.
Captain DC
Captain DC 14 dager siden
Don't give Messi the space. Fans: ⚛️
Debraj Sarkar
Debraj Sarkar 14 dager siden
Poor messi😁😨
Acoustic Dip
Acoustic Dip 14 dager siden
big fan from india 🇮🇳🖐️😀 miss you messi ??
Bishop** 14 dager siden
jesus christ give him some space
Trevino 14 dager siden
2 weeks later “Lionel Messi tests positive for coronavirus”
Petson Mathew
Petson Mathew 14 dager siden
Hope this ordeal wont culminate with covid positive for messi!!! Yanks !,u colud have behaved a bit better.
Bilal Rather
Bilal Rather 14 dager siden
Why didn't messi dribbled past all these people.
Brighter Future
Brighter Future 14 dager siden
Ok it sucks to be messi right now😂😂😂
robin son
robin son 14 dager siden
He is turning into red.. if there was no bodyguards he might have dribble past all of his fans..😂😂 Thanks for many likes inadvance
Victor Dominguez
Victor Dominguez 14 dager siden
Embarrassing 🤦🏽‍♂️lol
Enatalem 14 dager siden
Could they really mark him? Without ball you mark him by swarming him
Enatalem 14 dager siden
Very unsafe. What is his dad aka manager or security team doing?
Skyline gaming
Skyline gaming 14 dager siden
That's the reason he bought flat in miami
Kaka' 14 dager siden
Maradona had this all the time. Crazy how they still let this happen to Leo in 2021
Babajide Odusanya
Babajide Odusanya 14 dager siden
Better than.....You know who
NAGA Tv 14 dager siden
so uncivilized and pathetic behaviour. Learn to respect and dont act like a donkies
Mory Sylla
Mory Sylla 14 dager siden
The copa doesn’t count. We see the messi fans are thirsting for title for the so-called greatest. He is definitely not the greatest.He has no trophy 🏆.
Mory Sylla
Mory Sylla 13 dager siden
Messi can never win a World Cup 🤗. He is not the greatest. At all.
Mory Sylla
Mory Sylla 13 dager siden
@white wolf 98 Cristiano Ronaldo no doubt. I am not even talking about Pélé and Maradona.
white wolf 98
white wolf 98 13 dager siden
@Mory Sylla who is a great player according to u then?
Mory Sylla
Mory Sylla 13 dager siden
@white wolf 98 Dani Alves is known for his meaningless tattoos. Not his skills as a great player.
white wolf 98
white wolf 98 14 dager siden
He has the third most trophies(38) of any footballer, just behind Andres Iniesta(39) and Dani Alves(42)
MrMuffin 14 dager siden
How do the fans know when they arrive?
777fbb 14 dager siden
they can’t even live a normal life.
Kakon 14 dager siden
What a horrible situation!!!
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