Antoine Griezmann can feel he’s not welcome at Barcelona - Julien Laurens | ESPN FC 

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Shaka Hislop, Julien Laurens and Craig Burley are on ESPN FC to discuss reports that Antoine Griezmann and Saul Niguez could swap Barcelona and Atletico Madrid respectively this season.

0:00 Antoine Griezmann and Saul Niguez swap deal?
1:50 Juls thinks Griezmann understands he needs to leave Barca.
3:00 Burley rips into the potential transfer.
Antoine Griezmann can feel he’s not welcome at Barcelona - Julien Laurens | ESPN FC

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16. juli. 2021





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Philip Onen
Philip Onen 7 dager siden
when I look at the ages listed there,...it's funny how we don't call out ESPNFC for falsehoods. Only last week someone on ESPN was claiming Barca is an old team...... well.....the figures show something else
R F 11 dager siden
kiran kara
kiran kara 11 dager siden
Don't need to be mystic meg to figure that out. Why would they want him? They're in huge debt, He's on crazy money, doesn't fit way they play and is a saleable asset.
Cartick Wilson
Cartick Wilson 11 dager siden
We don't want Griezmann don't worry even if he comes we Madrid people will kick him out of Madrid😡😡😡😡
AZ ED 11 dager siden
These clowns ignorantly commenting on Barcelona’s deal with Messi as an ambassador , They don’t know that it’s a intelligent move because that way Barcelona as an institution makes sure that it’ll be the only sportive association with the only player that win 7BdO. Plus the fact, that Barcelona still needs to pay Messi for the recent deferrals when the club didn’t have money. The only way Messi doesn’t become bigger than the club, is to pay him his deferred money as soon as possible ! So the institution guarantees its status.
Audie Afham
Audie Afham 12 dager siden
Let's be honest....in this new normal era, who can pay Grizi's massive wages?! He has to accept that he has to take a huge pay cut with his next move.....
jjmanlv22 12 dager siden
He is racist towards Asian I saw it on news .
Мартин Бранков
Barto still haunts the team! High salary for players who don't fit the team!
Themba Wulana
Themba Wulana 13 dager siden
Man united should get Umtiti for a bargain....him n Varan r in the same WhatsApp group
Michael McCue
Michael McCue 13 dager siden
Barca are full of attacking players. Their front 3 should be depay, messi, and aguero. They can get rid of the rest.
Antone King
Antone King 13 dager siden
Str8 up I'm a barca fan but lets be honest a bunch a 10 year olds could run the club better the ppl at that club are str8 up idiots, jackasses dumimes i mean these guys are so stupid!!!
Marcel J
Marcel J 13 dager siden
Anyone else think it's time to get rid of squirrely Burley?
Espen Falkeid
Espen Falkeid 13 dager siden
Barcelona is just a joke
Enti ani
Enti ani 13 dager siden
Again nobody talking about his racist video with Dembele back in Japan. No one cares about racism unless its against black.
Aaron D
Aaron D 13 dager siden
I feel like Arsenal at how embarrassed I am at my club… but let’s be honest it’s still a bit worse at Arsenal even with this calamity.
Haunted 14 dager siden
Barça fans should just accept him!
Sibo Niso
Sibo Niso 14 dager siden
If Athletico approves this, they are idiots. Saul will complete Barcas midfield.
Helmut Stouthamer
Helmut Stouthamer 14 dager siden
Barcelona is a farce of a club. Buying players and giving contracts they cannot afford. A very unrealistic club that needs to wake up and get back to reality. If you were a business, you will be bankrupt now.
Tochukwu Udu
Tochukwu Udu 14 dager siden
Why tf is dembele not on that list.
BerserkD_JSD 14 dager siden
PSG really did one on Barca
Tim Brakefield
Tim Brakefield 14 dager siden
Is ESPN unaware that the president who made these decision was kick out of office?
Yahiko 14 dager siden
Barca fans don’t respect their players. Poor griezmann
I am DERAH 14 dager siden
Griezmann staying means he's gonna be the highest paid player in Barca..Sounds bad for him too considering Messi's there.
OSSS Music
OSSS Music 14 dager siden
I mean he been trash
M 14 dager siden
Atletico won the league as soon as Griezmann left, so why take him back? And give up a talented Saul to do it?
Be nice And humble
Be nice And humble 14 dager siden
Someone help me understand here how will Barcelona make money from this like Julian mentioned!!
Me also
Me also 14 dager siden
Does ESPN pundit panel know it wasn't Laporte that signed all these expansive players? ....rhetorical question....
M Alex
M Alex 14 dager siden
He is welcomed just not his wage salary thanks to the previous administration
Giovanni Roman
Giovanni Roman 14 dager siden
It’s good that barca signed him but not for high wages like who tf does bartomeu think barca are to pay those wages, Psg?
T X III 14 dager siden
Becaus he not good at all. The most overrated in this era.
Fredis Callesghhhu
Fredis Callesghhhu 14 dager siden
Do these idiots not know that Bartomeou was the president when they singed dembele coutinho griezmann and now Laporta back if u see the contracts he’s done so far they say different than bartomeou “by a long shot” and if Messi does come to the US is a a club ambassador
Rob Phaomeih
Rob Phaomeih 14 dager siden
Griezmann is better than messi, messi he doesn't want a star players to chase his career, he wants to be a king alone, so selfish. Even he spoil paulo Dybala career.
joseph chavez
joseph chavez 14 dager siden
Mans a racist and overpriced. He's a 25mil a year option at best. Old boards fault not new
French Viking
French Viking 14 dager siden
Griezmann will come back to hunt them if they sell him :)
Hot Girls Video XXX
Hot Girls Video XXX 15 dager siden
Dinesh Rijal
Dinesh Rijal 15 dager siden
I'm sorry but Craig and Shaka are absolutely clueless here....please bring Sid Lowe or Gab Marcotti while talking about Barcelona..Even Juls does a good job. They should be criticizing Bartomeu instead of the club....Laporta is trying to solve the problems created by the previous board..please try to understand.
Tailong 15 dager siden
This guys expect the new president to come in and fix the disaster left by the previous board that took 10 years to create in one transfer window... Laporta has brought back Barcelona once from almost bankruptcy in early 2000s, can he do it again well see,it's not going to be easy, but all the moves he's doing are to try to balance the budget, reason why letting Messi go is not an option, forget the sporting aide, Laporta has said it, a 3rd of Barcelona earning come from the Messi image in a study conducted from his board, so yeah not an option right now.
Dariusz Dudka
Dariusz Dudka 15 dager siden
Well Bartomeu did a good job tearing down Barcelona. Griezmann benefited from such thing. He should go back to Atleti.
Water Image
Water Image 15 dager siden
He will stay at Barca until 2024.
Yuri Zsa
Yuri Zsa 15 dager siden
Ya think? Who's the genius that came with this signing? Suarez went to Atletico, both clubs didn't gain anything, nor lose anything, why not leaven them as is.
kingof206 15 dager siden
He would be good at Liverpool tbh.. if I was klopp I would get him. Would take Liverpool to the next level... He's world class in the right team
kingof206 15 dager siden
I mean Messi and aguero are best friends lol
Raheem Sterlin
Raheem Sterlin 15 dager siden
U guys love to knock Barca
smallcd 15 dager siden
Barcelona and its "Bobby Bonilla" economics.
Money Maker
Money Maker 15 dager siden
Griezmann played and contributed nothing to the team
John Blessed
John Blessed 15 dager siden
Griezmann is worth more than Saul though...
Shane B.
Shane B. 15 dager siden
Man City and Chelsea should look at him if they miss out on Haaland and Kane.
Ashley Mabunda
Ashley Mabunda 15 dager siden
smh, man's should've stayed loyal to Atleti
silver2164 15 dager siden
A transfer for accounting reasons....
in case
in case 15 dager siden
Carlos Gallon
Carlos Gallon 15 dager siden
Football is financially rotten to its core. Even if FIFA and UEFA weren’t leading by example with corruption and actually did their jobs the top clubs would pay the top advisers to find loopholes in the laws. And it hurts the sport because it kills competition
Luis Pellerano Nadal
Luis Pellerano Nadal 15 dager siden
These guys are absolutely clueless sometimes
leonard kagiso
leonard kagiso 15 dager siden
Why lenglet is not on tge tranfer list
Chad L Hoover
Chad L Hoover 15 dager siden
" All the usual suspects " Hahaha C. B. Wit da HEAT !!!
Samp Didger
Samp Didger 15 dager siden
Idiots espn, alena and firpo are already sold
Tai Halpern
Tai Halpern 15 dager siden
Griezmann and Pogba to PSG!!!
Miggy 15 dager siden
The problem is Messi.. everyone works for Messi. And when on defense it’s like defending with 10men. Messi is an extremely selfish player. Imangine playing & PAYING Messi 37M whem he is 39, funny isn’t it? Barcelona will never win another Champions League with Messi on thier roster.
Miggy 12 dager siden
@I am DERAH doesn’t matter how much money a player generates thru Jersey sales and image n advertising, the team can only spend a certain amount of money thru FFP. Messi’s contract is too much for a player that old. I won’t argue that Barca spend money foolishly on other signing, but that doesn’t change the point that paying a 37yr old that much money is just plain old dumb. And as for your other point, on the pitch, you sound silly. You must have never played competitive football before, try telling a coach you don’t have to help on defense and see how long you are on the pitch. That’s funny to me
I am DERAH 14 dager siden
If you hate Messi, that's you business. Just to inform you, Messi makes more money for Barca than Griezmann, dembele, pique combined. Barca has companies like Beeko pay huge money for Messi. As for the money part, Messi makes more than he is paid. As for the footballing part, Barca's problem has been their porous defense. U dont need 11 players defending in a match.. Messi has made more impact (goals, assists) than any player in La liga and Barcelona. What else do you want MESSI TO DO FOR YOU?
Decimus TV
Decimus TV 15 dager siden
Football has gone mad. Griezemann isn’t and hasn’t been that good ever. 800k per week! Perhaps prime Messi is worth that but nobody else.
Chiggsy 15 dager siden
He'll never make that money back. Every penny has to leave with him.
Mario Farias
Mario Farias 15 dager siden
Griezmann is not good enough to be a star on a top team. Period. Bizarre player who's neither a killer nor a creative.
Soeradj Narain
Soeradj Narain 15 dager siden
If Messi stays and Barca needs to get rid off Griezmann, Coutinho, Dembele, Pjanic with the addition of Saul, Depay and Aguero; is this then a better team than last year? I don't think so.. so will Messi sign then? Remember, he wants a Championship team
Sagar Ranjan
Sagar Ranjan 15 dager siden
Hazard, Griezman, Dembele, Alexis Sanchez, vsn de beek transfers should've never happened.
Sagar Ranjan
Sagar Ranjan 10 dager siden
@Jo Ubi Sanchez to United I mean
Jo Ubi
Jo Ubi 10 dager siden
wait, Alexis Sanchez was good with Barca. Solid minutes played, put in 40+ goals, a few injuries but nothing earth shattering. They even sold him for more than they bought him. I'd say win-win there...
mutungi edmund
mutungi edmund 15 dager siden
Greizeman 30 years old feels his not welcome at Barcelona Fc since his Switch from Ateletico Madrid Fc 😒. Good he Returns To Ateletico Madrid where he feels at home .
G -smith
G -smith 15 dager siden
He did nothing at club ♣️,,,,
Andre Otshudi
Andre Otshudi 15 dager siden
They think resigning Messi automatically solves all the problems they should try to offload coutinho , dembele and umtiti they are more useless in Barcelona than griezman
Umang Gada
Umang Gada 15 dager siden
Barcelona and Real Madrid are pretty poor run clubs. And neither club respects their legends. Look at Suarez, Casillas etc
Alejandro Canseco
Alejandro Canseco 15 dager siden
I mean when you suck under pressure and miss one on ones that is what you get, dismal really.
3girlrhumba 15 dager siden
barca have pissed away more money over the last five years than any team in any sport, ever
dmoney668 15 dager siden
Cuz of his AWFUL BUN AND HAIR. Awful trend
Jai Ess
Jai Ess 15 dager siden
...And it only took him 2 years to figure it out
Sabine Schaudien
Sabine Schaudien 15 dager siden
Thank you for someone Griezmann telling the truth about it. It soon became clear to us fans that he had problems in Barcelona. He always smiled away at it, but couldn't hide it.
Evert RD🇩🇴
Evert RD🇩🇴 15 dager siden
You guys always talk about Barcelona’s bad decisions and never mention HOW BAD BARTOMEU Did things. I am sure there are a lot of people in the world today that don’t know why Barca is struggling. Do a better Job informing.
Mitch Sorenstein
Mitch Sorenstein 15 dager siden
I want a Stephen A and Craig Burley debate😭😭
Ojas Athalye
Ojas Athalye 15 dager siden
Can't the producers discreetly inform them that those deals were not made by the current board. And that they are tirelessly trying to clean up the mess of the previous one. And that the current board emphasises giving out transfer fees, salaries and bonuses based on the players' worth and performances. Or does none of them know that Barça had their presidential elections this year and have a new (old) president now?
Kevin Pillay
Kevin Pillay 15 dager siden
Geez what a mess Barca are. How did they vote in a president like Bartomeu who did so many bad deals. This guy and his team have taken this club thru the mud. Barca a joke club at the moment.
Godwin Chuks
Godwin Chuks 15 dager siden
When would this dumb football pundits understand that there is a change in the management of the board. The way they blame the club as if it is the current board that did this. The club was badly managed before this current board came in to manage a club that is almost dead.
dilink23 15 dager siden
800K a week , that’s why he left Atletico .
Blu 15 dager siden
do these clowns not know this was all done by the previous corrupt board??? and now its a necessity atleast learn the situation before you speak
Ladi Adewumi
Ladi Adewumi 15 dager siden
Atletico is better for Griezmann.
bonkerzisgood 15 dager siden
Griezmann was actually amazing last season, I think he would’ve been perfect with Aguero to play off as well
bonkerzisgood 11 dager siden
@Bikram Chowdhury 6, one every 120 minutes and he scored one every 108 minutes in the Premier League. So if we get at least 20-30 games he should return quite a few goals, to make up for Suarez and possibly Griezmann’s exits. If he’s injured though, yeah unfortunate. But on a free transfer there’s not many better options. I think it was a great transfer given we got Depay as well
Bikram Chowdhury
Bikram Chowdhury 12 dager siden
@bonkerzisgood how many goals 10?
bonkerzisgood 15 dager siden
@COOL GUY Nah he’s pretty fit now after his recovery, played well for Argentina, I think we’ll get at least 30 games out of him next season
COOL GUY 15 dager siden
Aguero is a 33 year old injury primed finished player
Nishan Barpujari
Nishan Barpujari 15 dager siden
The fact that this deals have to be made its not the fault of current management . How is this so difficult to understand guys ? Probably u don't understand there r two diff presidents one who fucked up and the other who is trying to even sustain as a competitive club
Teddy A
Teddy A 15 dager siden
MLS is a dumpling ground for retired football ⚽️players...Lol🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ivan Diaz
Ivan Diaz 15 dager siden
As a hard core Atleti, all I can say is thank you Barcelona. Villa and Suarez for pretty much free, and 120 mill for Griezmann and now we get him back in exchange for Saul (whos been terrible these last 2 seasons and has said he wants to leave).
Aamir Viqar
Aamir Viqar 15 dager siden
Why can't they ask griezmann to reduce his wages?
MrISkater 14 dager siden
Why would he want to
khadime diop
khadime diop 15 dager siden
It’s all Bartomeu fault not the current board who are trying to balance the books
George Tolofari
George Tolofari 15 dager siden
You can’t blame laporta this is bartameu. I don’t know what he was doing. He must have been drunk
ashenafi Wolde
ashenafi Wolde 15 dager siden
Griezmann isn't going anywhere. He is staying at Barca. Barcelona made more money on Griezmann than Bayern did on Robert Lewandowski. It is all about image. These guys don't know how business works. If you bring Saul, The French are not going to watch la Liga. They are not going to purchase Barcelona's kits. Griezmann attracts sponsors. Whatever they pay him, it is worth it.
haya1512 15 dager siden
These are bartomeu s decisions
Attisha Phillips
Attisha Phillips 15 dager siden
Say what you want, I need mind griezmann leaving.
Attisha Phillips
Attisha Phillips 15 dager siden
To be fair he hasn't performed and we spent millions on him, we need to ship out deadwood. Didn't do anything against psg, juventus, real madrid this season
Rain Rain
Rain Rain 15 dager siden
He should feel he is trash that’s true
Miguel L
Miguel L 15 dager siden
What are these guys even talking about lmao do they just read a headline and speculate the rest?
Surya Chandrasekaran
Surya Chandrasekaran 15 dager siden
It's time for Barcelona to change their motto. It's no longer Mes Que Un Club. They are just doing wheeling and dealing business. So bad
Tirth Arora
Tirth Arora 15 dager siden
Grirezmann wasn't a very bad signing He has good game It's true he doesn't give his best for Barca but he still plays really well. Respect.
Erick Martinez
Erick Martinez 15 dager siden
Are these guys and people forgetting that Barcelona is in this situation because of the past leaders?
syi23600 15 dager siden
Who cares. I'll make that 800k
Luis 15 dager siden
hold up messi can still get paid even if he leaves barcelona? wow
Sinatrakillz 15 dager siden
These mf act like if it was Laporta is the one who signed griezmann
rhents24 15 dager siden
dont forget that he eats at the same table as messi (and ronaldo) 😁
Jack Wachtel-Scott
Jack Wachtel-Scott 15 dager siden
You can do all the clever financial engineering you like but other than saving on wages it puts zero cash into the bank account. The only thing between Barca and bankruptcy is the goodwill of its lenders whose patience will not be limitless despite the furore that would occur if they ever pull the plug. AND they are not the only European club, including some in the Premier League in this situation.
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