Lionel Messi’s dog is just built different |  

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Lionel Messi's skills transcend the pitch as he perfectly keeps the ball away from his dog in his back yard.
Lionel Messi’s dog is just built different | | ESPN FC

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19. juli. 2021





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Tunde Adegbola
Tunde Adegbola Dag siden
Foul! Messi cheated at the beginning with the handball. 😂😂 From a Ronaldo fan. 😂😂
Philip Amedanu
Philip Amedanu Dag siden
Defenders happiness for getting toyed by Messi
Henry 2 dager siden
Can someone explain to me exactly how the do is built different?
oluwaseyi subair
oluwaseyi subair 2 dager siden
Yeah, not to catch the thief or intruder but to catch the ball.
Sahil Mujawar
Sahil Mujawar 5 dager siden
No creature can win against messi
Dyna Gnéba
Dyna Gnéba 7 dager siden
Messi le meilleur joueur du monde
You’re Wrong
You’re Wrong 7 dager siden
that’s ramos
magnifician 21
magnifician 21 8 dager siden
0:04 even Messi had to use his hand against doggo
Kom Harm
Kom Harm 8 dager siden
Dog is always beatiful to be watched.
nils morali
nils morali 8 dager siden
That's how he got ready for sergio ramos
Dota Oir
Dota Oir 10 dager siden
Mine tackles that immediate
Nithin S Puthussery
Nithin S Puthussery 10 dager siden
Dogs are usually good at defending cause they can change direction easily
MaRoOn MoNkEy747
MaRoOn MoNkEy747 10 dager siden
That dawg went to get a hot dog 🌭
Bohlim Creation
Bohlim Creation 10 dager siden
Dog :- The feelings is same bro
Fume 10 dager siden
Thiago: Olé! 🥺😭
Dnndnd Nendnd
Dnndnd Nendnd 10 dager siden
This dog is called Sergio,100%.
Rheinhardt Graf von Thiesenhausen
Did that strike anyone else as weird? Not here to debate who the goat or any of that but I think we can all agree he’s one of the greatest players ever and he used his arm twice and didn’t exactly keep tight control. I know he was only messing about but it wasn’t a particularly impressive display and that’s what’s kind of weird about it. That’s all I’m saying
Arthium 10 dager siden
thats dog is big but its not THAT big, its just that messi is really short loool
Steve 10 dager siden
Come on man let the dog get it just one time 🤣
Dirty James
Dirty James 10 dager siden
How to demoralise a dog: Give him to Lionel Messi
Mory Sylla
Mory Sylla 11 dager siden
Annoying video. Nothing exciting about this guy. 🙄
Ashwini Kumar
Ashwini Kumar 11 dager siden
Messi can do this to humans too...
Ebin James
Ebin James 11 dager siden
In Malayalam: പട്ടിയാക്കുക
Ravi Kant
Ravi Kant 11 dager siden
Messi and Ramos playing casually.
Sagnik Basu
Sagnik Basu 11 dager siden
Hulk is his name!!
Vladislav Gichev
Vladislav Gichev 11 dager siden
As dumb as every other dog, how's this different? Another click bait title :(
keiron medine
keiron medine 11 dager siden
Ok .. but what is so different about the dog ?....... thats why i clicked the video .
enorma29 11 dager siden
the dog's name is Gerard
B Tlhaselo
B Tlhaselo 11 dager siden
The media could even say Messi's cousin's mother's Auntie's car is built different
G P R 11 dager siden
Doggo u ain't getting the ball ever
Abhishek Nag
Abhishek Nag 11 dager siden
Ramos can't catch Messi
No8buk 11 dager siden
If you take out Murder intended fauls , hulk ( Leo's dog) did a better job than Mourinho's Madrid.
Slurpii 11 dager siden
I thought the dog would do something rather than acting like a normal dog
AJ Bruno
AJ Bruno 11 dager siden
How did Messi get the dog from sandlot
Sudipto Dutta
Sudipto Dutta 11 dager siden
this is why dogs are the best. Zero self esteem.
Shotmanz24th 11 dager siden
Messi's dog:Does literally what an average mutt does. ESPN Fc and Messi fanboys:This dog is from another universe
A random jjba fan
A random jjba fan 9 dager siden
No one is saying this
Aj Dz
Aj Dz 11 dager siden
Dog vs goat, who would have thought goat wins?
Albert Vilorio
Albert Vilorio 11 dager siden
Messi's dog was just name to FIFA best defensive team of the season for even attempting to get the ball from Messi lol 🤣
Deden Kenyot
Deden Kenyot 11 dager siden
This dog better than Phil Jones
Information Technology
Information Technology 11 dager siden
This guy is a magician
Giji Abraham
Giji Abraham 11 dager siden
Why not a dogo argentina?
Harsha Dinesh
Harsha Dinesh 12 dager siden
Is that Ramos?
jermare thompson
jermare thompson 12 dager siden
Build fi tek pile!!!!
Aryan Jha
Aryan Jha 12 dager siden
Messii playing with ramos be like 😂
goodguy abin
goodguy abin 12 dager siden
Nazmul Fahad
Nazmul Fahad 12 dager siden
Imagine the dog being ronaldo, the ball being goat title and Messi being Messi lmao
Aneesh Bhate
Aneesh Bhate 12 dager siden
0:03 Hand of God, right there...
Rohan Rawat Class-12A RN-26
Messi not showing mercy on his dog too 😂
Ned K
Ned K 12 dager siden
Put my jack Russell terrier in there and he won't be able to do that
Tom Staten
Tom Staten 12 dager siden
Animal cruelty? 😂 😂 😂
Random EDITS
Random EDITS 12 dager siden
This video is from 2017
Hung Choong How
Hung Choong How 12 dager siden
Messi picked a big, bulky dog to do such tricks. Put in a Husky and see how well he can do against such a breed...
Karlin Ladera Music
Karlin Ladera Music 12 dager siden
No wonder why Messi is so good! He has this bear to practice on😉🤣
Sadman Maruf Shadab
Sadman Maruf Shadab 12 dager siden
Messi has to use his hand uk that dog good
Sadman Maruf Shadab
Sadman Maruf Shadab 12 dager siden
Posting this now?
Buscando la Verdad
Buscando la Verdad 12 dager siden
Ronaldiño his esto con jugadores profesionales. Recuerdas. Ese crack
Irman Yazid
Irman Yazid 12 dager siden
Dog does not want to injure G.O.A.T Messi for the upcoming La Liga season.
Alfando Savant
Alfando Savant 12 dager siden
For new people here: the dog is actually messi's dribbling coach.
Mr Nasty
Mr Nasty 12 dager siden
This video is so old
f n
f n 12 dager siden
It's a 2-3 year old video, still cool ty!
Legend Rayquaza
Legend Rayquaza 12 dager siden
Awww 🥰
Poojith 12 dager siden
This was like 3yrs ago..y r u so desperate
zola addis
zola addis 12 dager siden
Is that Sergio Ramos ?
Valitsemlla Luo kanava hyväksy laitela
Messi is lucky the dog is not trained by Ramos otherwise he would have broken legs.
Andrew Roberts
Andrew Roberts 12 dager siden
i do not understand how this implies any difference in the way the dog was built
Dominick M
Dominick M 12 dager siden
Is that in English mastiff, it’s too brown to be a neapolitan?
Giridharan 1999
Giridharan 1999 12 dager siden
Let's give him the ballondor for this also.. 🔥 Let's rob Lewandowski again and give to this guy just cuz his name is messi💯
Darshan Thapaliya
Darshan Thapaliya 12 dager siden
What is ramos doing there???
The GOAT 12 dager siden
Epsn : hold Messi's dog and leme earn some undeserved views... The dog should demand royalty from espn
ananay sood
ananay sood 12 dager siden
Alexandre Nabais
Alexandre Nabais 12 dager siden
Messi and Ramos
Yomi yomi
Yomi yomi 12 dager siden
What's ESPN without Messi
Renaldo Matadeen
Renaldo Matadeen 12 dager siden
that's how he held off Ramos
Hope 777
Hope 777 12 dager siden
A Border Collie would not have problems to catch the ball. A Mastiff is far to heavy.
Nwadei Israel
Nwadei Israel 12 dager siden
More like Ronaldo vs Rudiger at the Euros 2020
in case
in case 12 dager siden
Agni Kai
Agni Kai 12 dager siden
The dog did better than most defenders since Messi cheated to get past him by using his hand
amirhossein mobarakabadi
This is his pre-Classico routine
revon blake
revon blake 12 dager siden
What is Ramos doing in Messi’s house 🏡 ?
231jopancho 12 dager siden
It’s a huge dog lol but an old video 🙄
Tiel Master
Tiel Master 12 dager siden
It's sad. That dog probably never gets the ball lol.
Larry Parilla
Larry Parilla 12 dager siden
That’s only because Messi is 4 foot!
Essio Fuzulu
Essio Fuzulu 12 dager siden
aa 12 dager siden
Messi vs Ramos
footballcoreano 12 dager siden
dog go easy on messi here.
Florin Alexa
Florin Alexa 12 dager siden
this is lame... this is ESPN guys
SuperShafster 12 dager siden
Poor dog.
NATHAN KERR 12 dager siden
Shouldve done that against bayern instead u engaging in dog violence u 8-2 see it
rajeev gauchan
rajeev gauchan 12 dager siden
Wow ..even Messi's dog is in the thumbnail of ESPN fC.. What's next now?? MESSI'S FOOD REGIME??
Tharcisse 12 dager siden
"Built different".... someone needs to tell these companies to stop using our slang terms. Another term sent to the grave by these "down with the kids" companies.
Ubisoft GamingYT
Ubisoft GamingYT 12 dager siden
00:04 hand of - D O G -
Sabitha Satheesan
Sabitha Satheesan 12 dager siden
Trying to get views posting messi's dog ...lol😂
Dhyey Suthar
Dhyey Suthar 12 dager siden
Actually it's a GOAT
nortyone 12 dager siden
This guy looks promising. Could be the Goat someday
Maddy :x
Maddy :x 11 dager siden
@Sumit Kumar Weirdflex but ok
Sumit Kumar
Sumit Kumar 12 dager siden
Not goat but surely a descendant of god dog
Ammaar Dawood
Ammaar Dawood 12 dager siden
is he still Alive
ignacio navarro
ignacio navarro 12 dager siden
Thas how he does all the Goalkeepers Jumping back and forth😆
Justin Case
Justin Case 12 dager siden
Messi vs Premier League defenders
Justin Case
Justin Case 12 dager siden
Explains why virgil van dijk stands this man no chance
Kwame Nkrumah
Kwame Nkrumah 12 dager siden
No need to be afraid of dangerous defenders like Ramos&Pepe When you have dog like this
Pankaj 12 dager siden
Great video of Messi and Ramos together 😂
CVM Gaming
CVM Gaming 12 dager siden
I was expecting some tricks from the dog...instead i see the dog walk and half jump... bruh
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