Kylian Mbappe ‘will 100 PERCENT be with PSG’ this season amid Real Madrid rumors | ESPN FC 

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Kay Murray is joined by Julien Laurens, Frank Leboeuf and Steve Nicol on ESPN FC to delve into Kylian Mbappe’s future.

0:00 Will Mbappe leave for Real Madrid this summer?
1:09 Juls guarantees he’ll be with PSG this season.
2:13 Nicolas Anelka’s comments on the situation.
4:08 Stevie’s verdict on what Mbappe should do.
5:23 The team being built at PSG under Mauricio Pochettino.
Kylian Mbappe ‘will 100% be with PSG’ this season amid Real Madrid rumors | ESPN FC

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16. juli. 2021





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carol gruber
carol gruber 2 dager siden
Farmers league this or Farmers league that is all nonsence!! If you cannot win the champions league you ain't nothing. RIGHT now Chelsea is the man. Talking Madrid, Pool and City, is all blow hard stuff.
Zayd Ali
Zayd Ali 9 dager siden
Nah There's no way PSG will keep him if he's not going to renew , That will be a nightmare , they paid 180M 4 years ago .
Nicky Batts
Nicky Batts 11 dager siden
Imbappe has a year left on his contract. No story here.
Tharcisse 11 dager siden
If Mbappé stays at PSG, he'll only be able to win 1 respectable trophy each year. Any season he doesn't win the CL will be marked as irrelevant. He has to go to Spain and compete with Barça & Atleti or go to England.
Butt Shivaz
Butt Shivaz 12 dager siden
It's all about Liverpool
Jonathan Wilson
Jonathan Wilson 12 dager siden
Mbappe will only be there for 1 more season.
Jonathan Wilson
Jonathan Wilson 12 dager siden
For once steve nicole actually made alot of sense. Strengthen the team all round with the mbappe money. And next year get mbappe for free. That would be a better decision
Jonathan Wilson
Jonathan Wilson 12 dager siden
Lmao these idiots always say psg would win the ucl every season and they still fail
Sean Whitaker
Sean Whitaker 13 dager siden
Mbappe will stay at PSG this year, and likely win the UCL. Then I think Real Madrid has a massive summer in 2022: Mbappe on a free Goretzka on a free Camavinga on a free Haaland for the 65mil buy-out Real is trying to play the long game.
ulical 13 dager siden
Obviously this guy doesn't understand that there's a financial aspect to football, even for teams like PSG. Man City, and Chelsea who laugh at FFP rules. I totally get that PSG are desperate for Mbappe to sign an extension but, at the same time, they can't afford to have him walk away on a free transfer at the end of the season. Because of that, I fully expect that Mbappe will be wearing a Real Madrid uniform by the end of August. Why? Because Real Madrid is probably the only team in Europe that made a profit last year (albeit very small), because they have the cash available for the transfer (around 150 million Euros) without having to hamstring the club, and, most importantly, because they need someone of Mbappe's caliber in their forward line to return to European glory.
Jay 13 dager siden
How does this guy have a job? Nothing but nonsense.
YOYO CR 13 dager siden
bunch of clowns out there, haha.. madrid has everything, they only needs a goalscorer alongside karim
Karl Redhead
Karl Redhead 13 dager siden
Reaching a bit jules
Pocasangre 13 dager siden
Madrid is just the best team in history and so it will make Mbappe even a bigger player.
Manuel Medellin
Manuel Medellin 13 dager siden
WRONG. He IS signing for Real Madrid last week of the Transfer window, Benzema's close friend Hanni confirmed, so bye bye your UCL Dreams, P$G.
darkenvoy9991 13 dager siden
Give me a break. The French league is a FARMERS LEAGUE and that's just it. Doesn't matter how many players they sign. Such hypocrites. If this guy wants to be spoken amongst the best he needs to leave
CRSocial 13 dager siden
Juls obsession with mbappe is kind of weird.
MICHAEL OSADEBE 13 dager siden
Correction Frank.. Retiring players are coming to PSG
dave123xxx 13 dager siden
Espn must be paid by psg, ever other video the do is about psg.... Overrated team in a poor league
Ernesto Bonilla
Ernesto Bonilla 13 dager siden
Kylian mbappe needs to leave psg and go to real madrid for sure he will be happy there
Aqua Mez
Aqua Mez 13 dager siden
if mbappe leave psg and psg sign haaland. they win the ucl ez
Mahad 13 dager siden
He is joining Real Madrid whether you like it or not🤫
Grim Affiliations
Grim Affiliations 13 dager siden
Why would he go to that finished team? In a finished league. They can barely afford their own players over there. He should come to the prem
Shabeer Ahmad
Shabeer Ahmad 14 dager siden
Mbappe should play this year for PSG and next year he should go free to Real Madrid
Manchester Is Blue
Manchester Is Blue 14 dager siden
i hope he stays at psg and doesnt move to an competitive club
Ibeh John
Ibeh John 14 dager siden
This woman is beautiful 🤧
Jim shelley
Jim shelley 14 dager siden
Because playing in Spain,Italy or England are much more competitive leagues than in France.
Grim Affiliations
Grim Affiliations 13 dager siden
But the prem is the only one that can afford him. And it’s the most competitive
Haunted 14 dager siden
Mbappe to Madrid soon we hope for Spanish football
Ashish Gupta
Ashish Gupta 14 dager siden
If they're seriously saying that french league is equally as competitive as that of England and Spain, it's time for revamp the panel.
Rafael Recio
Rafael Recio 14 dager siden
Jules talks about Mbappe like he has to deal with PSG, is only 10 months away of going FREE!!...also he can sign a new contract after Christmas with whatever club he wants. If Mbappe wanted to sign with PSG, he would have done it a long time ago, it is clear that money in this case is not the most important for the player, and Qatar hates that...interesting situation.
mr.sushi22 14 dager siden
Jules shaking in his boots
Christopher De Freitas
Christopher De Freitas 14 dager siden
Jules is usually a journalist, but when it comes to talking about Mbappe he turns into nothing more than a PSG fan. Instead of stating the current accuracy of Mbappe’s situation, he goes off on what HE as a PSG fan would like Mbappe to do in an ideal world. Let’s start off by factually stating that Mbappe HIMSELF said that the next contract he signs will be 5/6 year contract and nothing short term, that it would be where he fully commits his long term future. The other thing is im 100% sure that if Mbappe were to sign an extension when he would have been a free agent, despite his age, that would absolutely be the end of Real Madrid’s pursuit of him(and he of all people would know that) Every other reliable journalist in France is stating that Mbappe is firm on his stance of not renewing regardless of whether RMA sign him this summer or not. I like Jules, but when it comes to this topic, he is ALWAYS a naive PSG fan, I can almost guarantee his entire take will age like milk.
Benjamin Franklin
Benjamin Franklin 14 dager siden
This is what creat the kind of problem Barcelona find themselves today, clubs paying astronomical wages to players, just to force them to stay. Mbape is a good player, but psg will be psg, with or without this guy. If he want's to go, let him go. Steve, u are really sure that psg will win the champions league this season? No team can confidently say that.
Eric Okai Asiedu
Eric Okai Asiedu 14 dager siden
Real Madrid will not buy ooooo. Hahahahah with the Euoros performance. Besides Haaland is quite younger and sharp in goals than Mbappe
Elver Galarga
Elver Galarga 14 dager siden
CreativeBong 14 dager siden
Raheem Sterlin
Raheem Sterlin 14 dager siden
"In 2yrs time he'll hav all the big clubs wanting him" he starts namin all the big clubs except barca
Raheem Sterlin
Raheem Sterlin 13 dager siden
@Grim Affiliations dats wat ur hoping for...maybe if bartomeu was still in charge
Grim Affiliations
Grim Affiliations 13 dager siden
They’re finished, they can barely afford their own players. And they’re still paying griaeman 800k a week 😂
Marco Bonechi
Marco Bonechi 14 dager siden
Euro 2020 proved Serie A is way above Spain and Germany leagues. Mbappe should join a team in Italy
Sakthi Dharan
Sakthi Dharan 13 dager siden
Mahad 13 dager siden
Nice joke
Maths Debator
Maths Debator 13 dager siden
Phoenix 14 dager siden
I hope he wins the UCL in his final season with PSG
Paul Mwangi
Paul Mwangi 14 dager siden
Juls is so much in denial when it comes to this. The only smart thing to do is to run down his contract why would he sign and give the power back to PSG
Michael Pinholt
Michael Pinholt 14 dager siden
People act like Real MAdrid will always be in financial trouble and that the Bernabeu won't ever be done and bring in an extra 150-200 mio euros a year. Madrid are in trouble because of covid, and that'll end.
Elver Galarga
Elver Galarga 14 dager siden
Manu Sanz
Manu Sanz 14 dager siden
Compare real Madrid and Spanish league with psg and league 1 is just ridiculous!! They forget they talking about the greatest team in history!
Manu Sanz
Manu Sanz 14 dager siden
@Elver Galarga you sound like a frustrated psg supporter 😄
Elver Galarga
Elver Galarga 14 dager siden
Renjith Rajendran
Renjith Rajendran 14 dager siden
How psg is a good friend of real madrid when they denied to come to super league????
DC 21
DC 21 14 dager siden
sneaked in the world cup like no one will notice
Hristijan Durlanov
Hristijan Durlanov 14 dager siden
As a PSG fan i dont care if he leaves,He is a great player no doubt but he has become a bit arrogant and looks to score by himself,and psg have more than enough divas aleady,so if he leaves for 130.000.000 i see that as a win,maybe then they can get a real team
Mohammed Ahmed
Mohammed Ahmed 14 dager siden
Juls sounds like a clingy girlfriend
Adam Ko
Adam Ko 14 dager siden
that bald guy clearly hates Real Madrid, he talks nonsense. He thinks its only about money when it comes to Mbappe. Dude you know what that club means to him?? Open your eyes or stop being delusional... its his dream to play there, im pretty sure he would take just half of his wage in the 2 first years just to be there. Glory over Money. There isnt bigger and more prestigious club than Real Madrid. Its a dream for everybody to play at Bernabeu... pathetic. Props to the other guy that thinks otherwise and for him to win the Ballon D' Or he needs to be in better club and compete with better players like Messi for example, not that mickey mouse league that League 1 is...
Swishmb 14 dager siden
Verrati has been in France so long I forget he’s Italian sometimes 😂
Alfa Ralph
Alfa Ralph 12 dager siden
Really?I mean, seriously?Haven't you notice names originally from Italy like Messi, Verratti, Ambrosi, Chiellini, Inzhagi, Sampaoli, Rossi, Maldini, Totti, Baresi, Mancini, Vieri, Balotelli, Ancelotti, Materazzi, Bergomi, Tassotti, Toni, Bonucci, Tardelli, Boniperti, Cabrini, Conti, Vialli, Sivori, Sacchi, Schillaci...all names ending with i. Are those names origin hard to guess?
Daniel Syafiq
Daniel Syafiq 14 dager siden
I think Mbappe will not sign for Real Madrid, the Madrid club don't have the team that can compete with and also New manager, Carlo Ancelloti. Well my guess, Mbappe will go to Premier League or Bundasliga or Serie A. La Liga the Barcelona and Real Madrid Don't have money to buy new player and they have struggle to have new recruit and also money issue bankruptcy.
It doesn’t matter What your name is
Terrible move for him to go Madrid now if it happened. Madrid are finished.
Sokanet Tv
Sokanet Tv 14 dager siden
The only bad luck PSG have, is the league they are in. But Paris is very good club, at the moment they hv better squad than that of Real Madrid and Barcelona. Psg should sell him and buy Haaland, and they will get goals
Eldin Fehric
Eldin Fehric 14 dager siden
Why he would go to Real Madrid? Bcs its the bigger club and the most famous club in the world 🤣🤣 History beside the chances that Real Madrid is going to win it again 2 3 times in the next 5 to 10 years is bigger than PSG winning it at all
Elver Galarga
Elver Galarga 14 dager siden
Eutopean 14 dager siden
Sell mbapae psg. He is worthless . Rather let him face the heat in Madrid
Hot Girls Video XXX
Hot Girls Video XXX 14 dager siden
Abel Enerho
Abel Enerho 14 dager siden
Psg always like buying big players like Beckham when they want to retire but truth be said that’s ain’t a competitive league
HSS 14 dager siden
He did nothing for PSG anyway And who tf said RM want him
Abel Enerho
Abel Enerho 14 dager siden
Anelka is right period
Steelflex 14 dager siden
He’s 100% the most overrated player in the world!
Elver Galarga
Elver Galarga 14 dager siden
Miguel Jaques
Miguel Jaques 14 dager siden
Thing is that his deadline expires in the next 2 weeks if I’m not mistaken. He doesn’t have much time to think. I don’t see him at PSG after next summer, if PSG are smart they will sell him to Madrid this summer or lose him to Madrid for free next summer.
sahil ohlan
sahil ohlan 14 dager siden
He is too afraid to leave bcz there's Neymar to get all the bash from media and he would be exposed at real madrid.bcz he is not good enough to carry team and people will realize that how overhyped he is
anil bodar
anil bodar 15 dager siden
Mbappe is overrated ones he leave french league you'll see his career . He choose psg coz he know outside french league he'll be not this good . Psg spend 220 million on neymar and 150 million on mbappe what psg won ? Nothing so anyone who want to buy this huge ego players they'll get same reward as psg
anil bodar
anil bodar 15 dager siden
Psg will never get status of madrid ,barca ,utd , Bayern , Chelsea ,juve , Liverpool no matter whatever they buy if they put 11 mbappe still they'll never get charisma of upper club money can't buy you fans and spirit player choose city and psg for only one reason money in other clubs cases they have history . And psg lost title to lille but this baised pundits never tell the difference between those two clubs finances .biggest flop of the year are psg and poch despite these superstar they don't have title 😂😂😂 . Come on Lille you just rocked
Gab Gotti
Gab Gotti 15 dager siden
Madrid media just trying to stir things up so people stop focusing on the Florentino leaks.
Abdurrahman Feroze
Abdurrahman Feroze 15 dager siden
2 or 3 French Clubs can win the UCL next season?😂😂 Lmao, these French guys are delusional
TP76 Ben
TP76 Ben 15 dager siden
He better stay in Paris they have a much more interesting project than Madrid.
Tales of the Blanco
Tales of the Blanco 14 dager siden
@TP76 Ben better than going bankrupt as Barca
TP76 Ben
TP76 Ben 14 dager siden
@Tales of the Blanco better than selling or not buying anything.
Tales of the Blanco
Tales of the Blanco 14 dager siden
Buying everyone? Is this a project?
emmanuel louis
emmanuel louis 15 dager siden
Strangely non mentioned Chelsea, Unfortunately they keeps listing teams that are outside the equation as Big CLubs:
Grim Affiliations
Grim Affiliations 13 dager siden
Chelsea are going haaland
Mohammad Mortoja
Mohammad Mortoja 15 dager siden
The fact is not competency, this is about French league. Why a world class would play in such a below average league unless he is a fool like Neymar.
Zaki Yare
Zaki Yare 15 dager siden
The SAD part is that Mbappe will refuse to resign, psg won't let him play for a WHOLE Year
Zaki Yare
Zaki Yare 14 dager siden
@Eseh Francis Morara They did it to Rabiot
Eseh Francis Morara
Eseh Francis Morara 14 dager siden
I don't think they'll do that. Many players have run out their contracts.
Andy Dondy
Andy Dondy 15 dager siden
Ohhhhh.. Those frenchies are triggered by anelka comment.. 😁😁😁😁
Rajarshi Chakraborty
Rajarshi Chakraborty 15 dager siden
what a spineless guy. thinks psg is best cause some rich arab bought them out
Jonathan Gonzalez
Jonathan Gonzalez 15 dager siden
This man a clown
Ramesh Pun
Ramesh Pun 15 dager siden
Mbappe is a over-hyped moron, failure in the making.
David Prendergast
David Prendergast 15 dager siden
Go to Liverpool man. There is no way any footballer should turn down Klopp regardless of what club he is at. Liverpool will be relentless again soon. Real might be, but they relied on one of the two greatest players in history for most of the past decade. They have financial issues and need more galacticos, they will never have stability. I swear with that lack of managerial stability, had they not had Ronaldo they probably wouldn't have won any of those 4 CLs. Klopp will take any team and make them relentless. He can still go to RM when he is 26 or whenever
David Prendergast
David Prendergast 14 dager siden
@Tales of the Blanco Its not my point, its yours, saying Klopp is finished lol
Tales of the Blanco
Tales of the Blanco 14 dager siden
@David Prendergast so were we, but even at worse situation. Your point?
David Prendergast
David Prendergast 14 dager siden
@Tales of the Blanco lol you have no idea, last season was the most freakishly injury and covid ravaged season for us. Try losing literally all your 1st team squad center backs for the rest of the season, then getting recurring injuries to the two CMs who filled in at the back. Never seen anything like it. The machine will be back next season
Tales of the Blanco
Tales of the Blanco 14 dager siden
@David Prendergast we appreciated Ronaldo. He left because he wanted 100% image rights at 33. We couldn't give that to him. And Bale is a POS who said "Wales. Golf. Madrid. In that order."
Tales of the Blanco
Tales of the Blanco 14 dager siden
@David Prendergast klopp is finished lol. He looked like a clown when we played
Bryan Wata
Bryan Wata 15 dager siden
Mbappe should hold all the cards in the negotiation and try to either sign/resign his new deal as a FA. If he does extend for a year or two, he should stick with PSG until his contract runs out and go to Real as a FA.
Bryan Wata
Bryan Wata 15 dager siden
In order for Ligue 1 to be recognized as a top league, a non PSG-French team needs to win UCL or multiple French teams be recongized as great teams (say make the top 4or8 of UCL)
Deepan Dutta
Deepan Dutta 15 dager siden
Mbappe will leave at the end of next season I feel
Md.Towfiqul Alam
Md.Towfiqul Alam 15 dager siden
julien is literally begging :V
divya ekambaram
divya ekambaram 15 dager siden
Money can buy players Not the fans Frank There will be more clubs like man City,psg, Chelseaetc But they will never be able to replicate atmosphere of Anfield, Marseille, Bernabeu,camp nou,old Trafford
Washington connect
Washington connect 14 dager siden
Take out Chelsea from that..They don't buy ready made world class players and mega stars..People living in one corner of world will never know how much happiness and euphoria Chelsea brings to the fans by winning as an underdog..You can enjoy your anfield,camp nou and barnabeou but many fans who have watched Chelsea from childhood it's a different feelings..of winning UCL without players like neymar,mbappe,Messi,Ronaldo,lewandoski...and many more mega stars
Shervin Seil Sepour
Shervin Seil Sepour 15 dager siden
You are asking two French persons whether the French league is weak?
mChannel 15 dager siden
They always like to market their things as superior to everyone
@CFCMoi11 15 dager siden
He must be tired keep on winning the same trophy every year. At one point he must think about leaving
Realvin Fiasco
Realvin Fiasco 15 dager siden
Real have squad and financial issues I don’t know what would even be attractive for him at this point. They are on the decline and PSG on the up
Realvin Fiasco
Realvin Fiasco 14 dager siden
@Drewchk You literally did not address my points. How is this a better prospect for Mbappe?
Drewchk 14 dager siden
@Realvin Fiasco of course the green is freaking marginal, we ARE IN A PANDEMIC, my god why does this have to be explained? How many clubs out there have managed to be in the green? And what do you mean that Perez is preparing for the stadium payments? Are you suggesting that Madrid aren’t going to spend any money because they’re going to put it all towards the stadium? If so then you don’t know what you’re talking about, the stadium, once it’s done, will generate 100s of millions per year because it’s getting renovated not only to host football games but also NFL games and concerts, hence the retractable pitch. Perez didn’t become a billionaire because he’s dumb, he knows how to make money and Madrid will make tons of it once the pandemic is over. I have already addressed the stuff about the players in my earlier post.
Realvin Fiasco
Realvin Fiasco 14 dager siden
@Drewchk Ok but again these are payments Perez are preparing for, the green was marginal this year and it's reported around 30m per year. Let's see if Odegaard actually gets game time, haven't been able to use a CAM properly since Ozil. These "Talented" guys aren't league or CL winning are they? and with Kroos and Luka on their way out it doesn't give much hope for the near future. I mentioned age mainly relating to the starting midfield, the others aren't established players apart from Fede. Also you mention these defensive names like they are amazing?! Alaba is only here for the retirement payday and isn't even that great at CB, Carva and Marcelo are finished, Vasquez is good but isn't a real right back, Nacho is MEH. Only Mendy is elite. Confused why Militao is in all caps like his name is RAMOS. On top of all this remember my point is speaking relatively comparing Mbappe's prospects. PSG in a much better position to win CL in the next few years and even if he doesn't stay I don't see why Real should be the option, he can go to someone like Man City.
Realvin Fiasco
Realvin Fiasco 15 dager siden
@Drewchk Thanks for correcting the year. You are naive if you don't think it's a problem. Let's hope Odegaard actually plays football, Madrid haven't been able to fit in a CAM correctly since Ozil. Kroos and Luka on their way out. These "talented" isn't league or CL winning players are they? Only mentioned age about the starting midfield. You are saying those defensive names like they are top players? Alaba is likely only here for the retirement payday compared to lower bundesliga salaries and isn't that special as a CB. Mendy is elite, Carva and Marcelo are finished, Vasquez has been good but isn't a right back really. Nacho is very meh. Confused why you put Militao in all caps like he is Ramos lmao. And also don't forget my question...I'm comparing the prospects relatively for Mbappe, easily he has a better chance of CL success at PSG right now (Squad + Wages).
Drewchk 15 dager siden
@Realvin Fiasco no we’re not making the same point, the stadium payment doesnt start until 2025 and it’s paid over 30 years, you’re literally trying a create a problem where there isn’t. The emerging back up are in fact good, Odegaard, Blanco, Gutierrez are all very talented, besides the only area Real Madrid need to immediately address is the attack. Kroos is 31, Casemiro is 29 so the midfield is set for another few years with Fede and Odegaard who are both only 23. In defense they got MILITAO, Nacho, Alaba, Mendy, Carvajal, Gutierrez and LV, ONLY 2 of those players are over 30.
white voodoo man
white voodoo man 15 dager siden
Psg HAVE to sell in no way can they let him walk on a free and considering the player will get offered the biggest contract in football history as he could ask for a 100 million signing on fee no problem then its tempting for the player to run it down Psg need to sell right now big mistake if they don't
Edo Purwanto Purba
Edo Purwanto Purba 15 dager siden
His behavior is just...😒
Nicolo Barella
Nicolo Barella 15 dager siden
they have been giving this overrated failure player too much attention. Stop giving that loser any value. Notice i didn't even wrote that loser's name. that loser has to pay me for it.
Ryan O
Ryan O 15 dager siden
PSG made it to the semi finals with him. Madrid made it to the semi finals WITHOUT him
Grim Affiliations
Grim Affiliations 13 dager siden
Psg played barca and Bayern. Madrid played Lazio
pradeep acharya
pradeep acharya 15 dager siden
He is just the name now has no capability now
JeanLucPicard 15 dager siden
Julien "se queda" Laurens
Ayush kawale
Ayush kawale 15 dager siden
Psg and city are cancer to football
Jayesh V
Jayesh V 15 dager siden
Juls smile 😄🙌🏻🙌🏻
Easysoft baba
Easysoft baba 15 dager siden
Psg with all this players you they're still going to beat you guys
Junior clos
Junior clos 15 dager siden
He won’t sign an extension. He will leave for real for free. Even though as a Barca fan I wouldn’t like to see that.
Grim Affiliations
Grim Affiliations 7 dager siden
@Alpha Q nice joke
Alpha Q
Alpha Q 8 dager siden
@Grim Affiliations Madrid will always have more chances of winning UCL than PSG even if they field their Castilla team.
Grim Affiliations
Grim Affiliations 9 dager siden
@Farhan Y because the prem is more competitive. But if you do qualify from the prem your chances are very strong if winning the UCL. Madrid ain’t winning the UCL for a while
Farhan Y
Farhan Y 9 dager siden
@Grim Affiliations because Madrid is the greatest club and if he wants to win ballandor and ucls, madrid is the best option. Premier league clubs sometimes dont even qualify for UCL
Christopher De Freitas
Christopher De Freitas 13 dager siden
@Grim Affiliations keep dreaming
GoodNews4You 15 dager siden
Real and Barca will struggle in the near future. City, Bayern, PSG will dominate Europe for years.
I Don't Know My Name
I Don't Know My Name 15 dager siden
Remove PSG from that list City,Bayern, Liverpool,Chelsea,Real,Barca will dominate ucl next decade
Sergio Palafox
Sergio Palafox 15 dager siden
Anelka is correct, psg is the only team in France making the big signings
I Don't Know My Name
I Don't Know My Name 14 dager siden
@Mesmeric Wilber they won't reach They will bottle again Don't get your hopes too high
Mesmeric Wilber
Mesmeric Wilber 14 dager siden
Can you bet psg wunt reach the semi final 3rd time In row?
I Don't Know My Name
I Don't Know My Name 15 dager siden
@Mesmeric Wilber that ucl final was just a one time They will bottle it again as usual 😂
Mesmeric Wilber
Mesmeric Wilber 15 dager siden
And reaching champions league finals and semifinals
JordanKnowsWell 15 dager siden
I highly disagree with Julien and Frank on their balloon dor argument, I mean yes if psg win the UCL and French title and 1 player individually stands out in that run than yes sure a Psg player would have a chance at winning the ballon dor in the same way a Benfica or porto player could if they won the UCL, same way a player from Seria could if they won it. However when you play in the Premier league or La Liga wining the league and having a staring role in that achievement will put you in the race for the ballon dor, no matter if you get eliminated from the quarters or semis from the UCL. Mbappe should take Neymar as an example of this who although has produced his best seasons at PSG has been so far away from the ballon dor since he left Barcelona. Neymar is a much more individually talented player than mbappe , it's just facts Neymar deserves to be there year in year out however has he ever had a really strong shout at winning the Ballon dor in his prime years spent at PSG ? No, Neymar played 52 games in his first 3 seasons at PSG producing 47goals and 26 assists in those 52 League appearences with Psg and still hasn't ever had a serious shout for a ballon dor, do you realize how mental that is ? Even lewandowski seems to be suffering from it and the German league is a better quality of football overall than the French league
JordanKnowsWell 13 dager siden
@Eseh Francis Morara Also I mean didn't Juventus spend most of the season outside of the top 4 in Seria A ,so what important goals are you talking about ? Juventus had one big game and that's was the last game of the season to get into UCL football and if I recall right Ronaldo was benched for that game. I love Ronaldo it's just people like you with blinders on which make me have to pick out his little flaws in his game in his later years lol he's a great player ,Messi's just always been on a different level and more so the last couple of seasons.
JordanKnowsWell 13 dager siden
@Eseh Francis Morara yes mate you've obviously failed to understand my point or read my comment correctly. When you have the time go and re read my comments on the Mbappe debate. I'm not getting into a Ronaldo/Messi debate with anyone. If you think he is than I'm obviously not going to change your opinion however just know that you're wrong .Ronaldo Scored 5 tap ins in the Euros mate how about actually watching a game for once he averaged about 15 touches a game ,absolutely non existent hold up play and in and around the box unless he's on the end of something,offers absolutely nothing. Messi consistantly turns defence into Attack whilst also producing better goal and Assist numbers in a League which is better than Seria A. Lewandowski is a better version of today's Ronaldo just to give you an example, producing much better numbers and producing overall better build up play, they're players how come alive in the box. Also Messi scored 1 more goal than Ronaldo this year so again although I wouldn't read into a 1 goal difference to much you were adamant in telling how Ronaldo outscored Messi this season lol . Look abit deeper into football and analyze it yourself ,Messi has always been ,Talent wise even if the Numbers in certain years would say different ,ahead of Ronaldo for this very reason. I'd Even argue that since his move to PSG a fit Neymar with the numbers he's produced in Limited game time has been ahead of Ronaldo. Ronaldo was in the top 2 players in world football 10 or so years but in his later years never has there been such a gap in terms of overall production and quality between to 2, Messi and Ronaldo. You won't change my opinion ,I can think for myself. However thanks for the reply
Eseh Francis Morara
Eseh Francis Morara 13 dager siden
@JordanKnowsWell which is exactly the point that if Mbappe leads PSG to a champions league and domestic trophy along with putting in the numbers Ribery couldn’t then he would win it. Also Ronaldo had a far better year than Messi in 2013 in almost every aspect. And to say “Ronaldo isn’t in the same bracket as Messi” after he just won the golden boot at the euros is laughable. Ronaldo had a better goal per game ratio than Messi this season and scored in the important domestic games. Meanwhile Messi didn’t score a goal against any of the top 3 in laliga.
JordanKnowsWell 14 dager siden
@Eseh Francis Morara fair points however didn't Ribery lead his team to 4 major trophies that year ? Surely thats gotta mean alot more than scoring more goals in what turned out to be alot of "meaningless" games for Ronaldo that year. If it was based off pure talent and numbers alone individually than Messi should have won it each year for the last 10 surely, what gave Ronaldo the edge eventually was his UCL success were he started catching up to Messi with ballon dors. And although he finished 3rd let's be honest Ribery was never winning it, you could tell prior to the announcement so that's what I meant by wasn't really considered. Ronaldo and Messi will not be around forever ,Messi is still in contention for it and let's be honest Ronaldo isnt in that bracket anymore but you will gets players producing similar outputs who play in leagues which are watched by many more eyes,apart from the overall quality differences in the league's. So what happens when mbappe doesn't win the UCL and all he's got is his numbers in the French league ? Voters will look at players who've produced similar numbers in more competitive leagues. Like I said it is fairly possible for mbappe to win the ballon dor if he stands out in a UCL winning Psg team * which in itself will be very difficult considering the squad they have assembled* however that's the only scenario I see him winning it while in France and let's be honest no matter who psg add to that squad they won't be winning the UCL year in year out. All I'm saying is sometimes an individually brilliant season as in the Ronaldo/Ribery case could be enough in the top 2 leagues, were as even if you do win every major honour in Europe whilst at PSG but produce less in terms of output over the season than a Prem or La Liga player you might not.
Eseh Francis Morara
Eseh Francis Morara 14 dager siden
@JordanKnowsWell Ribéry finished third and won UEFA POTY so he was considered. The reason he didn’t win is because Ronaldo had his best year individually till this day; 2013 is his highest scoring year and the year he had the most involvements in his entire career so it has nothing to do with the league Ribéry played in. When some who is the GOAT debate has his best year individually you can’t look past him for a ballond’or. Same goes for Schnieder when Messi won it. They were unlucky Messi and Ronaldo were in their prime, not because of the league they played in.
mui ke
mui ke 15 dager siden
There is a difference between professional and personal relationships. Perez isn’t the owner of Real Madrid. Real Madrid belongs to its Socios or fans. Perez is elected to be someone who would just ensure that the club runs well and he is good at his job. What he thinks about playera doesn’t matter anyway. Besides, despite those comments those legends are still are working for Real Madrid. So, what Perez thinks doesn’t matter. None at Real Madrid is bigger than the club and its interest, NONE! It's the epitome of Professional football club unlike PSG/Man city who are funded by a state or run for someone's personal interest. THAT'S WHY MBAPPE SHOULD SIGN FOR REAL MADRID - TO PLAY FOR A TRUE FOOTBALL CLUB!!
Shreyash Mulkalwar
Shreyash Mulkalwar 15 dager siden
This is so disrespectful Frank is saying that Madrid will pay him less money so mbappe should not go there.
Grim Affiliations
Grim Affiliations 13 dager siden
@Shreyash Mulkalwar yeah so mbae should move to the prem for now and win stuff and then maybe move to Madrid when they are ready to compete and buy players around him
Grim Affiliations
Grim Affiliations 13 dager siden
@Shreyash Mulkalwar We’re asking if Mbappe should go there right now, and right now la liga is finished. Right now the prem is the hottest league in the world with the most chance of winning European trophies. Madrid and barca might have more cl’s than the prem but the prem has more teams that have won it, which shows its more competitive. la liga is a 2 team league. If Mbappe wants to win anything in Europe he should move to the prem
Shreyash Mulkalwar
Shreyash Mulkalwar 13 dager siden
@Grim Affiliations FYI they are not broke they are not in any debt. They made some profit last season can’t be compared with teams who have oil money and Madrid is the team which’s going under transition u can’t expect to win trophies with trophies this sudden last season we had injuries more than any team yet we were second in laliga.
Adam Ko
Adam Ko 13 dager siden
@Grim Affiliations its not always about the money. La liga is the best league of all time. Premier league withotu corrupted russian money or oil money from arabia would play conference league... Real Madrid and Barca even without money will be always 2 best clubs in the world and both have more champions league trophies than whole premier league combined. Jokes on you!
Grim Affiliations
Grim Affiliations 13 dager siden
@Shreyash Mulkalwar history and club prestige isn’t gonna win him the champion league. Madrid isn’t good enough to win it, they don’t have the people around him. And they’re broke. It would just be him winning domestic titles in Spain, no differ t from what he’s doing at psg
Akash M
Akash M 15 dager siden
You can have the best team in France but then you don't take the league seriously. Nobody can come anywhere near PSG in France and nobody has a chance at all, the thing is Mbappe is gonna have to stay motivated only for the 13 games in the CL because you know the league is a given anyway and that's not really inspiring for a player like mbappe with big ambitions, if he goes to Madrid he will have to prove every season that he can perform against atletico, Barca, Sevilla etc and will have to compete in the league as well and the pressure is different at Madrid because Madrid aren't trying to win their 1st CL like PSG, they are trying to win their 14th CL LOL..and you want to test yourself in that environment and in that pressure where players like Ronaldo have showed they can handle that pressure and weight of expectations.
Elver Galarga
Elver Galarga 14 dager siden
ikara ikara
ikara ikara 15 dager siden
Mbape kylian, has allow pride to scatter nd destroy his career. He couldn't score a single goal in europe 2020.
Anish Mandal
Anish Mandal 15 dager siden
lmao Frank is such a fool. PSG is & always will be a small team. No history, no legacy. And nobody takes Ligue1 seriously, not even France Football,who gives the Ballon d'Or. Only 1 player has ever won it from Ligue1, & it's not from PSG.
Jj Manning
Jj Manning 15 dager siden
He's not strong enough for England and there's just too many teams that are good
sstteevveenn77 15 dager siden
The french are panicking when they hear rumors of Mbappe to Madrid lol. Real Madrid made no signings last yr and this yr they've managed to reduce salaries big time. They are literally just waiting to pounce. But I kind of agree that it would be good for Madrid to wait for him to arrive free next year and use that money to strengthen the team
Somak 9 dager siden
Look madrid aren't going to sign anyone but are waiting to get mbappe... Perez is not an idiot he knows with ramos zidane leaving and not buying anyone will only be bad for him as the fans will attack him so he is just taking his time and in August we will be clear about mbappe.... AS PEREZ SAYS "TRANQUILO"
Grim Affiliations
Grim Affiliations 13 dager siden
The only thing they will pounce on is bankruptcy lol mbappe should come to the hottest league in the world right now; which is the prem. La lugs is finished
sstteevveenn77 14 dager siden
@Gab Gotti Did you not read what I wrote? No one cares about the leaks aside from some few angry barcelona fans who want it to become something. You don’t need the “media” to find the leaked audios. Anyone can find them on youtube and yet still no one cares. Give it up.
Gab Gotti
Gab Gotti 14 dager siden
@sstteevveenn77 Yea because most of the Madrid media are under Florentino’s power. They been ignoring it all week but they know it exists. So Florentino is doing the best he can to leak “MBAPPE NEWS”.
sstteevveenn77 14 dager siden
@Gab Gotti I’ve heard the leaks. I was speaking with a friend of mine who lives in Barcelona and he said no one really cares. If they had been released years ago they probably would have been relevant. Really the only people that seem to be obsessed with the leaks are Sport & Mundo Deportivo fans who seem to want to make a massive deal about them.
Yo 15 dager siden
Apart from PSG, all other French teams are having a fire sale because their tv rights deal went up in flames a couple of weeks ago, by trying to sign with a chinese company and are in a legal battle lol. Lille who just won the league lost their coach and is also having a fire sale. Next year PSG will win the league by like 50 points lol. Another thing that is annoying: Madrid did not want to give 35-year-old Ramos, who played 4 full games last year, an expensive 2-year contract lol. It wasn't because they couldn't afford it.