‘Barcelona is desperate!’ Is Antoine Griezmann Premier League bound?! | ESPN FC 

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Sid Lowe, Steve Nicol and Alejandro Moreno join Kay Murray on ESPN FC to talk all things Barcelona ahead of their 2021 La Liga season.

0:00 Memphis Depay’s situation with Barcelona.
2:00 Antoine Griezmann’s future.
4:00 Griezmann heading to the Premier League?
5:30 Would he fit in at Manchester City?
6:40 Lowe discusses potential landing spots for Griezmann.
8:15 Barca transfer talk.
‘Barcelona is desperate!’ Is Antoine Griezmann Premier League bound?! | ESPN FC

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20. juli. 2021





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Cream Cheese
Cream Cheese Dag siden
Griezmann would be the new Ozil!
Tymko C
Tymko C 2 dager siden
Good management in Barca - getting those 3 players on a free. Salary cap, perhaps that's what's needed all across Europe, especially Premiership. A soft wage cap, if team goes over then has to pay additional (steep) annual tax(payments) to the league.
bearhood2004 4 dager siden
Depay gonna be a failure at Barcelona
Chad Alexander
Chad Alexander 4 dager siden
Barca needed to let Messi go and rebuild the team, they are too reliant on Messi and the sooner they get the rebuild started the better,
ami ramlan
ami ramlan 4 dager siden
Barcelona is not the biggest club in the world
kiran kara
kiran kara 5 dager siden
Barcelona "ARE" desperate, not is desperate.
ben mungai
ben mungai 5 dager siden
He would be perfect for LFC as competition for Firmino, but his profile completely falls short of our criteria. . .(Over 30, and unwilling to take a 75% wage cut) . .
Fwalanga Kazau
Fwalanga Kazau 5 dager siden
Juve would be a good destination for him.
Thulani Mazibuko
Thulani Mazibuko 6 dager siden
Imagine sacrificing Griezmann for Memphis.. Barcelona is ran by clowns
BobbyMarley 6 dager siden
Imagine abandoning your team for a superior team and not even winning a major title there, then come crawling back after your former team wins without you. Pathetic.
BobbyMarley 6 dager siden
lol so while having terrible wage structure, They're still signing players they cant pay. No Club should help them out, low ball offers like they do to everybody else. Let them prove again FFP is BS.
Steve Sport
Steve Sport 7 dager siden
Barca stockpiled players to keep the competition thinner and less powerful in the champions league. Now it’s coming back to haunt them.
Stephen Ord
Stephen Ord 8 dager siden
Sorry, a billion
Stephen Ord
Stephen Ord 8 dager siden
Barcelona, a million in debt, let's spend more millions
Rafael Delgado
Rafael Delgado 8 dager siden
Sell messi
Rudy Conrad
Rudy Conrad 8 dager siden
Biggest club? And broke at the same time
Paul Coey
Paul Coey 8 dager siden
Bartomeu was a disaster. And this is the result of his catastrophic "leadership".
McTapoutos 8 dager siden
Wait wait wait ✋ so they didn't pay for Mephis
Amareto 8 dager siden
Griezmann and Haaland are way overrated .
carol gruber
carol gruber 8 dager siden
My,my, how has Bartomeo messed up Barca ( all these failed signings were his ) and has ridden off in the sunset!!! That was an aweful man who has no shame.
Swishmb 8 dager siden
Since I’ve started watching espn fc I’ve noticed that every time these guys bash on Barcelona and their current situation they go on to win La Liga somewhat easily.
heyoka Ikaggen
heyoka Ikaggen 8 dager siden
But what happens if Barcelona just ignore the rules, what would La Liga actually do?
Мартин Бранков
Barto signings will haunt the team until 2023-4 ..... 😲😱
Jeremy Early
Jeremy Early 9 dager siden
Is Sid a contract lawyer on the side? Jesus, that was in depth!
Hali 9 dager siden
If you want to balance the books, just sell Messi! Having just put him on a long contract on about half his previous wages, he is saleable asset once again. Whilst he is still there, they cannot really redevelop the team.
Luis Garcia
Luis Garcia 9 dager siden
None of their new signings can even play 😭😭😭till Barcelona get rid of some wages they’re well and truly finished
Mark Power
Mark Power 9 dager siden
Koeman is bad manager , he will be sacked at Xmas
Immanuel George
Immanuel George 9 dager siden
If Laliga wants to compete with EPL they need to increase the salary cap or allow clubs to add a many as they like but pay a premium for been over.
Kemar 9 dager siden
He clearly can't fit into any team across the planet since Barca want to get rid of him so bad 😂
michaelmaccrazy 9 dager siden
If I was PSG, I would make a low-ball offer for Griezmann. Griezmann at his worst is still better than an in-form Icardi.
Timbone 9 dager siden
Easy solution Get rid of Messi and reset the club But no they are stuck in the past. Selling players under 24 to keep a 34 year old
Timbone 6 dager siden
@nayan agal This is why Barcelona will not win the Champions League any time soon
nayan agal
nayan agal 6 dager siden
@Timbone 34 years old who will be ballon d'or winner in December and still one of the best itw and 30% of club's revenue depend on that player. Trincão and todibo got chances and they weren't good enough as simple as that. Club is also promoting plenty of youth players as well apart from pedri, fati and puig with the likes of collado, Moriba, nico Gonzalez etc
Timbone 6 dager siden
@nayan agal Pique is like 35. Lenglet is supposedly error prone. Trincao is a new signing. You can't call them trash It is no different from the deal to sell Arthur and bring in Pjanic. Just admit it that your club is still poorly run. Instead of building for the future, it is a team built on soon to be 35 year olds
nayan agal
nayan agal 6 dager siden
@Timbone trincao has no place in the team with aguero and depay signing. Todibo and Firpo aren't barca level and with García, Mingueza, Araujo, Pique and lenglet, todibo won't even gonna get single minute
Timbone 6 dager siden
@nayan agal Trincao, Firpo and Todibo are not trash
SaucyBois Reactions
SaucyBois Reactions 9 dager siden
Biggest club??? No, biggest problems yes 🤣
Herbert Garriques
Herbert Garriques 9 dager siden
Rubbish ... griesman is not a centre forward.. doesnt fit at chelsea or man city..
Khalid 9 dager siden
He’s probably going back to Atletico Madrid but I have a feeling he may end up at Chelsea for some reason
J 9 dager siden
That Moreno guy is a clown, but I'm not laughing.
Naren Rathan
Naren Rathan 9 dager siden
Tv money for the save
Mahesh Kumar
Mahesh Kumar 9 dager siden
Barca still paying lenglet tax lmao. You can never hope to win games with lenglet. Plain and simple.
Rajat Bamb
Rajat Bamb 9 dager siden
He would rock premier league, he is that good.
Xbulelo - Profound Punk
Barcelona desperate? One second ... let me get my smallest violin. You continue to pursue players that don’t necessarily fit your system when they play their best football elsewhere. You offer huge wages & pay over the odds (Coutinho from Liverpool - everyone in Liverpool was laughing) & then don’t expect this to bite you in the backside? The people running the club are dense.
Richard Foord
Richard Foord 10 dager siden
The only way they will get rid of players is if they let them go for free due to their wages.
Tanndo Baloyi
Tanndo Baloyi 10 dager siden
“alright alright we’ll take Griezman off your hands. £2M. final offer. take it or leave it.”
6Lilies6Phillies 10 dager siden
Džeko. Why not.
art trader
art trader 10 dager siden
French racists gotta get banned from FIFA.
BoxOfOranges84 10 dager siden
This is just like last season. No team wants those deadweight players on that level of wages. They might as well wait it out 2-3 years for these contracts to expire. If they can win La Liga once in that time span, I would consider that a success
GabrielNicho 8 dager siden
Barca is going to give Dembele a new contract lol ;)
bonkerzisgood 10 dager siden
Sid Lowe is an anti-Barca propagandist. Every transfer market he tries to ruin Barca’s leverage and says they’re desperate and need to sell, need to buy, have no leverage etc. I wonder who’s paying his bills? Perez, somewhere in the Middle East? But definitely trying to damage Barca in the transfer market. Ale Moreno is just a parrot who repeats whatever just happened so I don’t blame him
bonkerzisgood 10 dager siden
The diversity quota female hosts are a disgrace. Bring back Dan Thomas, this woman is nice but she ruins any banter
BoxOfOranges84 10 dager siden
The irony is the Dan is actually a clown, and Kay is well-respected in football media, even before her time on ESPN
Xavier Calderon Jr
Xavier Calderon Jr 10 dager siden
What happened to the Neymar deal?
Kevin Santos
Kevin Santos 10 dager siden
call me crazy but messi is barca's ball & chain...cant make future financial investments and now have to boggle big name players for an aging player..
Martinique Hostel
Martinique Hostel 10 dager siden
Come to Arsenal Grizzi 🤣🤣
jamal O'Lilish
jamal O'Lilish 10 dager siden
And yes PSG can what fk the want
Shogan 将軍 George
Shogan 将軍 George 10 dager siden
A change needs to happen when its only English teams and PSG who can afford the best players.
Renaldo Matadeen
Renaldo Matadeen 10 dager siden
Atleti taking him back is such a step down for them
TATAI百 10 dager siden
Get that reacist griezman and dembele out.
Sheldin du Plessis
Sheldin du Plessis 10 dager siden
Memphis Depay in 2017: 'I would like to join Real Madrid'
Themba Wulana
Themba Wulana 10 dager siden
Griezmann at city would be great 💙
Xavian Williams
Xavian Williams 10 dager siden
Stevie "Antoine Griezmann will fit in any team around the world" also Stevie "Antoine Griezmann does not fit in at Barcelona"
Fernando Gonzalez
Fernando Gonzalez 10 dager siden
"Best club in the world"... Historically maybe, but not in 2021
G -13
G -13 6 dager siden
Only in child's eyes ..1st ucl in 1994 ...all the other 4 came in 2000s .. not even top 5 of historic clubs
ARIYANZA 10 dager siden
Biggest club in the world? lol even barca fans dont say this
James Rigby
James Rigby 10 dager siden
I think you know it's desperate when there are rumours that they not prepared to play Coutinho again if he stays because there are still clauses that still need to be met and owned to Liverpool, Michael Edwards is a genius, he has held Barca basically at gun point, obviously the pandemic hasn't helped but Barca spending hasn't either, surely they should of known that this wasn't going to end well, that this wasn't going to be sustainable. Karma is b**ch but it's what they deserve
raptor 95
raptor 95 10 dager siden
No club are willing to pay his salary. His performance can't justify his 800k salary.
Adam Ruffo
Adam Ruffo 10 dager siden
Arsenal: Lacazette and $$$ for Griezmann.
G -13
G -13 6 dager siden
@Adam Ruffo nah he refused a wage cut
Adam Ruffo
Adam Ruffo 7 dager siden
it's what would need to happen...
The Truth
The Truth 8 dager siden
@Adam Ruffo wage cut? No club is paying over 250k a week for him, going from 700k a week to 250k is not a realistic wage cut. He’s priced himself out of a lot of realistic premier league clubs. Not many PL clubs are willing taking that risk on Griezmann
Adam Ruffo
Adam Ruffo 8 dager siden
@The Truth Of course he would have to take a wage cut but it's the chance to play in the Prem for a still, though fallen quite a bit, top 6 side. We're a team that's rebuilding and Barcelona hasn't really panned out so it might be a chance for him to come into a side and bring some creativity and energy. New league brings new challenges and it might be what he needs to do what he do.
The Truth
The Truth 8 dager siden
Arsenal would shatter their wage budget entirely if they brought griezmann in
Ofie Howard
Ofie Howard 10 dager siden
Griezmann at aston villa or everton lol
Mehul s
Mehul s 10 dager siden
I think they won't be able to sell any player, there are players desperate to stay with high wages, only selling griz won't sign messi, depay, Aguero combined
Victor Myeni
Victor Myeni 10 dager siden
But Kai Havertz already plays the position Griezmann plays at Chelsea
ThePlayMaker 10 dager siden
Grizi ISNT a CF... thats why he doesn't fit at Barca... so no he wouldn't fit at any club because if they already have a roaming 10 type of player than Grizi will not thrive
78bcat link
78bcat link 10 dager siden
I think Alejandro doesn't understand leverage. In a two-bid market, Barca is in the position he describes....but this isn't a two-bid market. Chelsea might think like him...but then they realize City, United, Liverpool, PSG, Munich, Juve might beat their lowball offer or Arsenal, Spurs, Inter, Dortmund, could see an opening and bid big. In a multi-bid market, the value as an asset is determined by the asset itself, hence why Griezmann is not at a discount, whereas Bale is
Wtfhow 10 dager siden
Messi leaving Barca would actually solve alot of issues. I really thought he would leave. It would be beneficial for both parties. And I really wana watch Messi in a team that is actually capable of challenging in the UCL
GabrielNicho 8 dager siden
Considering he brings in a third of their income I doubt it.
AF TP 10 dager siden
The big issue of Barcelona during this pandemic (next to the mismanagement of Bartomeu) is that Barcelona as a members club cannot get a capital injection unlike the other clubs. This is the big issue that the analysis misses out on.
Kalp Kumud Kumar
Kalp Kumud Kumar 10 dager siden
Selling him will be a mistake , he had good season last year .... better negotiate salaries first with him than selling him to other clubs .... meanwhile dembele and philippe coutinho have been unproductive they should be sold first by hook or crock .... I liked Griezmann a lot last season though his performances in bigger matches needs some improvement but still he shows promise in forward , linkup and defense work also . Messi is aging and he can be perfect replacement of him some matches when we will be resting messi .
Sterling Hutton
Sterling Hutton 10 dager siden
Spanish media Desperate for a story.
Mccall Babz
Mccall Babz 10 dager siden
I can't believe barcelona is a laughing stock wow bato has finish this club
Lovejoy 10 dager siden
Griezmann would be an even worse waste of money than alexis Sanchez was at Manchester United. He’s too small and slow for the premier league. Surely no Premier League club is stupid enough to take on Griezemann and that ridiculous contract.
AA Z 11 dager siden
Football is so weird these days, you get to a big club after dominating with a smaller club and immediately are hated on by media and fans because you didn’t score in one game in your settling in period, then you start putting together good form, nobody bats an eyelid, then you get sold a year later, very strange. I feel sorry for Memphis depay as this is exactly what’s going to happen to him too
Lil Boba
Lil Boba 9 dager siden
Griezman left for the wrong reasons though.
NMA 55 NIDHIN JOBI 10 dager siden
@Jason Keller pedri is not frm barca acdemy
Jason Keller
Jason Keller 10 dager siden
underrated comment, I 100% agree. I think Depay will be mostly a failure just like all the other Barcelona signings, they've just lost the ability to pair any type of offensive player with messi for whatever reason. Their best players are the ones that come from their academy like Fati, Pedri, Puig etc
Rex 10 dager siden
I can see it happening with Depay too. I hope he proves us both wrong.
Franc_sco L
Franc_sco L 11 dager siden
Stevie: Antoine Griezmann will fit in any team in the world. Barcelona:
Gregory Solarte
Gregory Solarte 8 dager siden
Any team that doesn't have Messi ? xD
Derek 9 dager siden
Griezmann has pretty good numbers for Barcelona
Jonathan Rambarran
Jonathan Rambarran 10 dager siden
He would fit at Barcelona if they'd let him... unfortunately they won't because they already have Messi operating in his best area...
ahmed ayman
ahmed ayman 10 dager siden
Underrated comment
Sachin Nair
Sachin Nair 11 dager siden
Scenes when Griezmann stay and Messi leaves 😌
your virtuoso
your virtuoso 11 dager siden
biggest club in the world? are you having a laugh?
Pedro Caldeira
Pedro Caldeira 11 dager siden
La Liga lost a lot of interest when Ronaldo left. That benefited the Premier League. The Premier League should get Griezmann. That will pull in massive numbers of French viewers and consolidate the PL as number one footbal league.
AF TP 10 dager siden
Ronaldo's departure did not affect la Liga at all. TV money since then has gone up for la Liga in the last seasons. While tv money for Serie A has gone only down.
Baby Pluto
Baby Pluto 11 dager siden
Griezman come to Arsenal
Jon Pool
Jon Pool 11 dager siden
Ohhhhhh how the mighty have fallen
Stian W. Danielsen
Stian W. Danielsen 11 dager siden
Griezmann would fit into any club? Not Barca..
Lwando Madikizela
Lwando Madikizela 11 dager siden
The big question is. Which club is dumb enough to meet his wages of over €600 000 per week?
Robi Huuh
Robi Huuh 11 dager siden
Arsenal should be all over it alteady :)
Benedict Wong
Benedict Wong 11 dager siden
It's embarrassing to sign forwards when the defence is the problem
A B 9 dager siden
@Eoin F That's fine, you do you.
Eoin F
Eoin F 9 dager siden
@A B I’m Irish and follow mostly the English language. I Only watch Barcelona or Madrid in champions league !
Timbone 9 dager siden
It is just dumb They need a solid DM
A B 9 dager siden
@Eoin F I'm comparing in general, you've had two wins in both of the last two decades. You're pretending that Barcelona don't/haven't have/had good defenders, for some unknown reason Madrid are just better at knock-out competitions.
virendra bisht
virendra bisht 9 dager siden
@Eoin F both won 4 last 15 years
Ultra Trump
Ultra Trump 11 dager siden
First of all Barca don't have no money. They signed 3 new players but they don't off load the players they don't want and no team can pay these player salary. So they don't have no money to sign Messi and pay the new players and the rest of player Barka and Real Madrid don't have no money 🤣 but back lash just because buying players so no other team cannot get the player . Justice have served . The best club balance club is Bayern Munich you never here no problem with them because they are institution 👍😎
Basem Enam
Basem Enam 11 dager siden
Crazy stat about griezman when was the last time he was injured lol
bonkerzisgood 5 dager siden
@James Jones I watch all games
James Jones
James Jones 5 dager siden
@bonkerzisgood you just don’t watch barca games no point in debating with you
bonkerzisgood 6 dager siden
@James Jones you’re a troll
James Jones
James Jones 6 dager siden
@bonkerzisgood you’re a trollllll
James Jones
James Jones 6 dager siden
@Alex Rodriguez when did I rate his career you spaz
Ashutosh Mishra
Ashutosh Mishra 11 dager siden
If I'm Griezmann, Imma take a pay cut and stay at Barcelona.
Basem Enam
Basem Enam 11 dager siden
"antione griezman will fit in any club in the world he is that good" well said stevie
Basem Enam
Basem Enam 10 dager siden
@AtomaticoM18 to be fair he has 13 goals in laliga this season and 8 assists and almost 20 goals for the entire season . Its pretty decent considering the fact that coman does not start him always . But I guess expectation from a player of his caliber are even higher . If you compare him and hazard's numbers there is a huge difference . And that is super hard for me to admit since I am a hazard fan.
AtomaticoM18 11 dager siden
You mean just like he did in Barcelona? 😂
Washington connect
Washington connect 11 dager siden
Grizman would fit in Chelsea,city..what is Stevie smoking..
Evropa †
Evropa † 11 dager siden
Barca fans always say a guy like Neymar ruined his career but they’re the ones literally ruining careers. 😂
Sunny 11 dager siden
So happy to see this rotten club down on its knees.
Nanamma Kumari
Nanamma Kumari 10 dager siden
Ayye look , We have a salty Real Madrid fan in the building
Vishanth Fastino
Vishanth Fastino 11 dager siden
It's funny how Barca's wage cap went overboard over a night 😏
ThatGuy 10 dager siden
It’s coz of new salary limits set in COVID
wilcox tam
wilcox tam 11 dager siden
Griezmann can play false 9 for city. he clashes with havertz at chelsea and manutd have bruno
wilcox tam
wilcox tam 11 dager siden
player wages are burining a hole in clubs pockets lool. this should be a lesson to the entire football world. you dont need ffp with consequences like this
Thunder Apple
Thunder Apple 11 dager siden
In truth La liga doesn't want Messi to leave Barcelona or Spain, if it happens it will be a big loss for their own league, so I don't worry about Messi staying in Barcelona.
Love Ayinde
Love Ayinde 11 dager siden
Sell coutinho too!
LASX CH 11 dager siden
Man our club the haters in this comment section are making lose sleep. Anyways the say if you’ve got haters is because you are doing something right because if not they wil NOT care.
MicroSmokeSleet 11 dager siden
Chelsea is not gonna take a guy with 700k+ wages a week
Fred 11 dager siden
Let's just wait till transfer deadline I'm sure a lot is going to happen.
Michael Clayton
Michael Clayton 11 dager siden
Grezimen is garbage
Tendoni Mogoka
Tendoni Mogoka 11 dager siden
We don't want him at Chelsea, suck em dry Griezo it's about time Barca learns and be bought down to earth.
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