Gareth Bale back to his best at Real Madrid? ‘UH, WHY?!’ | ESPN FC 

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Steve Nicol, Julien Laurens and Frank Leboeuf join ESPN FC to preview the 2021-22 La Liga season, in particular that of Real Madrid’s Gareth Bale.

0:00 La Liga’s opening week schedule
0:30 Could Bale get back to his best under Carlo Ancelotti?
1:00 Stevie thinks Bale is past his best.
1:50 Ancelotti’s possible impact on the Welshman.
2:25 Relaunching his career with Real Madrid.
Gareth Bale back to his best at Real Madrid? ‘UH, WHY?!’ | ESPN FC

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16. juli. 2021





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Akash Chauhan
Akash Chauhan 3 dager siden
It's funny how Stevie change his success rate about bale from 20-80 to 50-50 after someone make him understand
Ned Robinson
Ned Robinson 3 dager siden
Bale will prove to be years ahead of his time, given we are just entering the age of mental health awareness in sports, and allowing athletes to be more fully formed people with other interests, who may or may not view playing football as a skill they have at which they can earn a great living, but not the entirety of who they are as people or what comprise their interests. I only expect more players to become empowered to take control of their own lives feel ok walking away ‘early’, taking time away from the team environment, etc., to be happier people overall. This is a positive development for the human species; despite us as fans selfishly wanting these athletes to keep entertaining us with their incredible feats, they are people and they deserve to be happy as people, not just as employed footballers
Matthew Webley
Matthew Webley 4 dager siden
Who is that scottish guy? never heard of him before
Anirudh Dhanunjay
Anirudh Dhanunjay 5 dager siden
This guy at 1:04sec he does not say one good thing about any footballers
Ivan Ruiz
Ivan Ruiz 6 dager siden
He’ll pay good under Carlo again:)
Davinho 7 dager siden
Lets gooo bale is back!!!
David Marchese
David Marchese 8 dager siden
My best wishes Nicol....the best thing english can do is pundits. Bla bla bla bla...........it's coming home.......Bla bla bla.......
Sheldin du Plessis
Sheldin du Plessis 8 dager siden
You have no idea what the relationship is between Bale and us fans... We love Bale for everything he has done for us and we %1000 behind him!
Samrat Dutta
Samrat Dutta 9 dager siden
Only thing working in bales favor is that zidane is gone.
kscheffler 12 dager siden
Stevie is an uninteresting combination of grumpy, uninformative, and uninsightful.
Lord's Mobile The Colosseum Movies
Bale if he stays fit will score 30-40 goals this season
Andreth 12 dager siden
Camp now? And who's Angelo, Steve? lol
erick navas
erick navas 12 dager siden
Is Zidane actually used him right he wouldn't be in this position bale a legend in Madrid has done alot for us
Rami Halabi
Rami Halabi 12 dager siden
I’d take bale over the current hazard any day
D Payne
D Payne 12 dager siden
Bale right now is better than Hazard. Change my mind..
slipknot00010 12 dager siden
Frank Leboeuf should just call Bale a wasteman
slipknot00010 12 dager siden
Bale a wasteman
American Toff
American Toff 12 dager siden
If people didn't think Bale got enough chances to play with Spurs, do they think he will get more chances at RM? Tottenham is as patient as a 80 year old trying to open up a bag of crisps. RM is as patient as a 6 month old trying to open up that same bag.
DCJ Gaming
DCJ Gaming 12 dager siden
Its like he didn't score 16 in 34 and like he didn't have a good euro what a joke
the Bode
the Bode 12 dager siden
Carlo will see the same thing Zizu saw, Bale is past his sell date
Chase Troch
Chase Troch 12 dager siden
How is everyone that works for ESPN so wrong all the time? If Bale walked into the dressing room tomorrow, he’s automatically the best winger they have. Hazard vanished, Asensio never turned into what he was supposed to, Rodyrgo nor Vinicius can finish at all. The real question, does Bale give his all for that toxic club? We’ll see.
I like soccer
I like soccer 13 dager siden
Why are these videos against bale so consecutive ESPN: cause I’m consecutive
Mzamo Gagai
Mzamo Gagai 13 dager siden
If he plays how he played in Spurs I rate it’s enough. To push us to at least a league.
McTapoutos 13 dager siden
I love how stupid she is 😂😂😂
Mike 13 dager siden
Real Madrid is paying him a fortune to sit in the bench.
Steve Nicol
Steve Nicol 12 dager siden
Hilarious, isn't it.
Sadiq Pasha
Sadiq Pasha 13 dager siden
It's good to see gareth bale back at real madrid and more importantly he's back under ancelotti
Danilo Hernandez
Danilo Hernandez 13 dager siden
'Let's pretend Bale wasn't fantastic for spurs at the end of last season" - Espn
Neo Luthuli
Neo Luthuli 13 dager siden
He had an incredible season at Spurs
MRV 14 dager siden
Washed up.
Kirubel Tadesse
Kirubel Tadesse 14 dager siden
60m euros a year. Every player deserves gareth's agent
Abhinav Rawat
Abhinav Rawat 14 dager siden
As a Chelsea fan Gareth bale bailed us xD even though we won UCL we would have played in UCL next year but thanks bale you made us finish top4.
Django Studio by Ehtisham
Bale is still one of the best player. He will be on fire at Real Madrid.
Ritez Tamang
Ritez Tamang 14 dager siden
Not at his best but can surely revive his reputation
Akshay Babu
Akshay Babu 14 dager siden
Bale was the 10th top scorer in the best league in the World.
Akshay Babu
Akshay Babu 14 dager siden
They just hate bale so much.
Mohammed Umair
Mohammed Umair 14 dager siden
Scotsman having a knock on Welshman so never really surprising
Cris S
Cris S 14 dager siden
Julien is the only one who made valid points
Arghya Dogra
Arghya Dogra 14 dager siden
Btw 2016-17 version of bale scored only 9 goals that season and the current version has already bettered it by scoring 16.
The Dark Knight
The Dark Knight 14 dager siden
Hes finished
Hailey Holmes
Hailey Holmes 14 dager siden
The mean gliding subjectively stare because helen erroneously ban sans a somber trunk. flashy, large vision
Terry 14 dager siden
Bale wasn’t fit at Spurs and he certainly wasn’t fit while playing for Wales
CHD 14 dager siden
RM fans should be upset with hazard.
CHD 14 dager siden
Probably has a clause in his contract that says no golfing.
Krandy 11
Krandy 11 14 dager siden
He’s beating a dead horse and he’s the dead horse.
Denis Solano
Denis Solano 14 dager siden
He is better than Hazard tbh
simon evans
simon evans 14 dager siden
You underestimate Ancelotti and Bale's relationship at your peril. Gareth will be brilliant this year.
Toni Kroos
Toni Kroos 14 dager siden
Bale > all premier league wingers
Srikanth V
Srikanth V 14 dager siden
Kay maam u hv the most attractive and beautiful eyes
Tim D
Tim D 14 dager siden
Bale is a legend! He will surpass under Ancelotti!!
Hot Girls Video XXX
Hot Girls Video XXX 14 dager siden
probably not on earth,
prathamesh rma
prathamesh rma 14 dager siden
Better than salah salty pundit better finsiher than salah and technically way ahead of salah
javier book shadows contributor du
230th comment
Muntasir Jahan id 003
Muntasir Jahan id 003 14 dager siden
Only reason he couldn't score more was because of moreno
Muntasir Jahan id 003
Muntasir Jahan id 003 14 dager siden
Typical English pundits, the guy played soo well in Tottenham even after all the criticism.. scoring more then other English players ...it's just jealousy and poor analysis
ben bim
ben bim 11 dager siden
Stevie isn't English, he hates the England team with a vengeance.
ChocoPaid 14 dager siden
I love how no one is talking about how it’s not really all his fault
stephen awuah
stephen awuah 14 dager siden
Stevie is most at times honest when liverpool isn't part of the debate
Lav Bhatta
Lav Bhatta 14 dager siden
I think people are underestimating Bale, he will contribute a goal or assist every 120 mins at minimum imo. Still one of the best wingers in terms of output
Big Speed's
Big Speed's 14 dager siden
Please leave
David Ellis
David Ellis 14 dager siden
ESPN are the worst commentators ever; apart from the French guy they are so negative, rubbish punditry, unbalanced, and not worth listening to!
Abhraneel Ghosh
Abhraneel Ghosh 14 dager siden
Bale and Hazard back in form means terrible news for us.I'm a big fan of both, but sadly/fortunately for Barca fan they went through big downfall.
Almir Serdarevic
Almir Serdarevic 14 dager siden
Italian Euro 2021 and World Cup 2022 Champions.
BoxOfOranges84 14 dager siden
For all of you saying that Bale had a good season: since when is 11 PL goals "a good season" for a future Real Madrid Winger? He's washed, but he's also very expensive so you might as well give him another chance
Nashorn 12 dager siden
He's got the best goal per minute ratio of the PL. Hazard all time best was 16.
Neo Luthuli
Neo Luthuli 13 dager siden
He scored 16 goals and 11 in 20 games or something and how many goals did Hazard, Vinicius and Rodrigo score?
Anatoliy Bakaev
Anatoliy Bakaev 14 dager siden
Militao/Vinicius/Rodrygo Three do not have an ЕС passport. Now for Brexit, Bale won't even be registered for Madrid.
Sreehari Sunnan
Sreehari Sunnan 14 dager siden
Bale is back 💥
Asa Snider
Asa Snider 14 dager siden
Stevie, love it!!
Andre Miller
Andre Miller 14 dager siden
Ancelotti is one of the best managers I football. He knows how to bring a player from the ground to their true potential.
KingJason13 14 dager siden
Best golf!
hamzah 13
hamzah 13 14 dager siden
Stevie doesn't know ancelotti lol. He was trying to be funny.
Gab Gotti
Gab Gotti 14 dager siden
What do you mean “why”? Because he has a contract
Parakh __
Parakh __ 14 dager siden
I don't understand why these people are so egar at age issue.. Have you seen Zlatan, ronaldo they are still playing best.. Bale or whoever is 32+ doesn't mean their career is over.. Experience players are needed among young players. See the growth of AC milan after Zlatan and simon kare came.
Nyrrerree Salmon
Nyrrerree Salmon 14 dager siden
That title photo got me laughing so hard
Sagar Ranjan
Sagar Ranjan 14 dager siden
So fun to see Real Madrid stuck with Bale and Hazard. Perez is an absolute idiot. Who in their right minds would let Ronaldo and Zidane go?🤣
suck my
suck my 14 dager siden
If he can stay fit he will be great.
Miguel Jaques
Miguel Jaques 14 dager siden
Bale will be back to his best at Madrid Espn fc: “Uh why” Haaland: “eh why not?”
Peter C
Peter C 14 dager siden
There are no fans back. CA is the futbol Diva whisperer.
Prince 14 dager siden
For the first time ever, i have to agree with Jules.
Jabu Phiri
Jabu Phiri 14 dager siden
Bale barely trying can get you 15-20 goals in a season😂
Prince 14 dager siden
Won't surprise me if Bale is back with a bang. I'm sure he would want to prove critics wrong esp Zizou
ShamanSlayer 14 dager siden
Where the fans want him and welcome him, he leaves them, only to return to fans who abuse his name and disrespect him, I just don’t get this man
Yianni Catopodis
Yianni Catopodis 14 dager siden
bro hes better now than 2016
MarkanVaran7 14 dager siden
lmao you have to be kidding
Quagmire 14 dager siden
All words until we see what happens.
kevin perry
kevin perry 15 dager siden
He’ll be out for most the season with a lost hair follicle on his calf.
yrureadingthisname 15 dager siden
“Can he perform on the field? Because he hasn’t done that either.” Uh, what? Stevie is usually spot on but my heavens, where is he pulling that bit of nonsense from?
Dont Watch
Dont Watch 14 dager siden
Stevie clearly didnt watch a single goal he scored last season or that assist to kane from half way across the pitch🤫
Hashan Dilendra
Hashan Dilendra 15 dager siden
Honestly these guys have no idea what they’re talking about sometimes, they seem so underprepared and saying whatever comes to their minds. They’ve alway been batting on bale even back in 2015 and honestly why do they still stick with Frank, honestly he’s rude, keeps interrupting and says bs half the time it’s a joke.
Daniel Martinez
Daniel Martinez 15 dager siden
Don't play him more than 2 games in a row and he'll last the season.
Aniket Bhoite
Aniket Bhoite 2 dager siden
If he plays 2 games at his best...those game will be cl final or la liga title deciders...he is big game player ..but ...its juat over expectations from fans...and injuries. ....n ya golf too😅
Joey Mateo
Joey Mateo 14 dager siden
Samprit Mukhopadhyay
Samprit Mukhopadhyay 15 dager siden
Why are these ESPN folks always so wound up about everything?
Cem Mehmet
Cem Mehmet 15 dager siden
When u take football advise of a Scot then u know your a idiot . How many world class player have they ever had . U know they ain’t got a clue when they think Celtic are a good team
Raunak Iqbal
Raunak Iqbal 15 dager siden
He’s still more useful than hazard 😂🤣
Razor Lord
Razor Lord 15 dager siden
16 goals playing for a Spurs that was playing defensively and starting most games on the bench!!! If he isn't given enough chance at Real, he should move to a smaller team that is looking to rebuild like Milan or even Everton who can offer him a lot of money and a starting role..
ill ree
ill ree 15 dager siden
Yo real madrids right wings are useless,all of their goals combined bale scored more than them💁🏿‍♂️
Mrslim 15 dager siden
Bale is finished
Michael Profmathsland
Michael Profmathsland 15 dager siden
I will not be surprised if Bale is deployed as a supporting attacker
Michael Profmathsland
Michael Profmathsland 15 dager siden
Gareth Bale was an explosion during his first season under Carlo Ancelotti and he was consistent in the following season. Every coach knows his favorite player.
Syeda Khudsiya Tarannum
Bale and james were sensational at real madrid under ancelotti
Vignesh S
Vignesh S 15 dager siden
Man he is wrecking teams on spurs what are these guys saying!!!! Bale would be a nice addition if they utilise him properly!!!!!
Brian 15 dager siden
Eventually when Bale shaves his head its gonna be 🔥 cant wait
Brian 14 dager siden
@Superior Gaming bro hes bald underneath I think its gettin to him
Superior Gaming
Superior Gaming 14 dager siden
Nahh with that hair he was fire in 2016/17 and 2017/18
Troy Hodge
Troy Hodge 15 dager siden
Bale always been quality just that Zizou had personal issues with him. Jws just said that players like isensio and others played in his position and never stepped up, why was they punished like how they punished Bale? That alone speaks that the manager had something against the bloke. Also look at Bale last season at the ending, pure quality and he had effect on every game he played. A fit Bale i reckon over 20 goals for Madrid this Season 👏🏾
AADESH AGARWAL 15 dager siden
The coverage on this channel is soo anti Bale. Its literally like they have an agenda against Bale.
Kyle Boswell
Kyle Boswell 4 dager siden
@NM Z He was so good he came out of England(Wales, something) and was signed by Madrid. La Liga teams don't sign ANY English players EVER because they are 💩
Kyle Boswell
Kyle Boswell 4 dager siden
@NM Z The guy has won a ton of trophies including 2 GW UCL goals and a GW Coppa Del Rey. He got Wales to the SFs of the Euro's and he is overrated? Lmfao aight kid
Aneesh Subudhi
Aneesh Subudhi 12 dager siden
This anti bale tirade is too much. It makes me surprised people have written him off, they haven't watched him last season , he scored some quality goals. His speed has reduced though but I feel his passing has improved which was already one of his underrated abilities
Vishal Arora
Vishal Arora 12 dager siden
A decade long madrid fan here. Nobody in spain wants him and even international fans like me are fed up because of his lack of professionalism. He only appears in flashes and goes away for most of the season.
AADESH AGARWAL 13 dager siden
@Tom Weedon how does that matter? Its the same for everyone. And you said sub standard league.. I don’t know what your watching
Geefwee Bodoe
Geefwee Bodoe 15 dager siden
Apparently, Stevie hasn't been watching Bale when he was allowed to play at Tottenham... lol
Aaryan Maheshwari
Aaryan Maheshwari 12 dager siden
@De Code Bale wasn't even given a chance to prove himself? Zidane literally benched him EVERY single match. This season he has done very well at spurs, if only he played more at spurs, they could win a trophy. Know things before you run your mouth
De Code
De Code 14 dager siden
He was always allowed to play, he kept getting injured and having fitness problems. He waffled that he'd take Ronaldo's place at Real but the one who was key or did anything in attack was Benzema.
Hashan Dilendra
Hashan Dilendra 15 dager siden
They’re soo underprepared it’s a joke, like get off the air old man you’re speaking nonsense
Raymond Sanchez
Raymond Sanchez 15 dager siden
Today 8s his bday
Raymond Sanchez
Raymond Sanchez 15 dager siden
Happy Birthday
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