Why the Lionel Messi and Memphis Depay connection is complicated for Barca | ESPN FC 

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Craig Burley, Shaka Hislop and Julien Laurens join ESPN FC to talk through Barcelona’s upcoming 2021-22 La Liga season and how they may line up.

0:00 Barcelona’s potential starting XI.
0:40 Memphis Depay’s impact at Barca.
1:40 Will Depay’s ego cause problems?
2:00 How will Lionel Messi and Depay gel?
Why the Lionel Messi and Memphis Depay connection is complicated for Barca | ESPN FC

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16. juli. 2021





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Eric Barnes
Eric Barnes Dag siden
Cynical Craig is the best Craig
Rohith Ramesh
Rohith Ramesh Dag siden
Everyone forgot Griezmann is also a Barcelona player 🤣
TheSphinx Dag siden
Got rid of Suarez to get Depay and Aguero... That's not the best decision at all.
Brandon Menes
Brandon Menes 4 dager siden
😂😂😂 ESPN cracks me up
Trendz TV
Trendz TV 6 dager siden
ESPN always making wrong analysis
George Davis
George Davis 6 dager siden
These folks know nothing they talking about 🤦🏾‍♂️
Tomas Mejia
Tomas Mejia 7 dager siden
These are the worst football opinions/commentators/predictions i've seen.. honestly espn.. fire them already
Ame Kgomo
Ame Kgomo 7 dager siden
Garcia, Emerson, Mingueza, Araujo We gonna pretend like they don't exist.
Winston Beckford
Winston Beckford 7 dager siden
Depay can do everything…so don’t worry…that guy is footballer/rapper 😂😂
Johnbosco Nwogbo
Johnbosco Nwogbo 7 dager siden
This show is just a bunch of journos who've never played football and former players who didn't have remarkable careers talking nonsense about people much better than them. And it's not even like these people are good at commentary. They are always terrible at predicting everything about everything. Messi just put up a season where he was a man of the match in 20 odd games out of the 30 odd he played and put on a clinic to win the Copa America and someone here has the nerve to say he on the wrong side of his career.
Deborah Luck
Deborah Luck 8 dager siden
Camp Nou Giants
Camp Nou Giants 8 dager siden
Matt R
Matt R 9 dager siden
no one was successful at man united during those times. look at depay and lukaku now.
Sanjib Dey Choudhury
Sanjib Dey Choudhury 9 dager siden
After two days praising Messi they are back on their usual work - Blindly hate Barca and Messi! "Messi Wrong stage of his career"..... What the F do you mean?
Amber Suboohi Ahmad
Amber Suboohi Ahmad 9 dager siden
Imagine winning the Ballon D'or at "The Wrong Stage Of His Career" This pundit is just a burning Man United Fan
Sahil Rupani
Sahil Rupani 9 dager siden
espn's just obsessed with barca innit
I am DERAH 10 dager siden
Honestly, I still don't know what Barca got Aguero...unless Barca will do away with Dembele and Griezmann. And give young players like Ansu, Yusuf, Collado a chance up front.
William Pulgarin
William Pulgarin 10 dager siden
Depay can play LW. How is it complicated? So what if he likes making those runs into the false 9 position from time to time, Neymar did it as well. As long as those front 3 build chemistry they can be dangerous against their opponents
larone clarke
larone clarke 10 dager siden
Barca don't need memphis
Leo Henry
Leo Henry 10 dager siden
these man are clueless
Alin Luta
Alin Luta 10 dager siden
Terrible scenario. Only Koeman would choose that team. Ohh wait...
Mninsane Christian
Mninsane Christian 10 dager siden
All u want is talking trash abt Barcelona. Thr r plenty other teams in Europe.
Araujo and pique , not gonna start i am 100% sure , I think eric garcia on the right CB and a new signing on the left CB will start , subs- Araujo ,pique, mingueza , S Ramos mingo ,
Blubla lyrics
Blubla lyrics 11 dager siden
Barca players to espn : whats your talent ? Oh critiquin , my talent ? Oh b***h idk who tf y'all are
Josh Hunt
Josh Hunt 11 dager siden
These guys don't really know what football it's strange especially juls
Wasif Islam
Wasif Islam 11 dager siden
Busquets,pique,alba,aguero.... Next season Barcelona may finish out of top four...The four players are finished and Barcelona deserve to finish out of top four for keeping these finished players. If you support Barcelona don't watch next season because the season could be very painful to watch.
Ariq Ashrafe
Ariq Ashrafe 11 dager siden
OK.. apparently the top contender for this year's Ballln D'or is at the wrong stage of his career
toby. 11 dager siden
how is messi wrong in his career when hes about to win his 7th
PIDHA SURIYAWONG 11 dager siden
Barca will win treble this season 💪🏻
Jeff 11 dager siden
"Messi at wrong stage of career" 😂😂😂 Says the man who has 589 claps and 478 high fives on the bench in his career
Aayush Paul
Aayush Paul 12 dager siden
People are forgetting Collado.
Jon Melendez
Jon Melendez 12 dager siden
Center midfielder is to old and pique. That’s the biggest down fall
Msafiri Vincent
Msafiri Vincent 12 dager siden
Espn is like Fox News.
Xavi Neira
Xavi Neira 12 dager siden
Hey English commentators…IT DIDNT GO HOME!!!
J Angelo.
J Angelo. 12 dager siden
"Messi wrong stage in his career", I thought were talking about him winning his 7 ballon a few days ago!!!!
Emmanuel Alvarado
Emmanuel Alvarado 12 dager siden
Depay can play out wide on the left,messi played on the right for Argentina but messi ofc is gonna shift into the middle
ChampionGunner 12 dager siden
yeah ESPN is as worst as it gets
Ajay Anand
Ajay Anand 12 dager siden
Lmao now watch Messi in the “wrong stage of his career” win his 7th Ballon D’or
Scott Westi
Scott Westi 12 dager siden
Could y’all just stop crying over Barcalona. You always make negative videoes about them. Why not make negative vids about Arsenal or Tottenham
JOHN JOSE 12 dager siden
Messi wrong stage of the career! These guys are just fools, Messi is probably gonna win the 7th Ballon d'or, Clowns. P.s Don't get High before debate.
Rohit Kumar
Rohit Kumar 12 dager siden
Well they gotta first register depay and aguero... 🤣🤣... Recent years have been perfect example on how to ruin a legendary club . 🥲
Ådne Gamst-Eriksen
Ådne Gamst-Eriksen 13 dager siden
Pique wont be a starter for sure, also Fati, dembele will probably start over aguero and depay
e101 13 dager siden
Why is it that espn dont keep record of what players that has left the club. A whole sports channel like this full of brainless individuals called them selves pundits
Michael McCue
Michael McCue 13 dager siden
Forget about barcelona, think about this. Real madrid front 3 mbappe left, benzema centre, dybala right. Ik its definitely a bit much but imagine.
Takudzwa 13 dager siden
busquets,,,legs are running out. messi wrong side of his career
Abhiram H
Abhiram H 13 dager siden
can someone give me the name of the thang these guys smokin
Music Experts
Music Experts 13 dager siden
this espn table is for dumb and dumber
Ishit singh
Ishit singh 13 dager siden
LW of barca is feared cz the ghost of Neymar still roams there lol Messi tries of even look that ghost cz he misses ney a lot
Onkgo Chidi
Onkgo Chidi 13 dager siden
ESPN has the worse commentators ever Why are y'all so negative towards Messi
JOHN JOSE 12 dager siden
Because they can't accept Messi is the GOAT, and they think they are.😂
Link Bombchu
Link Bombchu 13 dager siden
Depay should just start on the bench. Nobody wants him at Barca except for Koeman
Arinze Ezeobi
Arinze Ezeobi 14 dager siden
Ansu Fati will start ahead of Aguerro
Fun facts
Fun facts 14 dager siden
Messi may be 34 but he can play like other great players at prime
Achem Konyak
Achem Konyak 14 dager siden
Always they have to say bad about Messi.. ESPN sucks..
Mr_Str8_Jacket 14 dager siden
That’s a way better line up than griesman and dembele
Cse 'c' MOIN 134
Cse 'c' MOIN 134 14 dager siden
I’ll never understand how these so called football pundits have less ball knowledge than most ft accounts on Twitter.
Deroyal Koomson
Deroyal Koomson 14 dager siden
ESPN guys are always nagative about Barcelona just dont know y
Christopher Argueta
Christopher Argueta 14 dager siden
Meki Lamo
Meki Lamo 14 dager siden
Memphis Depay will be a bad signing. We need a Pacey winger not a playmaker which we already have.
#Nala_Irukiya_Mala 14 dager siden
Messi wrong stage of his career? OK now I understand why argentina teams sang mocking English men. Just show one player who can match him right now.
Stayfit Livelong
Stayfit Livelong 14 dager siden
Espn is in wrong stage of his career why the heck they even talk football bunch of dickhesds talking about messi
alejandro perez
alejandro perez 14 dager siden
as a barca fan i'm really worried of this team ,we have a team of three attacker that wont press ,and we have biusquets as we saw in the euro ,when the team does a really good high press he is the best in that position ,if he has to defend backwards he suffers a lot and barca suffers a lot if busquets its not comfortable.
Jay Shan
Jay Shan 14 dager siden
Lost me at the title but had to see what yall saying 🤣😂🤣😂🤦‍♂️ My God lol...
itsthatmfmarco 14 dager siden
Unpopular opinion: fati to play LW, take out busquets and put depay there. And then move depay up from cdm to cam.(o tried to use fifa positions to make it easier to understand lol)
Magicman786R10 14 dager siden
Aguero is coming off the bench as a super sub.
Senate Shakya
Senate Shakya 14 dager siden
Barca have again bought the right players at the wrong time. Now they might as well play with 9 attackers Dembele, Griezmann, Braithwaite, Pedri, Trincao, Messi, Depay, Aguero, Fati.
Marx99 14 dager siden
Clowns sitting behind a table talking nonsense.
afex alpha
afex alpha 14 dager siden
Barcelona squad is weak They will not get any trophy this season
Khadim Diagne
Khadim Diagne 14 dager siden
These guys are haters I swear new cast
Ali Babar
Ali Babar 14 dager siden
Messi at wrong stage of his career?Is Craig Burley drunk?
Gabriel Baller
Gabriel Baller 14 dager siden
ur underrating depay and ull all be proven wrong. he is WORLD CLASS
Skem Phawa
Skem Phawa 14 dager siden
Barca need strong defender...
ZEO 14 dager siden
2:22 Combine Griezmans consistent playing and Depays more clinical goalscoring and you get MESSI stats. Messi 47 games - 38 goals Griezman 51 games -20 goals Depay 39 games -19 goals
Ghaura Mahabaduge
Ghaura Mahabaduge 14 dager siden
ESPN sucks
Ming Sum Kwan
Ming Sum Kwan 14 dager siden
ESPN = Joke
Hot Girls Video XXX
Hot Girls Video XXX 14 dager siden
edu milan
edu milan 14 dager siden
Wth is Depay doing at Barca? The guy is a good player but his style and personality does not fit in the Barca style. Koeman will be sacked this season. I repeat Koeman will be sacked.
Sohail Ali
Sohail Ali 15 dager siden
"Messi, wrong stage of his Career" lmao😂
ahmed mugala
ahmed mugala 15 dager siden
These useless clowns🙄
Aashish Singh
Aashish Singh 15 dager siden
Craig is a clown. Blew bleh blawh blah. Shut up!
avinash goswami
avinash goswami 15 dager siden
Barca can't win unless pique is there!
Andrew Andrade
Andrew Andrade 15 dager siden
Griezmann lw
o J.J.
o J.J. 15 dager siden
Busquets absolutely bossed Italy to pieces in a fast paced game … he’s absolutely fine as long as he has some youth around him
kindface 15 dager siden
I find it hard for anyone who is not from La Masia, no matter how talented they are in absolute measure, to play with Messi. Reason being that they just wouldn’t have the technical skill and the ability to read the game like Messi to gel with him. Pedri is an example of how those boxes are ticked and fuses with Messi so well despite being only 18. I’m afraid the odds of success are stacked against Memphis.
VoodooChaos 15 dager siden
I'm not convicted by Aguero at all. He's passed his prime and won't do anything that Braithwaite can't do
Nishant M
Nishant M 15 dager siden
All these bizarre predictions and these guys are still there shows espn's Standards
Nishant M
Nishant M 15 dager siden
Something good happening at Barca Le espn:
koliikho ko
koliikho ko 15 dager siden
Media is the problem and not the players.
Not TheTerminator
Not TheTerminator 15 dager siden
Messi is still in his prime craige
Md Ibnul Rahman
Md Ibnul Rahman 15 dager siden
Did they forget about ansu fati?🙄
King D
King D 15 dager siden
In my view barca would go for in for a search for a good play maker to help messi than these strikers.putting money on these strikers is a waste. messi can do a good striking than any world striker if helped with play making just like iniesta-xavi times.
||Barcamessiful Productions||
Trincao is on loan to Wolves, Braithwaite and Coutinho are leaving.
Junior Micheal
Junior Micheal 15 dager siden
Nischay Jit Singh
Nischay Jit Singh 15 dager siden
Wrong stage of career? He's winning ballon d'or this December
Simon Oliver
Simon Oliver 15 dager siden
Well I literally couldn't care less I really mean it aswell 😎😎
Joshua Timmerbäck
Joshua Timmerbäck 15 dager siden
Nah nah nah, don’t say that about Messi, anybody else but Messi Messi isn’t even close to Busquets category, Busquets prime time is over for some time ago now, but Messi has much more to show even in that age Because of his statue Messi is the GOAT👑
ED10 HD 15 dager siden
stupid we have emerson ....Dest will be bench
Granglife 15 dager siden
Depay doesn't have that ego anymore For god sake if you troubled yourselves with a pit of research you will know that he was humbled during his man u days to the point were he went to a lesser team to rejuvenate his career He even used a new system to find him a club that suits him that is not the actions of egotistical player
Vedant Bhardwaj Singh
Vedant Bhardwaj Singh 15 dager siden
Ummm, are we forgetting Ansu Fati?!?!?!?!?!?
Petey Pete
Petey Pete 15 dager siden
It's not going to work because delay is a straight BS player.
low kii
low kii 15 dager siden
ESPN pundit clowns making predictions before they even start playing ..
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Mind blown 🤯🤣
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