How Gabriel Heinze tried to take on Josef Martinez at Atlanta United and lost | ESPN FC 

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Alejandro Moreno and Steve Nicol join Kay Murray on ESPN FC to break down why Gabriel Heinze failed as Atlanta United head coach and the larger issues at the MLS club.

0:00 Comments from Josef Martinez following Heinze's dismissal.
1:57 Could Heinze have saved his job even while freezing out Atlanta's star striker?
2:29 Why can't the Five Stripes recreate the success they enjoyed with Tata Martino?
4:18 What is missing from Atlanta United's front office?

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20. juli. 2021





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Nikhil Nambiar
Nikhil Nambiar Dag siden
Gabriel Heinze's team needs time and good work ethic to see the final product of free flowing football. MLS is retirement league so he should have stayed back in Argentina or moved to Europe.
Carlos O
Carlos O Dag siden
MLS business like approach to football just doesn't work they bring in people w/ business experience but no knowledge of the game or anything to do with it
Alberto L
Alberto L 2 dager siden
Heinze was a mediocre player at Argentina and got slapped by a Mexican assistant coach for a reason.. Can't believe they hired him as a coach in the first place.
Chris Alegria
Chris Alegria 2 dager siden
Ale "Wait a Minute" Moreno
Jasper geertsema
Jasper geertsema 3 dager siden
they need to get someone like frank lampard
Anew-Wiseman 2 dager siden
As a Chelsea Supporter, I favor this.
Tomas Ashenafi
Tomas Ashenafi 5 dager siden
Heinze is definitely a descendant of an escaped Nazi.
Marcus Moser
Marcus Moser 4 dager siden
An Argentinian with a German last name? Nah, that's a wild accusation lol
AMB Films
AMB Films 6 dager siden
Martinez was as good as he was in 18 because of Almiron. The key to ATL was a skilled attacking mid and fast attacking fullbacks. No one has tried to address the central attack since Almiron, P Martinez was not the same kind of player. ATL has mismanaged transfers and coaching staff, it has nothing to do with Josef.
Boaty McBoatface
Boaty McBoatface 7 dager siden
Has Ale got a black eye?...
Spencer Seitz
Spencer Seitz 7 dager siden
Problem is Carlos bocanegra. Wiped out the team when unnecessary
Vincent de Oliveira
Vincent de Oliveira 9 dager siden
Josef Martinez is an absolute beast and club legend
Carl Somigli
Carl Somigli 9 dager siden
It's called having played at the highest levels and know how to get there. Also, Martinez and Superstar is hilarious every serious fan knows MLS is a retirement league.
Max H
Max H 10 dager siden
Heinze is a student of Bielsa, think he might have taken murder ball too literal tho 🤔
P Jordan
P Jordan 10 dager siden
My guess is ATL can get out of contract cheaper if they can get these allegations to stick.
Carlos Da Silva
Carlos Da Silva 10 dager siden
"We don't know the details but what we do know it has been reported that this might of happened" WHAT? StFU
Renaldo Matadeen
Renaldo Matadeen 10 dager siden
Argentinian madness
Mighty Megatron
Mighty Megatron 10 dager siden
That's why they remain a soccer power, go back to playing Fifa on playstation Jr.
Cristian Salamanca
Cristian Salamanca 10 dager siden
"This is a ridiculous way to go about coaching!" - Alejandro Moreno - An ex-player from Venezuela who played the better part of his so called career in the MLS. A Venezuelan commentator that has never won anything outside of the US, and his home nation has never even played in a World. Cup. As well as a league; the MLS in itself and it's teams; have never won an international title that actually matters like a Copa Libertadores or a Copa Sudamericana. Truly valid opinions about how "ridiculous" a winning coach with winning strategies could not work in the US. The GRINGOS can't train like real Futbol professionals as in South-America. And then they get angry when the tie against T&T and not qualify to a World Cup. Mediocrity; made to serve.
Hector Rodriguez
Hector Rodriguez 10 dager siden
👌 guy... 🤔🤔🤔 so tell me since Ale never won anything and played for the MLS we shouldn't take his point of view but you that played Sunday league at best knows how the "South American way" works... buck outta here, if you like Heinze just say so!
78bcat link
78bcat link 10 dager siden
The leaked stories sound like BS...a franchise needing something, anything, to hide the fact that their culture is to cater to their stars. And that's a viable culture in a league at MLS' level, but it's lame PR to put out all these nonsense stories. Heinze came in to be like the legendary managers he played for, with discipline and consequences...and maybe tactics that the stars disapproved of...and a political battle was won by the stars. Again to stress, that's fine...but Atlanta should know what they are and hire managers that cater.
ExtraTime Tv
ExtraTime Tv 10 dager siden
Am I the only one who thinks this entire story is wierd? A world class defender who was coached by the best would be like that...it does not add up to me.
gule55 10 dager siden
This think also happened in Argentina when he coached Velez, the difference is in Velez he had good result and maybe Argentinians players had less problem with this kind of things.
User Not Found
User Not Found 11 dager siden
He has never scored more than 8 goals in a season outside the USA LMAO 😂 8 goals in 2 years in Venezuela 12 goals in 2 seasons in Switzerland 7 goals 3 seasons in Italy .... Atlanta 91 games 79 goals 🤷🏼‍♂️ wtaf America his record for club and country is not impressive I wouldn't even call it average so to see his Atlanta stats is just disturbing lol no wonder he wants to retire there man can't score goals anywhere else 😂
Abdullah Aarman
Abdullah Aarman 11 dager siden
That's why MLS is retirement league!! Bunch of softies..hard training and they broke instantly... .. Heinze was success in south America with his way of training... He follows biesla's methods!! So nothing to complain if u know biesla!!! Bunch of softies and that's it!!
Anew-Wiseman 2 dager siden
Oh yeah like Denying Players Water and Training with no Days off is good for the Players. That's Abuse bruh.
Christian Valdes
Christian Valdes 10 dager siden
@Jeffame7 i agree with op they too soft in usa.
Jeffame7 10 dager siden
Jeffame7 10 dager siden
Results speak for themselves. He didn't adapt to the league. No a good coach on my book
mChannel 11 dager siden
Blm pressure?
S 11 dager siden
lmao what? 😂😂 have a rest timmy.
Andrew Pugh
Andrew Pugh 11 dager siden
Strange that there is no criticism on Boca and Earles for hiring 2 coaches, overhauling the roster 2 years in a row, and still losing
Tyler Myers
Tyler Myers 3 dager siden
I agree some criticism is deserved, but they’re not the only ones who decide on signings. And at least the team is signing players I suppose
David Dave
David Dave 11 dager siden
MLS is Garbage... 💩💩💩
mumtaz haider
mumtaz haider 11 dager siden
Did Gabriel Heinze himself took a limited amount of water as a player?This is so weird.He denied players water in pre season training.
gacaptain 16 timer siden
@cacho lulu They are both humid subtropical yes. But the hottest month in Buenos Aires average high is 84 F. The hottest in Atlanta is 89 F.
cacho lulu
cacho lulu 16 timer siden
@gacaptain Buenos Aires has the same climate as Atlanta btw
gacaptain 7 dager siden
@noyourawsome2 lol It's alot hotter in Georgia than Argentina. People die from heat exhaustion every summer here. Pro athletes have too.
noyourawsome2 lol
noyourawsome2 lol 9 dager siden
They are elite athletes your not talking about your average Joe now are we , the modern game requires you to run the full 90 minutes lol
Everyone1lies D
Everyone1lies D 9 dager siden
@noyourawsome2 lol Wpuld explain Bielsa and murder ball more 🤔
James Froehlich
James Froehlich 11 dager siden
Not to defend Heinze, but doesn’t the injuries and players on national duty need to be discussed! Glad that the front office responsibility is being raised.
Luciferi Excelsi
Luciferi Excelsi 8 dager siden
You're only indicting Heinze more. The injuries are directly correlated to violations of players union agreements. Heinze would deny mandated days off, and there's a story of when United was returning home after long flight delays and being told at roughly 4am that they'd be training later on that morning. Teammates have said the Hyndman injury was a result of being overworked during club duty so when he went on national duty he over exerted and tore a ligament. "They killed him" was one of the quotes. The denial of water breaks was one of the least egregious actions.
akeem king
akeem king 11 dager siden
MLS is garbage
Saif Chowdhury
Saif Chowdhury 11 dager siden
The question is how do guys like Gabriel get a job in the first place? Surely, he was equally horrible and inept in his previous first /previous job
Anew-Wiseman 2 dager siden
Atlanta needed a South American Manager because that's the Style we were accustomed to. FDB was great, but nobody liked his style.
PuraVidaPL 11 dager siden
If you’re going to Fire HEINZE then show Boca and Easles the door as well. Start fresh, and get some credibility back for a club that just two years ago had the fútbol world a buzz. Their lack of due diligence when hiring the last two coaches brings no confidence that they will get the next one right.
MartinB Dank
MartinB Dank 11 dager siden
ATL should try get Pizarro from Miami
Marcus Moser
Marcus Moser 4 dager siden
Why? He's been pedestrian in Miami. ATL has a pretty good player in Moreno.
Adam Craig
Adam Craig 11 dager siden
Who tf is Josef Martinez 😂😂😂
Anew-Wiseman 2 dager siden
2018 MVP 2018 Golden Boot Winner 2018, 2019 Best XI 2018 Championship MVP The guy is a Baller in Atlanta.
Nick At Nite
Nick At Nite 10 dager siden
The King Of Atlanta!
Mike mm
Mike mm 11 dager siden
Some American soccer player 🤭
tripperdelaluna1 11 dager siden
Best forward in MLS.
Abyss 11 dager siden
Why is Ale always always so damned animated and dramatic of his explanation of pretty much any and all football situations? I'll bet the players suffering from Heinze's treatment had a milder reaction compared to Ale's.
A-wal Games
A-wal Games 8 dager siden
Because he's South American. That's just how most of them be, they come off as very rude but they don't mean to be.
Soccerboymedia 11 dager siden
Jurgen Kinsmen is available...
J Taco
J Taco 11 dager siden
No no, a million times no. I wonder if rudi garcia has any interest, probably not.
Lue Thious
Lue Thious 11 dager siden
Kevin Mora
Kevin Mora 11 dager siden
Shocking Gabriel heinze acted this way, the same guy who attacked a camera man for being there doing his job
Bruno The Bear
Bruno The Bear 5 dager siden
Yeah as a cameraman, you shouldn’t be that close to the players, it’s dangerous.
Skull FC
Skull FC 11 dager siden
Heinze had good results with argentinos and Velez, it's weird that he didn't work in the MLS. I mean I'm not surprise at all of his antics, that's who he is, an angry individual but his teams played good football
Alberto L
Alberto L 2 dager siden
I agree with your last statement.. Heinze is an angry individual and he has always been a mediocre player.
mr. potato
mr. potato 10 dager siden
gotta understand that MLS is not Argentina. the weather, the traveling and the schedule isn’t the same. people think MLS is an easy league but fail to realize that it’s a growing league in a country WAY bigger than all of the top leagues in Europe and South America. You have different geography in this country and different altitudes. so when you bring in a system that worked in different conditions it might not work over here. It worked with Tata because he had similar Trainings but he knew how to work with his resources & had good results.
Sebastian Waizenegger
Sebastian Waizenegger 11 dager siden
Argentinian league prob looks the other way MLS will not
David T
David T 11 dager siden
"Grossly, archaic, medieval school"? Love it! :)
wylliamalfaro 9 dager siden
Lmao I agree
benbelap 11 dager siden
Gabriel Heinze .... Why am I not surprised
Kusewu Solomon
Kusewu Solomon 11 dager siden
I think Atlanta should go for the one who can give them the result they want
JrHollywood 10 dager siden
when is TATAs contract up with Mexico??
Sebastian Waizenegger
Sebastian Waizenegger 11 dager siden
I heard De Boer was on the list 😭
The Bosman Viewing
The Bosman Viewing 11 dager siden
Martinez is Atlanta United just like Kane is at Tottenham
Winston Beckford
Winston Beckford 11 dager siden
Jamal Albalushi
Jamal Albalushi 11 dager siden
J Taco
J Taco 11 dager siden
@Kriscur a little tougher to win in Europe no?
Dash Ivey
Dash Ivey 11 dager siden
we actually won a trophy tho. Three actually lmao
Kriscur 11 dager siden
Hes not. He actually won a trophy with his club...
Kusewu Solomon
Kusewu Solomon 11 dager siden
I think barca should get rid of unwanted players and move on
Mike mm
Mike mm 11 dager siden
Can't, contract and laws
Johnny Andia
Johnny Andia 11 dager siden
The front office is on notice.
Axxess Mundi
Axxess Mundi 11 dager siden
Heinz is better in a bottle. He was a mediocre player at best.
Jahmair Stewart
Jahmair Stewart 11 dager siden
Atlanta United’s problem is they keep bottling the managers who they’re picking and they never replaced Almiron who was the star that made all the plays
Francisco Serrano
Francisco Serrano 9 dager siden
They did they got pity Martinez. But they got the wrong coach. 😕 Van De boer was literally fired in his 3 previous clubs before coming to Atlanta.
holysmokescharles 10 dager siden
Tons of problems. Almiron is gone. We didn’t resign Gressel who provided all the service into Martinez. Martinez tore his ACL and is still recovering from this and wont be back to normal form until next year. Parkhurst retired. Let go of Escobar. Nagbe who was our midfield is gone. Larentowicz retired. Garza gone. LGB gone. Villalba gone. Barco hasn’t lived up to expectations. Pity Martinez was a bust. Pretty much the only starters we have from our MLS Cup win are Martinez, Guzan, and Barco. The new players we have brought in haven’t worked out. Then you throw in 2 coaches that haven’t meshed with the players. It’s a disaster right now. But glad Josef wants to stay!
Static KK
Static KK 10 dager siden
Hard to replace a player of that caliber. But they should still look in Conmebol to find a replacement
Winston Beckford
Winston Beckford 11 dager siden
Wait your talking the dude from Newcastle???
Julian Pinto
Julian Pinto 11 dager siden
@J Taco What?? Dude, Brendan Aaronson will be a better player at 24 than Almiron is now at 27.
JohneeFizter Bottom
JohneeFizter Bottom 11 dager siden
MLS? yawn 🥱
Lucas Dunn
Lucas Dunn 11 dager siden
Did the manager not play josef martinez
Miles Daniely
Miles Daniely 11 dager siden
Yes and didn’t let him practice with the team and pretty much wasn’t helping his acl rehab with the no off days and water thing
arsenal fan17
arsenal fan17 11 dager siden
Remember when he flopped at Torino
That's Debatable
That's Debatable 11 dager siden
HONEST VARDRID FAN 11 dager siden
Mls=Premier League=Indian League
Mealdo 11 dager siden
Atlanta goatnited 👍
Gio _
Gio _ 8 dager siden
@MrBrokeBoy 6000 who u support? 💀🤣
MrBrokeBoy 6000
MrBrokeBoy 6000 10 dager siden
@Gio _ dude it’s not April fools
Mealdo 11 dager siden
@Gio _ W
Gio _
Gio _ 11 dager siden
@HONEST VARDRID FAN Madrid is better than all the clubs you support
Mealdo 11 dager siden
@HONEST VARDRID FAN Were is the grammar my guy?
Alan Joudeh
Alan Joudeh 11 dager siden
Heinze was such a beast as a player! Loved his aggression..!!
Zib Ndix
Zib Ndix 11 dager siden
I remember him giving away 3 penalties in one match against Brazil.
HONEST VARDRID FAN 11 dager siden
He is overrated
Kimmich The Warrior
Kimmich The Warrior 11 dager siden
Stop pushing this MLS content Espn fc. You're wasting your time. No one cares.
A-wal Games
A-wal Games 8 dager siden
There are problably lots of cooking and women's cloths videos on youtube that I care nothing at all for (maybe lingerie and bikinis) but I don't go no to those videos and tell them to stop posting them, because I'm not f'ing moron!
Shooter McGavin
Shooter McGavin 10 dager siden
I'm not hugely interested in MLS personally, but people who comment on things that they don't care about to say they don't care are the biggest clowns imaginable.
Petya Klipo
Petya Klipo 11 dager siden
What a tool
Jesus Dominguez
Jesus Dominguez 11 dager siden
Imagine telling an American owned channel 🇺🇸 to not talk about American Soccer 🤡
Asad K.
Asad K. 11 dager siden
Actually us Atlanta fans do care. Thanks though.
Peterle Ki
Peterle Ki 11 dager siden
Irrelevant player who cares
MrBrokeBoy 6000
MrBrokeBoy 6000 10 dager siden
@Gio _ VARdrid ;)
Harry ñ
Harry ñ 11 dager siden
@Peterle Ki you aren't even good with him lol if you lose him you'll finish 12th
Gio _
Gio _ 11 dager siden
@Peterle Ki cry more with your irrelevant club
Mealdo 11 dager siden
@Peterle Ki And guess what? That dream is reality 😱
Peterle Ki
Peterle Ki 11 dager siden
@Harry ñ we are good without him